Healthy lifestyle

Prevention of smoking

Prevention is always and in everything was much cheaper than treatment.This fully applies to smoking.What is the prevention of addiction, particularly among teenagers?

Nicotine is one of the most dangerous poisons of plant species.Birds are killed when their beaks just stick trays soaked with nicotine.Rabbit can be killed by a quarter drop of nicotine, and the dog dies of half drop.For a man a deadly dose of nicotine is 50-100 mg or 2-3 drops.This amount is released into the blood after consumption of smoking 20-25 cigarettes, as in one cigarette contains about 6-8 mg of nicotine, which is half of the dose into the bloodstream.A smoker does not die just because this dose is administered at once, but gradually.

way, the competition was held in Nice, "Who is more to smoke."Its result was the victory of the two parties, smoked 60 cigarettes, and ... their death.Such examples are many.But the most offensive is that most of the tobacco affects people who do not smoke and are not on the passive smokers.This

wife, children of smokers.

These children increases the frequency of bronchitis and pneumonia, worsening their metabolism and destroys vitamin C, which is needed for the period of their growth.Children of smoking parents are more often observed pneumonia and acute respiratory disease.If the mother during pregnancy, smoking, then their children develop a predisposition to seizures, they are prone to epilepsy and lag behind in intellectual development of their peers.

No organ in the human body, which would not be struck by nicotine.For example, the heart of a smoker makes a day at the rate of 15 thousand more, because he develops anoxia.Tobacco negatively affects the brain, constricting blood vessels and impairing memory.

first smoking - it is always a sore throat, heart palpitations and a nasty taste in the mouth.These feelings are a protective response of the body, which we must take advantage of, namely, to give up a second cigarette.

Prevention of smoking among teenagers must start when thinking patterns have not yet formed.Aware of the dangers of tobacco and its negative impact on all organs, trying a cigarette and feeling disgust first, the teenager probably will refuse to try again.

course, a significant factor is the example of the parents.If children from early childhood see my mother constantly runs on smoke breaks - and there is no nothing wrong with it from what is said about the dangers of nicotine, then they too will be smoking.After all, to prohibit children to do what parents do - is unrealistic.Only in the case of a positive personal example of parents and a healthy lifestyle in the family, the formation of a negative attitude to tobacco among adolescents.

Prevention of smoking among teenagers - that the formation of a healthy nation.In 11-14 years, children can already talk about what will grow the children of smoking parents.At the same time the children should be told about the consequences of such exclusion is not the form but the information: "You want your children to be mentally retarded, were born with limb defects, the heart, the brain?Do you want to spend all their earnings on treatment and not sleep for days?Then smoked only 1-2 cigarettes - and the risk of birth of sick children will be provided to you! ".

Today, there are many positive examples of outstanding success of young people who engage in sports and creativity from an early age and lead a healthy way of life.On such and should be told every day, to put an example and praise their children for minor achievements.It is necessary to load the child in addition to the school something interesting, then he will not have time for nonsense, the fact that someone in something to imitate.And even if there are difficulties in life, the cigarette never let them decide.And only aggravate health problems.It should be understood boy and a girl, knowing that with all the problems they may at any moment to come to the parents, and not hide in doorways with cigarettes, creating imaginary adulthood.