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Signs of drug intoxication

Drugs - substances that have an effect on the physical and mental state of a person.To distinguish the addict is quite simple, just need to know certain manifestations of drug addiction.

Eyes are one of the surest signs that the man began to use drugs.But it should be aware that pupils may be lent or advanced because of health problems.If you have any suspicions about the fact that a person takes drugs, it is necessary to pay attention to the reaction of pupils to light and darkness.In the dark, the pupil dilates, and in the light, on the contrary - lent.Pupil in a sober person is not absolutely calm, its size varies according to numerous stimuli: increased activity, pain, intense fear, emotional stress or sudden stimulus.In this way the human body receives visual information about the stimulus.At the same pupil addict it is always in the same position, and that his eyes were not given, often drug addicts use certain medications.However, you can not instill the same number of drops in both eyes, so pupi

ls are usually obtained in different sizes.

Another indicator of drug intoxication is a dream, it is broken, it becomes superficial and restless.If a person uses the "fast" drugs, all night he would listen to music, dance, drink, and only 1-2 days to plunge into a long sleep.At the use of opiates person can go hang, fall in prostration, as he often scratches his face and body, may fall asleep while talking.

The external signs of drug use can also include body pallor, rashes, dry skin, besides changing the posture and movement.At the use of opiates may occur violation of the chair.In addition, drug users often change their style of clothing, even in summer, they wear shirts and sweaters with long sleeves, wear sunglasses indoors, because it hurt to look at a bright light.The manner of human behavior is also changing: active conversations often replaced inhibited reaction in the dialogue.Not unreasonable rare flash of aggression.In addition, there is a significant weight loss, disturbed menstrual cycle and reduced sexual potency.

addicts have also noted increased restlessness and gestures.As a rule, can not be drunk for a long time to sit on a chair, he jumps, moves and touches various objects lying on the table.Or, on the contrary, a person drugged can be sluggish, relaxed, motionless.Also, in a state of narcotic intoxication is marked instability during walking, staggering from side to side, a person can not walk in a straight line.

It should be noted that a person in a state of narcotic intoxication arises indifference to everything around him.Drug users often leave home, skip school or university, it is very difficult to focus on important details.Observed memory lapses, inadequate, and the violent reaction to the criticism, also occur particular mood swings.

When used opioids (morphine, opium, heroin, codeine) in humans occurs drowsiness, decreased physical activity, difficulty concentrating, and apathy.Thoughts and opinions addict lose the logical sequence, it becomes a blur, and the pupils - narrow.This drug intoxication may be accompanied by blanching of the skin with a frequent itching and sweating.

When using drugs derived from cannabis (marijuana or hashish), the pupil of the human bit extended, appears in the eyes shine, redness of the face, neck and whites of the eyes.You can also note the excessive cheerfulness and causeless laughter.The mood here is quickly replaced, there is an increased need for speech communication, with incoherent speech and no logic between sentences, skipping from topic to topic.

Such narcotic substances as cocaine, stimulates the central nervous system, causes excessive excited state, a sense of strength and power.In this case, the pupils are dilated and speeded up pulse.The drug reduces the feeling of hunger and fatigue, leading to exhaustion and insomnia.Characteristic signs of drug intoxication by cocaine are thought variability, loss of coordination, incoherent speech, and scratching or peeling of the skin to get rid of imaginary insects.After drug toxicity data often feel depressed and sometimes depressed.

Another stimulant - methamphetamine - a state of euphoria and heightened mood.Expanded human pupil, and all the movements and actions are executed at an accelerated rate.He is constantly moving, overestimate their capabilities.Also of note is the increased sexual activity, lack of hunger and a strong desire to talk.

When used sedatives and tranquillizers (barbiturates) pupils are normal, but under the influence of large doses of the substance occurs and disappears pupillary reflex to light.In this case, the main signs of intoxication are drowsiness, lethargy, stuttering, hallucinations, confusion, pomrachnenie consciousness and impaired coordination of movement and balance.Man after the use of barbiturates becomes indecisive, his spirits crushed, weak breathing and pulse.Prolonged use of this substance can cause mental disorder.Benzodiazepines can cause lethargy, drowsiness, and low blood pressure.Also, there vertigo, speech disorder, muscle weakness, uncertain gait and hallucinations.Luda, who use benzodiazepines, are prone to suicide.

Use of this hallucinogen as phencyclidine causes blurred vision, consciousness and motor coordination.Characterized by frequent hallucinations, anxiety and panic attacks, inability to perform purposeful actions.After the use of this drug in humans a sense of joie de vivre, detachment from others and split personality.In this case, attention is usually concentrated on internal experiences elevated blood pressure, and perspiration.Phencyclidine often causes vomiting and dizziness.The use of another hallucinogen - lysergide, accompanied by fever, muscle weakness, nausea, chills, sweating, incoordination and visual impairment, and restless behavior.After receiving lysergide possible trauma and uncontrollable hallucinations that occur after a considerable time after administration.

But if you notice a person one of these signs, do not suspect him at once in addiction.Perhaps his health problems or simply love, because then people also lose sleep and appetite, change communication with family and friends.