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spice dependence

Today, the number of varieties of synthetic drugs progresses.Drug addiction has many options.One of them - spice.What kind of drugs and how to treat spice addiction?

Spice translated to English language means an herb or spice.It seems that recently the word is not associated with the negative.It was not until as long as American scientists have invented an artificial mixture of the effect of hard drugs.This kind of drug deaths and was named the spice mixture, or smoking.What is it?It is a mixture of a number of herbs soaked in chemicals.Previously, they were freely distributed as incense.Then, it was determined that the main active component mixtures are not of vegetable origin.It is a synthetic analog of THC, similar in effect to marijuana.Having clarified the scope of the threat, many countries, Russia among them, to prohibit the use and dissemination of such smoking mixtures.

What is evident destructive effects of spice?Its use is not inferior in strength of action or alcoholism or hard drugs.Each y

ear, an increasing number of recorded cases of systematic use of this mixture teenagers.Given the disastrous consequences of addiction, not difficult to understand the scale of the tragedy.

Know the symptoms depending on the spice you need to understand if a loved one was dependent on him.So, this relationship is characterized by such symptoms .:

should be remembered that the power of the spice operations in 7 times the effect of hashish.But the most dangerous in the use of spice - getting used to it the first time.For occurrence of fatal changes in the body under the influence of spice you just two months.

Consequences spice depending appear first irritability for no apparent reason.Then the person is a breach of consciousness and uncontrolled behavior.In the short term addiction can completely degrade.He has a pronounced anxiety, aches, fever, insomnia.The use of spice leads to inadequate human perception of reality.He simply "falls out" of society, to leave school and work.It comes to the fact that people do not control their discharge.And the reason for such rapid degenerative changes is that the artificial spice kanabioid spazmiruet vessels of the brain and leads to chronic hypoxia.Its consequences - encephalopathy and dementia.This explains the loss of will and sense of reality.Next followed disturbances in thinking and emotional balance.

is noted that the first risk group includes people with already present organic changes in the brain.It is proved that the psychological dependence on the drug observed after the first use, physical dependence appears to seventh once.

When the family misfortune like this happens, the dependent person should be treated as soon as possible in the rehabilitation cent.After all, the main condition for treatment is dependent change of environment and a taboo to communicate with old friends, such as affiliates or suppliers potions.

Timely treatment of friends and relatives for help will help protect people from the appalling consequences of the use of spice.It should be noted that in various health facilities and centers The duration of treatment varies.It ranges from two weeks to several months.The seriousness of the therapy is not inferior to treatment of addiction to alcohol and heroin addiction.

though a man consumed spice, alone he just did not deal with this dependence.To convince him of the need for treatment is useless, because the consciousness is already degraded.Therefore it is necessary to bring the person to an experienced specialist, in a clinic, a rehabilitation center, and strictly follow all the doctor's instructions.Only professional intervention can break the vicious circle.