What to do if hair fall out badly

What to do if hair fall out badly

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  • Awful hair fall: what could be the reason?
  • hair fell out: what to do in such cases?
  • Examination by a specialist, the use of natural masks, tips on care

hair loss problem concerned both men and women.Often the hair starts to fall for unknown reasons.One of them may be a rigid diet.The degree of hair loss in men

When a person adheres to a certain diet, the body can not do a sufficient number of cells responsible for hair growth.

diet can mean exclusion from the diet foods with vitamins E, F and C, include foods that are low in protein, zinc and amino acids.The body is extremely necessary to have a layer of fat, because it is responsible for hair growth.

Awful hair fall: what could be the reason?

second cause of hair loss in large quantities can be stressful. Daily quarrels, experiences conflict, misunderstanding, confusion, physical overload, coupled with lack of sleep can cause this problem. These factors also negatively Stress - one of the reasons of hair loss affect their health.Migrate


previously diseases, particularly infectious diseases, can cause severe hair loss.This is due to the fact that the body has a resistance to the disease and provides a protective response.If you are subjected to inflammatory processes in scarlet fever, sore throat or during a flu, you should know that in this case, hair may fall out.Thus, the body tries to absorb a certain amount of immune cells.Part hair to do this to lose.The process is completely natural.

Hormonal disorders can cause sudden hair loss.Often, this happens when the female body develop pathological changes in the ovaries.Menopause can also cause hair loss.Another cause of hair loss is pregnancy.This condition increases the level of estrogen - female hormones.It is worth noting, during pregnancy a woman can find a luxurious, fluffy hair, and after giving birth you will notice that it has horrible hair fall out.This process is also quite normal and natural.As a result of seborrhea and other scalp diseases may start of the hair loss.It Hair Loss - a hereditary problem due to the fact that there is a malfunction of the sebaceous glands.If a person suffers from this disease, it may appear dandruff, itching and flaking of the skin.Hair follicles are not getting enough vitamins.

In addition to these reasons for hair loss in men and women may be due to external factors, such as radiation.In the frequent cases in men may be a genetic predisposition to this problem.If you have identified one of the above reasons, to restore the function of the hair follicles may be using methods salon.

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hair fell out: what to do in such cases?

Lamination of hair in men Lamination - a relatively new procedure in the world of beauty.It involves coating the hair surface protective film special.This helps to strengthen them carefully and protect from UV rays.The procedure includes a set of bioactive components that affect the scalp, moreover, lamination gives the hair shine and freshness.Some experts doubt the effectiveness of this method, since the procedure is carried out with the use of high temperatures, and it is not very good effect on hair growth.In any case, prior to lamination will be necessary to consult a specialist.This procedure is more suitable for women.

Mesotherapy - a procedure that prevents hair loss.Impact occurs on the scalp with the use of the thinnest needle by which drugs are administered.These include biologically active agents.The composition of the drug should choose a specialist, with the master takes into account the individual characteristics of the organism.Treatment is often carried out by the means that contain vitamins B, zinc and amino acids.After application of mesotherapy hair falls out less frequently.

The results of mesotherapy hair roots Along with this procedure popular is ozone therapy.It can improve the tissue respiration and increase blood flow.After the patient will experience the effect of ozone therapy, it becomes easier to take medications and nutrients more quickly penetrate the hair roots.Hair follicles are restored and filled with health.

therapy called "Micro Mist" is also quite popular in the modern world of beauty and medicine.Master must be applied to a special composition to hair are well entrenched.For this, the patient must wear special head cap, inside which circulates the ionized air.That he has a beneficial effect on the scalp.The aim of therapy "Micro Mist" is the incorporation of the useful components in the structure of hair and their further consolidation.

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Examination by a specialist, the use of natural masks, care tips

Hair masks - a remedy for baldness What to do if hair fall out strongly?In order to determine why they began to fall out, it is required to identify the cause, after which it began to happen.Remember the recent events of your life, you may have experienced stress.The negative impact on the hair can have the weather, for example, exposure to direct sunlight and sea water.If you often collected hair in a bun, they too can suffer.It is recommended not to do so, as the hair can become very brittle.Frequent use of hair dryer and paints can also weaken them, because of this, they will fall out in large numbers.If you are taking antidepressants, contraceptives, need to study the user manual and find out the possible side effects, this also applies to antibiotics.

Once the problem started a negative effect, the hair can fall out after 3 months.It is recommended to refer to trichologist, dermatologist or endocrinologist.In order to conduct a survey and identify the true cause, must pass tests of the thyroid gland, a blood test for the presence of iron and a blood test for TIBC.Beauty industry has gone far ahead, but the homemade mask for recovery remain at the peak of popularity.If you decide to keep the hard fight against hair loss, it is possible to combine domestic masks for hair salons.Both can be divided into 2 main categories.The first promote hair growth, and the second well reinforce them.


is important to know what to do as loss prevention.To avoid problems, it is recommended not often comb the hair as little as possible to use curling irons, hair dryers and styling tools.If you prefer the purchased masks, it is necessary to apply them on a lightly-dried hair.In order that they do not flogged, must be lubricated with oil or coconut avocado.