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Signs of alcoholism in men

Very often men who have seriously abused alcohol, do not recognize this and deny his affection, saying that they can throw a "bad job" at any time.However, unfortunately, alcoholism - a very insidious disease, which turns a normal person into a hostage drink very quietly and quickly.In today's post, we decided to share with you the main features of alcoholism that can help you understand whether or not to worry.

begin with, that we define the concept of alcoholism.So, alcoholism - chronic disease in which people uncontrollably drink alcohol, becomes dependent on alcohol consumption, changes in behavior and causes serious problems in personal relationships, work, etc.

Regular consumption of alcohol alters the balance of chemicals in the brain.Disturbed balance of substances, changes the metabolism of dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, and the person simply ceases to feel pleasure without strong drinks.All this leads to the fact that the human brain begins to require another portion of the al

cohol to get rid of unpleasant feelings and regain the joy of life.

leading specialists in the area identified a number of signs that can threaten alcoholism in men:

If a man has ceased to look for a company to sit and "have a heart" and can easily drink alone, it is a significant reason to seek help from a narcologist.Another sign for concern - when alcohol intake does not depend on the situation - the presence or the holiday company and there is a great desire to drink.

Often men try to drink in secret from his wife - with new acquaintances or friends.Hide this fact is usually busy at work, and the smell of alcohol mute candies and chewing gums.Also in men with problems in terms of alcohol is always a "nest egg alcoholic."

It is very important to pay attention to the lack of control the amount of alcohol consumed.Alcoholics do not feel the action and are not able to refrain from regular glasses.Also, very often after the holiday, men can not reconstruct the events - memory loss - a very common phenomenon in alcoholism.

appearance of ritual drinking - after work, while watching TV, before lunch, "appetite" is not normal.Especially if a person breaks out, if the ritual is disrupted.

Loss of interest in hobbies and aggression in relation to close people - a sure sign that you have embarked on the path of alcohol-dependent person.So tie until it is too late!If you are not able to - contact your doctor.Do not lose themselves and their families - come back to life!