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Sleeping pills and alcohol

there are different opinions about the combination of alcohol and sleeping pills.Some people believe that alcohol has a sedative, slowing the body's reaction and producing a sedative effect.Others warn against combining due to the strong impact on the various organs and the central nervous system.So, what really can you expect from such a combination?Try to understand.

Surely it is not necessary to explain what effect on our bodies produce opiates.But not everyone knows that this is not just a certain group of direct appointment of drugs, but drugs with hypnotic effect as a secondary or incidental.The pharmaceutical drugs that cause sleep differ in their therapeutic and chemical influences.CNS depression can call a dream.This in turn alters the biochemical processes in the nervous system receptors.But sleeping pills are also non-physiological causes of sleep, that is the dream of artificial nature.Complete the dream by means of such drugs can not be obtained.

Alcohol and sleeping pills have similar pro

perties.For example, alcohol is a powerful oppressor of the central nervous system and cause drowsiness.Infusions of herbs that produce an alcohol, are folk remedies for enhancing sleep and are used for a long time.

But it should be borne in mind that sleep after alcohol will not bring relief.After a morning person will feel tired, frustrated and often - with a headache.This is a non-physiological symptoms of sleep.

And if alcohol is present in the body?Alcohol increases the conductivity of the sensory receptors, related to the braking system.It promotes sleepiness, lethargy, as the action of sleeping pills.A single sleeping pills on the background of alcohol, to start the process off powerful nervous system.That is, we can talk about long-term, unhealthy sleep, which will bring the body to fatigue and not a natural weakness in the morning.

inhibitory effect of ethanol on the body in combination with a sedative puts the person under a severe blow.After all, medical research has shown that such communication is a pathology.braking processes of the central nervous system is always dangerous, because in this way violated the regulation of the activities and the conductivity of our body cells.Therefore, the combination of alcohol and sleeping pills is fraught with even death from respiratory failure.

no such kinds of sleeping pills, which can be no health hazards to mix with alcohol.Any one of them in conjunction with vodka, wine and even beer, which we did not use taken in small doses, can be fatal.Receiving, for example, barbiturates, other sedatives when combined with alcohol - is the risk for the respiratory system, the heart.It's just the risk of death in a dream.And the random and deliberate overdose of barbiturates in combination with alcohol feasts can lead to very unfortunate consequences.

effect of a combination of alcohol and sleeping pills is an unpredictable, often fatal.And an overdose of sleeping pills or too large a dose of alcohol taken at the person develops a deep lethargy.It may just lose consciousness.It is also possible sharp rise in pressure, a rare breath, bradycardia, or coma.Against the background of respiratory reflexes oppression manifest acidosis and arrhythmia, which is fraught with circulatory arrest and death.

intoxication with an overdose of sleeping pills inhibits our lungs and central nervous system.Treatment of such intoxication is symptomatic.

If a patient with an overdose of this time to bring to the hospital, it can still be saved.Houses should be affected as soon as possible to induce vomiting, gastric lavage, and then take the activated carbon at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.When a person has violated the consciousness behind it must be closely monitored.When oppression suffered respiratory processes simply can not survive without an apparatus of artificial ventilation in hospital.

So, sleeping pills and alcohol - is the risk of death and serious consequences for the whole organism.Needless to predict themselves to such dangers?