What you need to do at home when the hair fall out ?

What you need to do at home when the hair fall out?

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  • causes leading to hair loss
  • daily care Rules hair
  • Additional precautions
  • fight with hair loss home
  • simple recipes for hair masks

With daily hair loss faces every person.Specialists trichologists constantly hear from my patients' hair falls out, what to do? ".Strangely enough, but often the problem is concerned with men.

Hair loss

If you discover on your comb from 3 to 5 hairs, it is quite a natural phenomenon, which does not lead to baldness.Dead hair follicles fall out, and in their place to grow new start.Another thing, if every morning on my pillow you discover a few dozen hair, and they are not just fall when combing, but also for shampooing.Although in this case, to sound the alarm early.It is possible that this is not a sign of the emerging bald spot, and the rate of skin condition.In this case, the problem can be overcome, but be prepared for the fact that it will take a lot of time and effort.

In any case, if the condition of your head of hair is a concern, then you first need to see a specialist, so as hair loss can cause all sorts of reasons.

causes leading to the loss of hair

main cause of hair loss doctors call the hormonal changes in the body of the patient.In this case the man might be a problem with the endocrine system or immunological disease.Often the culprits hormonal failure are age-related changes.Even the most banal rhinitis people may start to lose their hair.Therefore, consultation with a physician and endocrinologist is a must.

Male pattern baldness In addition, the weakening of hair can lead and external factors.These include:

  • abrupt temperature changes (for example, if a person is not wearing winter headgear);
  • climate change (with guided tours);
  • change style food or unbalanced diet;
  • chronic stress.

All this must be taken into account and reduce the impact of such adverse effects to a minimum.

As a rule, plays an important role and heredity.If the patient's father observed early baldness, in 37% of cases a man will not escape this trouble.

Before you take drastic measures to combat hair loss, analyze your lifestyle.Think back to when problems started.It is possible that the reason for its occurrence was the change of the usual shampoo on new medications or dietary supplements, a new diet.All this may have an adverse effect on the scalp, whereby the hairs and starts to fall.

Oddly enough, but now increasingly becoming the cause of hair loss remedy for baldness!Tempted catchy advertising, people did not specify the composition of such a "miracle ointments" and buy products of unknown producers, thus causing irreparable harm to your body.So, before you begin to act, consult with an experienced trichologist - a specialist in hair problems.It is he who will tell you what to do in order to cope with the trouble.

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Rules daily hair care

Hair care hair in need of constant care.In order to hair does not start to thin out ahead of time, certain rules must be strictly adhered to.

shampooing frequency depends on the type of your hair.If you are the owner of a dry scalp, use shampoo no more than 2-3 times a week.Otherwise, the hair will become even more dry and brittle.For oily skin wash is allowed every day.But in this case, the detergent is necessary to choose correctly.

competently choose tools for hair care.When their purchasing carefully examine the label, which listed the shampoo or balm.Give preference to those funds, which contain extracts of burdock, nettle, flax, mint.Shampoos containing menthol, simulate the circulation of the scalp, thereby providing a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair.But do not count on the fact that the funds for the care of hair will stop hair loss.They only improve the appearance of hair.A poor quality or improperly selected shampoos are quite capable to make the problem worse.

If you use a balm, choose funds from the same manufacturer that produced your shampoo.It is better to buy cleaning and caring gels, belonging to the same cosmetic line.In this way you will achieve greater effect.Funds definitely need to thoroughly rinse hair.In the summer, use of lotions that protect hair from UV rays.Now is available a lot of such cosmetics, designed for men.It takes into account all the needs of customers and does not affect the appearance of hair (for example, does not add undue shine).

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Additional precautions

baldness Treatment as little as possible, use the hairdryer and try to avoid direct airflow from an air conditioner.Such effects dried scalp, which promotes hair loss.Regularly use massage comb, even if you are not too thick and long hair.It is best to use a brush made of natural wood or pig bristles.But remember that these combs should be cleaned regularly and replaced every 2-3 months.Every day, morning and evening, brush your hair for 5-7 minutes in different directions, to enhance blood flow to the skin.

Avoid sudden temperature drop.In the winter, before you leave the house, wear a warm hat.Make sure that between the hat and the hair remained free space (so do not wear knitted hats, close to the head).

Before beginning a diet or fasting is required to start taking multivitamins that contain all the trace elements necessary to nourish the skin.Reception need to start at least one week before the planned change style food.And select a vitamin complex will help your doctor.

taking any nutritional supplements also should be discussed with the doctor.Only he can competently pick up the necessary means to you.

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struggle with hair loss at home

Early baldness But what to do in order to cope with the problem on their own?Many dubiously refer to the means of traditional medicine.However, experience shows that some recipes are really effective for hair loss.You can make a variety of masks, helping to meet the challenge of rapidly thinning head of hair at home.

should be aware that their preparation takes a lot of time.And keep such funds on the head must be long enough.

Applying medical masks at home, need to observe the following rules:

  1. perform the procedure must be at least 1 time per week.
  2. Hold composition should be at least 1 hour on the skin.
  3. After you remove a lot of the hair should be thoroughly rinsed, and then rinse with infusion of herbs: chamomile, nettle and burdock.It improves the appearance of hair water with lemon juice.

order to hair does not fall out, often use a variety of natural oils, manufactured on the basis of sesame, castor, burdock seeds.This mask should be used as follows:

  1. Preheat the oil container in a water bath to a comfortable temperature.The oil should be warm but not scalding.
  2. Thoroughly rub into the scalp means, trying to put it only on the hairline.
  3. head Wrap a small towel or cloth and put on top of a plastic shower cap.

For greater efficiency in the oil can be added a solution of vitamins A or Group B. But now you can buy in pharmacies is already enriched oils with vitamins.This mask should be done at least 2-3 times a week.

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simple recipes for hair masks

Getting rid of the baldness To the hair stopped falling out, many experts recommend the use of popular recipes onion, garlic or mustard mask.The benefits of such recipes quite questionable because acrid mustard and garlic can burn the skin, and it will only aggravate the problem.In addition, the smell of these vegetables is washed off for a long time and quickly returns, is only slightly sweaty or wet hair.Therefore trichologists not advised to add even onion juice in other masks.

At home, it is not necessary to use a mask and a red pepper.Such tools do improve blood flow to the skin, but can contribute to a change in blood pressure, irritation, allergies and inflammation of the eye.It is better to use cosmetic products containing pepper.Or, to see a specialist.

to improve blood supply to the skin more sensible to use a different method.Before washing, the head massage the hair roots with the help of a large (preferably sea) salt, then rinse hair thoroughly.


Well help mask-based products that can be found in every home.In addition, they will not bring any harm to health.

to improve the appearance of hair and giving splendor hairstyles using gelatin.1 tbsp.l.This product is diluted 3 tbsp.l.water and allowed to swell for 5-7 minutes.Then added a shampoo bit and applied to the hair.Massa wash in 1 hour.

as an effective hair loss remedies that you can use at home, is well established conventional yogurt. To prepare this mask about ½ cup low-fat yogurt is heated, stirred with 1 egg white, add 1 tbsp.l.honey and a few drops of oil (burdock or hemp).Next, using the same means as the other masks.


So, to keep your hair healthy, you should take precautions (rules of daily care) and care for the hair, using simpleand effective mask.