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Causes of alcoholism

Alcoholism - is not only a serious disease, but also a social problem in our society.The fact that the problem of alcoholism in a few decades, much "younger" - alcoholics have become even teenagers.And parents of teenagers will learn about the existing problem is not immediately.What to speak of adult men who without knowing it, in a matter of months, transformed from intelligent and educated individuals in the likeness of a man ?!In today's post, we would like to draw your attention to the factors that influence the development of alcoholism and find out why our people are hostages of alcohol dependence.

But first let's look at why alcohol affects people selectively.It is no secret that some people may be the moderate use of alcoholic beverages during the whole life and not worry that they will develop alcohol dependence.And the other - only once tasted alcohol, becoming its hostage and turn into alcoholics.

So, how alcohol affects the human brain.In the body, alcohol contributes to changing the balan

ce of certain chemicals in the brain.For example, the function of gamma-aminobutyric acid, which controls the impulsive action under the influence of alcohol is significantly reduced.This glutamate - a stimulant of the nervous system also changes its effect by changing the levels of dopamine, which "starts" the mechanism of pleasure.Changed the chemical composition of the brain begins to require alcohol, prolonging the pleasure, and each time the amount of alcohol increases.And since people have a desire to receive pleasure, alcohol simply becomes the source of this condition.

On this basis, if a man for pleasure only required alcohol, it is an alarming signal for alcohol dependence, which is beginning to make progress in the chemical changes in the brain.

So why do some people become alcoholics while others - not?The fact that all depends on the risk of alcoholism.The presence of at least one of them in humans may lead to alcohol dependence.That is why it is very important to know who you should be careful with the "green snake".

on the development of alcoholism affected by the following factors:

Based on the above factors, the presence of even one of them increases the risk of developing alcohol dependence.And quite a common mistake is to view that in the absence of these factors, it is impossible to become an alcoholic.In a society where so vehemently glorify the use of alcohol, the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol is very high.And even quite successful and wealthy people become alcoholics often as poor and oppressed life of the people.

Speaking about the problem of social, not to mention the fact that our countrymen especially "friendly" with alcohol.the problem of alcoholism was always in our country, because it is possible to buy alcohol literally "on every corner".Accordingly, the temptation to "enjoy and relax" is present in many.However, to determine the precise point that divides moderate alcohol consumption and drunkenness is not under force to each of us.Moreover, the person being in the initial stage of alcoholism rarely admits that he had problems with the use of alcohol.That is why the fight against alcoholism alone is almost impossible.

solve the problem of alcoholism in society it is necessary, first of all, to educate our people and explaining all the nuances of alcohol dependence.People need to know what threatens alcohol addiction and what it does not lead on the stories of neighbors or friends, but on the level of the school curriculum, advertising and others.About alcoholism should speak more often and effectively, so that teenagers do not arise and thoughts on how to live well, to use vodka or beer.Unfortunately, this is the outcome of events presents us with advertising.Merry Company, sunny weather and a case of beer - that's the real picture, which shows ads 100 times a day.But what often happens after the holiday, advertising is silent.Especially scary when hostages alcohol are teenagers and children.So why in our society so acute is the problem of alcohol abuse?

social consequences of alcoholism and lead to negative results, so the treatment of this disease - it is not only health, but also the whole society.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!