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Regulon and alcohol

Many women opt for contraception hormones.The modern market offers a lot of tablets, which are intended to prevent pregnancy.Regulon - hormonal contraceptive, one of the most advanced and high-quality tools that can be used for quite a long time.Moreover, these pills make it possible to normalize hormonal background, so they are often prescribed for the treatment of hormonal imbalance.However, very often the patient taking regulon, ask questions about the compatibility of regulon alcohol.To understand this issue will help our current publication.

Let's start with the fact that a clear answer to this question is simply not there.It is no secret that in the normal course of the life of every man there is a situation, when it is assumed use of alcohol.Therefore, before taking a decision on acceptance of contraceptive drugs for a long time, this issue is recommended to discuss with your doctor.

In general, if the body is healthy and not prone to allergic reactions, drink alcohol while taking hormonal drugs

can be.Naturally, provided that the alcohol will be used within reasonable limits.

is important to also take into account the fact that the drug did not reduce their effectiveness in preventing pregnancy when drinking alcohol.The mechanism of action regulon is independent of the influence of alcohol, therefore, afford one or two glasses of champagne or wine on holiday may be.The effectiveness of this drug depends purely on the individual characteristics of the organism.However regulon does not have any specific reaction to alcohol.

If you see at signs of hypertension, the purpose of this preparation is carried out only after consulting a therapist.Naturally, people with this disease is not recommended to drink alcohol, so the question of the compatibility regulon with alcohol in this case is solved by itself.Regulon may cause heart attack or provoke high blood pressure, regardless of taking or not you alcohol.

is also not recommended to consume alcohol, if the intake of these pills you often feel unwell and suffer from headaches.These symptoms can be symptoms of diseases associated with blood circulation in the brain.So here it is imperative to consult a neurologist.If the doctor determines the cause of the disease is due to circulatory disorders in the brain, the use of hormonal contraceptives is canceled.

Also, this drug is prescribed with caution in such diagnosis as epilepsy, as even a small dose of the tablets may provoke malaise.What is already talking about if the intake of regulon epilepsy consume alcohol?This combination can lead to serious mental disorders.

If during treatment regulon have been diagnosed with neurological problems or even depression, the use of alcohol can cause a more severe form of the disease.All the more so if severe depression appointment contraceptive pill overturned.

regulon is unacceptable to use alcohol and the manifestation of attacks of gallstones and liver disease.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that the combination of regulon and a small amount of alcohol permissible in cases where you do not suffer from serious chronic diseases.In other cases, the contraceptive drug may exacerbate disease progression.That is why it is strongly recommended that you before taking hormone pills thoroughly surveyed and in all forms of malaise, seek medical advice.

Take care of yourself and do not get sick!

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