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Compulsory treatment of alcoholism

Unfortunately, the problem of alcoholism is familiar to many families.When your near and dear people become addicted to alcohol and turns into a completely different person, then stay out of the problem is simply impossible.Moreover, the problem of alcoholism automatically applies to all members of the family.After an alcoholic is not even aware of what psychological trauma it brings your family and friends.Inadequate behavior, aggression and other manifestations of alcoholism have a negative impact on the psyche of children, leading to the destruction of families, break relations with friends and colleagues.If time does not stop, then the person can lose almost everything: family, work, yourself.That is why the compulsory treatment of alcoholism, sometimes becomes the only way out in this situation.It is no secret that most alcoholics do not want to recognize that they are sick and refuse to help.What is the compulsory treatment of alcoholism - explain further.

Let's start with the fact that the compul

sory treatment of alcoholism is approved by the Federal Law "On psychiatric care and the rights of citizens at its rendering", which was adopted in 1992.The Act says that treatment of alcohol addicted people and drug addicts carried out by their voluntary consent, or in the case of a criminal offense by a court decision.This position corresponds to the UN Convention on Human Rights.This means that the force "lock" an alcoholic in a hospital can be only by court order and only after it becomes dangerous to society.Otherwise, it is a violation of human rights.The absence of a coercive measure is forcing many families to fight alcoholism on their own, but in most cases it is no good does not.The problem consist in the fact that alcoholics have little understanding of what is the essence of compulsory treatment and think in stereotypes, that their "locked up" in a mental hospital or prison.

fairness, we note that this stereotype was fixed thanks to a system of compulsory treatment of the Soviet era, when alcoholics forcibly placed in the "clinic" of the closed type, more like a prison.During treatment the patient forcibly administered medicine that causes aversion to alcohol, and the rest of the time was work activity.And they sent for compulsory treatment of complaints of the staff, family members and the local doctor.However, even if the final decision taken by the court, as determined by the period of stay in the hospital.

Unlike allied hospitals, modern dispensaries, which are alcohol addicted people, different new method of treatment.First, a set of measures that is used in the hospital in the first place, is designed to eliminate the crisis situation and detoxification of the body.Drug treatment is chosen based on the characteristics of the body, choosing the most suitable.

Compulsory treatment of alcoholism nowadays is to remove the abstinence syndrome, but not in the treatment of chronic forms of alcoholism.Therefore, the hospital will only include people requiring hospital treatment.If the person has committed a crime or alcohol led to the development of mental disorders, by court order, it can be placed on the forced treatment.Also, the issue of involuntary admission can raise the doctor on duty ambulance called family members at the time of manifestation of the inadequacy of the patient.Only in this case the law permits forced to put the patient to treatment.However, chronic alcoholism, which does not show aggression or mental disabilities are not forcibly treated.

That is why it is very important not to bring "to sin," and convince loved to see a doctor the psychiatrist at the first sign of alcoholism that professional help to get out of this state and for all to stop drinking.And it is important to understand that any traditional methods, help psychics, etc.will not help solve the problem, if the alcoholic does not want to be treated.It can only help drug specialist clinic.

We hope that our publication will help you make the right choice in favor of their own health and the health of their loved ones.Moreover, we wish you to compulsory treatment of alcoholism, you know only from the media, but did not become a party or a witness to this method of treatment.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!