If your hair is falling out in clumps , what to do and how to solve the problem?

If the hair falls out in clumps, what to do and how to solve the problem?

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  • reasons for baldness in men
  • Diagnosis of hair loss
  • treatment of baldness in men
  • Other ways to combat hair loss
  • Folktreatments for baldness

Unfortunately, today the problem of hair loss affects about 30% of the male population aged under 30 years.And among men who have reached the age of 50, this figure grows by almost 2 times.

Hair loss in men

As the researchers noted, the hair falls out whole life and at any age, and often the problem becomes intractable for many of the stronger sex.

If some men almost do not pay attention to that appears on the back of the head pleshka, the others are very concerned about this fact.For them, hair loss is associated with strong feelings, depression and stress.Why does hair fall out and whether it is possible to deal with this process?

reasons for baldness in men

During the entire period of human civilization, people have tried to deal with hair loss.It

happens, and now developed advanced technologies and means, tested the latest medical and cosmetic products.Many of them have a relatively high efficiency, which is primarily due to not so much hair loss as to the cause that caused it.

According to scientists, the process when the tufts of hair fall, promotes several basic reasons:

  1. Baldness Hereditary factors.As you know, if in the family there is a gene that affects hair loss, it is passed down from generation to generation.In that case, if the gene is dominant, and its support is subject to stress, unhealthy lifestyle, etc., the risk to remain without hair increased significantly.
  2. hormonal imbalance in the male body.Baldness is the male hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is formed in the body under the influence of one of the enzymes of testosterone.This hormone has an impact on the genetic susceptibility of the head of hair follicle skin, due to which they are becoming less and less, and then they disappear completely.In this type of baldness hair fall, are in the top and front of the head.As a result, there is a small wreath of hair around the sides and the bottom of the neck.
  3. Thyroid dysfunction.If tufts of hair fall, it can be one of the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.Also on organ damage may indicate changes in the appearance of hair: they become rough, dry and very easy to get confused.Changes and kind of hair growing on his face.Thus, thyroid disease indicates thinning of the upper edge of the eyebrow.
  4. stress.When a person is nervous, the adrenal glands produce a huge amount of the hormone cortisol.Often, it is the high level of cortisol is the answer to the question why the hair falls out.Hormone not only adversely affects bone density, but also causes hair loss.
  5. Lack of supply of nutrients.If the hair began to fall out, it may indicate a lack of essential nutrients entering the male body.Lack of iron, biotin, protein, and excess zinc carotene or vitamin A can lead to baldness.
  6. negative impact of medicinal products.The question of why the hair falls, may also occur in men who use drug therapy.As it is known, can lead to baldness taking certain medications, such as anticoagulants, beta blockers, antidepressants, vitamins and others. Such hair loss is not permanent, and after the abolition of drugs hair begin to grow again.
  7. diseases.

Tufts of hair loss tufts of hair loss can be observed in lesions:

  • diabetes;
  • anemia;
  • fungal infection or ringworm occurring on the head;
  • systemic lupus erythematosus.

But the main cause of hair loss in men - age.

As a rule, the older a person is, the more hair falls on his top and sides of the head.The hair grow back to replace fallen much more thin and short, which gradually leads to thinning hair.

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Diagnosis of hair loss

Diagnostics To determine why the lock of hair fell out, you must pass a special diagnosis. is carried out it is quite simple: experts for some time watching the pattern formed with hair loss.Every cause has its own pattern.

In the case where the diagnosis on the image is not possible, conduct laboratory tests based on blood tests and thyroid hormones.

In addition, mandatory tests for syphilis, and lupus.In difficult cases are taken scrapings and scalp biopsy.What if there was a bald head?Immediately consult a specialist.Analyses and consultations to help determine the cause and stop hair loss.

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baldness treatment in men

baldness Treatment Depending on the causes of baldness, treat accordingly.In the early stages have a good effect of drugs, of which the most popular are "Propecia" and "Rogaine".The drug is prescribed separately or together, which increases the effect of the application.In some cases, it is able to reach 90%.

What if you started taking the medicine, and hair continue to climb?Have patience: the healing process can last from 0.5 to 1 year.In this case interrupt treatment medication undesirable.Some medications must be taken for life.Once the drug is stopped, the head again begins to lose her hair.

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Other ways to combat hair loss

Today there are many ways to deal with hair loss, non-drug therapy.These methods will make your hair thicker:

  1. Mesotherapy transplant hair follicles.Transplantation is the transplantation of tiny portions of skin with hair follicles from areas of extensive growth in balding places (for example, the temple on the back of the head).In spite of the excellent results and high performance, use a transfer can not everyone: this is quite an expensive procedure that requires several sessions.Outs can also be considered the appearance of small scars on the back of the head and the possibility of infection in open wounds.Besides the aforementioned techniques, surgery used in some cases called scalp reduction.Usually they are held for men who have small bald areas on the crown.
  2. Using laser.The positive effect of laser beams, which make hair thicker, the scalp is confirmed by numerous research scientists.Under the influence of the laser over 70% of hair follicles which are in the passive phase transition to the active state and start to grow.Typically, the laser treatment is carried out for a long time, sometimes reaching 24 months.In the first months of the procedure carried out more frequently, and then - at least 1 time in 4 weeks.When planning to use laser therapy, it must be remembered that the greater efficiency and safety have the procedure carried out not in beauty salons, and medical doctors in specialized institutions.
  3. Mesotherapy.To restore the lost hair is used cosmetic procedure such as mesotherapy.It is based on the introduction of micro-injections under the skin of the head with minerals, vitamins and hormone DHT blocker that causes baldness.Mesotherapy today - it is the safest, easiest way to restore fiscal and thick hair.
  4. Using long-wave ultraviolet radiation.This therapy also allows you to make your hair thicker.the drug psoralen is used in conjunction with radiation, allowing to increase the sensitivity of the skin and make it more susceptible to ultraviolet rays.
  5. Special rollers acting on the skin.To hair is not crawled, you can use a modern method of treating baldness.It is based on the effects on the scalp rollers having a large number of small needles.Laminating the skin, irritate her needles, which increases blood flow to the skin and increased nutrient inputs to the hair follicles.This method can be used in conjunction with special lotions and creams.
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Traditional methods of treatment for alopecia

Broth from alopecia In addition to these methods, there are the popular treatments that will make your hair thick and lush.So, since ancient times to treat baldness various herbs and plants are used.For example, you can use a decoction of hops.

pour 50 g of hop cones 1 liter of boiling water and soak in a water bath for 0.5 hours to prepare the means.Then let cool and strain.The resulting liquid pour in 3-liter jar and add to the brim with boiling water.According to the broth must be 2 times a week to wash the head.The broth is stored no longer than 3 days in the refrigerator and warmed immediately prior to use.

If the hair falls out, you can make a mask of castor oil.This will require a mix 2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons mustard powder, and then allow the mixture to stand for 0.5 hours.The mask is applied to the roots of the hair and massaged his fingertips for about 15 minutes.After that, a mask should be left at the back by 20 minutes, and then wash it with shampoo.The mask should be done every 3 days for 30 days, then you need to take a break for 2 weeks and again to complete a full course of treatment.


By the treatment of hair loss, follow the recommendations of experts systematically follow all purposes, and the result will not take long.The main thing here - to remember what is really competent advice can only give a professional who specializes in the problem of baldness in men.

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