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How much alcohol is derived from an organism

about the negative impact of alcohol on the human body knows everyone, but to refuse a glass of wine or a notorious one hundred grams, in particular "about" the strength not to everyone.It also knows that safe doses of alcohol does not happen, and even small amounts can raise blood pressure and make the heart beat faster.It is therefore not surprising that the day after the feast of many of us visited the idea: how long it takes to get the alcohol out of the body completely?Particularly relevant is the question for anyone who drives a car, because if the police will reveal the presence of alcohol in the blood - the penalty can not be avoided.In today's post we will try to answer your question as detailed as possible, so if you're interested, then we will start.

To understand how to get rid of the effects of intoxication, it is important to understand how the process of withdrawal of alcoholic beverages decay products.Importantly, the alcohol leaves the body in two ways: neat and by oxidation.Pure alcoho

l derived portion of the skin through evaporation after the lungs and kidneys - drinking takes approximately 10-30% in this way.With regard to the oxidation process, the liver due to ethanol is converted into a poison and enters the healthy cells of the body.The liver in turn, assumes a "kick" and utilizes about 70-90% alcohol.At regular drinking liver cells do not manage to cope with the withdrawal of toxins, whereby it leads to destruction of tissue and its diseases.

To reassure drivers, it is important to note that the rapid test for alcohol, which is carried out by traffic police, based on the terms of the amount of alcohol that goes through evaporation.Therefore, if after taking intoxicating drinks enough time has passed, then you need not worry.With regard to the duration of this period - talk right now.

To find out how long it takes the body to bring alcohol, must take into account the amount of alcohol consumed, a person's weight and state of health, in particular - the liver.As a rule, the male body alcohol comes at a rate of 0.1-0.15 ppm per hour, from the female - 0,085-0,1 ppm.Moreover, if the amount of ethyl blood has reached a level that threatens human life, the output speed is increased to 0.26 ppm.

average rate of alcohol withdrawal from the body can be studied on the example of several types of alcoholic beverages.We suggest you familiarize yourself with the prepared table for men.If you want to know the result for the women, the time necessary to increase performance by 20%.

Important! The table shows the amount of drunk alcohol per 100 grams.It is important to note that if the amount of alcohol consumed beverage is more than 300 grams, while the output of alcohol to be multiplied by 5. For example, 300 grams of vodka will be excreted from the body about 30 hours, liquor - 20 hours, well, beer- about four hours.

To speed up the process of alcohol elimination from the body, it is recommended to drink as much liquid: green and black tea, chamomile broth.The tea should be strong and sweet.

also recommended to take a shower or a bath, a walk in the fresh air and eat breakfast protein food.Well, not to "suffer" from a hangover, of course, it is best to comply with the rules and do not exceed it.

Take care of yourself!

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