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Rumikoz and alcohol

Alcohol Nobody has added health.It will be unnecessary for the treatment of human and any medication.Sometimes the combination of alcohol and drugs leads to very dangerous consequences.Learn about Rumikoza and alcohol compatibility.

Rumikoz also called itraconazole.This drug is a capsule with a wide spectrum of action.Rumikoz - triazole derivative, an antifungal drug.It is prescribed for the treatment of diseases that develop due to the yeast, treatment of systemic fungal infections.The drug is prohibited in pregnancy and during breast-feeding, with sensitivity to its components, in preschool and the elderly, in liver pathologies.And if such a pathology is, the side effects can be severe.This provides instruction to Rumikozu.

main activity spectrum Rumikoza - cleansing the body of toxins and fungal infections.It's not like the medicine, which can be treated without a doctor's appointment.Curative effect of its use is shown in 15-30 days from the start of treatment.

Rumikoz used in the form of capsules

or powder after meals.Increasing the dose of medication is appointed only by a physician, and in renal failure and liver cirrhosis, this drug is used only under strict medical supervision.When treating Rumikozom more than thirty days, it is necessary to monitor the state of the liver.At this time, it is recommended to give up even small doses of beer and dry wine.Since even low-alcohol drinks can lead to negative consequences in the process of treatment.

Rumikoz with alkaloids completely compatible.This tandem can have side effects from the different systems of the body and allergy: urticaria and pruritus, rash and erythema.The digestive tract can react decreased appetite, and abdominal pain, nausea and dyspepsia, constipation or diarrhea.In the presence of human liver diseases combining Rumikoza and alcohol can trigger the appearance of cholestatic jaundice and hepatitis.From the nervous system it can be dizziness and headache, peripheral nephropathy, and fatigue, alopecia, and dysmenorrhea.

Side effects from the use of Rumikoza may be similar to those that come after drinking.It headaches and nausea, drowsiness and neuropathy, hypertension and reduced left ventricular function.Ethanol in the composition of alcoholic beverages has the same effect on the cardiovascular system.Therefore Rumikoz and alcohol combine extremely dangerous.It's a double strengthening of the side effects, the risk of heart failure earn.

Any load on the liver, including intoxication with drugs or alcohol may have on the human body serious consequences.Therefore it is very important always, but especially in times of treatment, listen to your body.But everyone knows that few people listen to signals from within the body and accurately evaluate their health under the influence of alcohol.That's why doctors and warn their patients about the possible negative consequences of combining Rumikoza and all kinds of alcoholic beverages.This is necessary because that treatment with prolonged.And alcohol intake can negate all the progress improving treatment effect.The question is, why use drugs if their performance level then alcohol?

Usually people suffering from alcohol dependence, prescribe the antifungal drug is extremely rare.Except in cases where the health effect Rumikoza will exceed the risks of side effects.

Be responsible in matters of treatment and compliance with medical recommendations.

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