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Reduxine and alcohol

When a person is treated, the responsible attitude towards their health contributes to the fact that at this time he limits himself to the use of alcoholic beverages.Sometimes they should not drink because of the incompatibility of drugs and alcohol.After all, there are drugs that can under the influence of alcohol have a negative impact on health.How Reduxine combined treatment and alcohol?What it can cause consequences?Let's face it.

Reduxine is a pretty serious drug.It is made on the basis of sibutramine - a substance that in many countries it is forbidden.However, in Russia Reduxine treat obesity.Some people attempt to use it to lose weight.Therefore, we must know that self Reduxine prohibited.It can cause negative side effects.For this reason, the drug is released in a pharmacy by prescription only.

This pharmaceutical agent is intended for weight loss and is a drug that reduces appetite.Similar preparations administered to man, usually after thirty years.At this age, already changing hormones and

substances decay slows down considerably.Toxins are less derived from our body and increasingly accumulate in the body, making it difficult to metabolism.Lose weight with age, more and more difficult.After the age of forty years are generally very difficult to lose weight.How can affect the weight loss Reduxine?In its structure there is sibutramine, which has the ability to approximate the feeling of fullness.This material affects the brown adipose tissue by activating beta-adrenergic receptors.Sibutramine reduces body weight by releasing triglycerides and actively excrete uric acid.Usually sibutramine as part Reduxine displays metabolic products from the body of their natural Histalkut.

Reduxine and alcohol have different effects on our nervous system.Reduxine may cause drowsiness and apathy, alcohol and vice versa temporarily excites the receptors of the central nervous system.Thus, the central nervous system begins to spend more resources trying to take turns to output a drug and alcohol from the body.This can cause a variety of side effects.It all began sweating is excessive and result in cessation of breathing and heart.There may thus be allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock.All these things are purely individual.And although the manufacturer warns Reduxine instructions about possible side effects of the drug, but it is impossible to foresee all the consequences.Some people have side effects happen to the greatest degree of manifestation.

person who is treated, it is important to understand that alcohol destroys the liver.Reduxine is dying faster, since it is the liver shows all toxic substances from our body.

Since the side effects listed Reduxine drowsiness and alcohol also causes inhibition, such a "duo" can simply blame the person down, as will a strong soporific.

Alcohol and Reduxine when combined can be the beginning of heart disease, heart attack and vascular diseases of the brain, stroke, and high blood pressure, headaches and nausea, edema, and kidney disease.It is for these reasons combine Reduxine and alcohol is strictly contraindicated.This usually warn those doctors who prescribe Reduxine.A good doctor supervises this process in view of side effects.And alcohol, even in minimal quantities, these effects can be doubled.Why, then, generally treated, if as a result you just maim?In addition, such treatment is throwing money down the drain.