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Vomiting blood after drinking

Alcohol abuse often leads to tragic consequences for health.This can be not only a delirium tremens, which is considered to be the apogee of alcohol dependence, but also vomiting blood.Why this happens and what to do in the situation?

The human body is able to deduce the amount of alcohol per hour, equal to 0.3 liters of beer or glass of wine.Because of the slow absorption of alcohol in the stomach wall a person can not feel the effect of intoxication and drinking more, exceeding the normal dose several times.The liver attempts to recycle items that are in alcohol, but can not cope with the dose.

If a person exceeds the norm and excessive drinking, it can manifest rejection reflex, that is vomiting blood.First drinks sick.If intoxication occurs often venous expansion of the stomach.This may occur and gastric bleeding, when blood will exit from the stomach along with vomiting.In addition, blood in the vomit may indicate ulcerative lesions of the stomach, which is deepened to the vascular level.

Such phenomena occur with prolonged drinking bout or the frequent use of high doses of alcohol.This may be accompanied by an increase in pressure and disruption of the central nervous system, chest pain and shortness of breath.The stomach just does not have time to produce the gastric juice, so to vomit bile and may extend the foam.

addicts often tries to numb the pain fresh dose of alcohol, which stimulates an increase in bleeding in the stomach.The situation for alcoholics - are not uncommon.

Noted blood in vomit after drinking is a sign of varicose gastric mucosa.If the blood at the same bright red color, it is fast and fresh bleeding.In the early stages it can be anything and do not threaten.If the blood is dark red, it indicates a long and slow bleeding, which leads to great complications.

If any symptoms of internal bleeding, need expert help.Even with the rapid disappearance of the above symptoms it is necessary to conduct research to prevent life-threatening diseases.If the bleeding is accompanied by fever and pain, the "ambulance" should be called immediately and keep the patient in hospital.While the expected medical care, it is necessary to take these measures:

emergency medical intervention is needed when a person lose consciousness.It is recommended to bring home the doctor-psychiatrist.Typically, the patient put a dropper with glucose.Recovery occurs after cleansing the digestive tract of alcohol toxins.Improving overall health occurs within 2-3 days after vomiting blood.During this period, the patient can not eat heavy food.It should not be hot.It is recommended to eat chicken soup and boiled rice, cereals and vegetable soups.Vitamin C, it is desirable to give the patient additional, dilute it with water and drink after a meal.One should be in a well-ventilated area to optimize the respiratory and cardiovascular system.