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Decoding of alcohol

Many people who abuse alcohol, decided to get rid of alcohol addiction, resort to coding.This set of methods by which the human spirit is carried on aversion to alcohol.At the moment, there are several methods of coding patients with alcohol dependence.

First of all, we should highlight the psychological reflex and encoding, which includes hypnosis, stressoterapiya, acupuncture, work of various psychics and all sorts of charlatans.The purpose of such encoding is to scare the patient, to suggest to him that after encoding the first dose of the alcohol can, for example, death.In this case, everything depends on the suggestibility of the patient, but in fact no physical effects after drinking does not occur to him.In easily the inspired person can cause nausea at the mere sight of alcohol, but these feelings are caused by auto-suggestion, rather than physical factors.

reflex-chemical coding should also scare the patient, but the way to achieve in this case is based on the true reaction of the human body t

o chemicals that are incompatible with alcohol.With this encoding give medication to the patient, which is incompatible with alcohol, after which offer little drink alcohol.There is a reaction that is accompanied by a sharp deterioration in the patient's state of health, and the doctor instills that such a feeling he will experience every time drink alcohol.The drug after a certain time is displayed with the body, but the man continues to think that alcohol can cause discomfort.

most effective dosage is encoding.Patients are asked to voluntarily and regularly take medication, which is not compatible with alcohol.The patient should take the medicine every day, depriving themselves of the opportunity to drink alcohol.In some cases, drugs do implantation in the subcutaneous adipose tissue of the patient.Such a drug excreted from the body for several months, which makes it impossible for the patient during this period suddenly change your mind.

Any suggestion person decoding a conventional quackery.If the reflex or psychological encoding man still feels the need for alcohol, it means that this coding is ineffective.And the one who has not turned out to code, and can not be decoded.

When encoding with the help of drugs incompatible with alcohol holds a maximum of a couple of days.And if the drug or reflex coding, decoding is not required, because it is on as the drug itself is derived.When sewing medication in the patient's tissue, they are absorbed very slowly.The effect in this case can last up to six months.Such encoding can be decoded by removing the implanted drug from the body, but it is technically impossible to make.Remember that the encoding - it's not saved, it is only an auxiliary method.It can help, but is not for everyone.In order not to spend a lot of money wasted, the patient must be on their own without the pressure of others and relatives to come to that forever renounce alcohol.Only in this case, encoding is effective.

Decoding alcohol dependence depends on the encoding method used.When coding using drugs need not decode.The drug will be printed independently of the human body after a certain amount of time.The same situation occurs in the case of a reflex-chemical coding.When the psychological method of coding for alcohol dependence, decoding the body must be performed according to the method of psychotherapy or hypnotherapy.Man in this case, lends itself to psychological influence, during which the specialist gives him the appropriate information.If the implant is used for encoding, then decoding only necessary to remove it from the body.

This procedure is usually carried out in the event of unforeseen circumstances, or at the expiration of the term of the control treatment.But in any case, prior to such responsible action advisable to consult a doctor.

most common cause of emergency decoding is alcohol in the presence of the organism esperali or "torpedo" - a substance that is not combined with any kind of alcohol.People suffering from alcoholism, mostly agree on filing under the influence of family members, so it is very rare they manage for a long time to refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.After contact with alcohol in the body "encoded" man, it reacts with difulsiramom, and it can cause serious consequences for the organism.In this case, be sure to remove the torpedo, enter the neutralizing agent and remove toxins using cleaning droppers.

also cause decoding can be individual intolerance to the used medical material.If you notice any allergic symptoms, should immediately undertake appropriate manipulations for the removal of the drug from the body.Decoding is performed in the case where the patient who once suffered from alcohol dependence, fully confident in its overcoming, which is confirmed by medical examination.In this case, you can highlight the psychological subtext man confident in his abilities and believes that in the future will be able to hold their own against this harmful habit.In no case do not spend their own decoding.It is necessary to turn to professionals who carefully examine the patient, check the physical and mental state and conduct the necessary manipulations.

man who was subjected to medical or psychological decoding may feel the need for persuading themselves and their families is that it will be able to refrain from drinking alcohol.It should also be noted that this process represents a certain threat to return to the previous state.Only the man who is fully aware of his past mistakes, after decoding will be able to return to normal life.In addition, decode allow the resumption of the use of tasty dishes, especially sweets and pastries, which are used in the preparation of a small amount of alcohol, without harm to the physical and mental condition of the patient.

cost of this procedure, first of all, depends on the method, which was carried out coding.Typically, this is half the value of the encoding, but may vary depending on the specifics of each individual situation.

Remember that alcohol - this is a serious illness, so before deciding whether decoding should consult a narcologist.