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Ways to quit smoking

Nowadays, there are many ways to say goodbye to cigarette "friendship."Surely all people who smoke at least once tried to "put an end" in their relationship with nicotine.And certainly nikotinozavisimye people do not know about all the ways to get rid of this addiction.Thus, the information for consideration.

Nicotine replacement therapy - a good helper to achieve the noble goal to quit smoking.Doctors do not welcome this method only in cases of pregnancy and in the presence of heart problems.The chances goodbye to cigarettes for people who use their substitutes, are doubled.These substitutes include chewing gum and lozenges, patches and inhalers:

Treatment of hypnosis - setting the subconscious to eradicate thoughts and behaviors that lead to smoke.Hypnosis is quite common as an effective means of getting rid of nicotine addiction.In the hypnotic state the subconscious is more susceptible to default.Man realizes that the hypnotist says.Its settings remain in the subconscious and have a strong effect

in eradicating the habit of smoking.Hypnosis changes the subconscious mind so that the smoke does not want to.Its action is directed to the fact that tobacco dependence is a person normally felt among smokers.

Sometimes it is enough just one session to get rid of nicotine addiction.This method makes it quite quickly achieve the desired result.

nicotine toxins poison the body even after the person has stopped smoking.Output can be a simple way.complete removal time depends on the length of time the smoker and the peculiarities of his body.So what are the methods of purification of nicotine most effective:

should know that complex purification of nicotine - is the use of all these methods together.It is quite difficult to do, even every day.Take care of yourself.Set a goal, and in a month you will feel much better and younger.

By the way, great help in cleansing the body from nicotine apples and celery, onions and cabbage.And garlic is considered to be the best way to detoxify the body.It is not for nothing is used for colds, because it improves the immune system, and in our case, allicin in its composition just bring nicotine toxins.

artichoke - excellent liver purifier, rich in antioxidants and fiber.

Keep in mind that the tar and nicotine entirely possible to deduce from the body through 3-15 years.To this effect the experience of the smoker, age, number of cigarettes consumed per day.Of course, a person who smoked a year, to cleanse your body much faster than the one in which the smoking history of 20 years.The stronger the immunity of the person, the more will be operational from the body toxins.Healthy breath to man returns only six months after smoking cessation.

The main essence of the Buteyko breathing method - reduction of the depth of breathing using the diaphragm relaxation.The method is based on the fact that breathing should be nasal, inhalation, and thus should be so small that the chest and abdomen were not moving.Shallow breathing - a distinctive feature of the Buteyko method.The duration of inhalation should be 2-3 seconds, exhale - 3-4 seconds.Between them must be a pause of 3-4 seconds.

In order to prepare for the exercise, should be trained in advance.

Sit on a chair, relax.See above the eye line.Start breathing shallow, so that in your breast there was a sensation of air deficit.So should breathe for ten minutes.Then, the heat will be in the body, which can go in feeling the heat, and there will be a great desire to breathe deeply.With this desire can be overcome only by relaxation of the diaphragm.Breathing should be exclusively nasal, without noise.

And now proceed directly to the exercise by the Buteyko method.The complex aims to develop proper breathing and his detention in any phase: inhale, exhale, rest and during exercise:

So diversity of the ways to say goodbye to nicotine addiction gives opportunities to everyone.Select one of the ways.Direct all efforts to ensure that negative habits become your past.

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