Why do men hair fall

Why do men hair fall

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  • Common causes of hair loss
    • Stress as a factor that increases the hair loss
    • Poor circulation of the scalp
    • Failures in the hormonal system
    • Poor nutrition, diet, smoking
    • Infectious diseases
    • Seborrhea scalp
    • impact of radioactive substances and chemical

known fact: men are more likely to suffer from baldness than women.And to have their own explanations.Hair loss can disturb men no less than other health problems.Often the cause of hair loss is a basic lack of knowledge of the rules of hair care products.And the problem goes away with proper care.Partial hair loss in men

However, if the loss is not stopped or increased, then you should definitely see a doctor (trichologist), pass certain tests.

So why hair falls out?

Common causes of hair loss

The most common causes of hair loss can serve:

  • stress;
  • poor circulation in the scalp;
  • hormonal disruptions;
  • unbalanced diet and a "wrong" diet;
  • bad habits, such as smoking;
  • infectious diseases;
  • seborrhea;
  • exposure to radiation and dangerous chemicals;
  • internal diseases, heredity.
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Stress as a factor that increases the hair loss

Complete baldness in men This factor is due to the fact that when a person experiences a lot of stress or overexertion, the capillaries of the scalp are compressed, hence the blood is not enough rushes to the hair follicles, which,in turn, become thinned.Therefore, the new hair grows very poorly.Noticing this, you can not immediately, but after some time (from a couple of weeks to several months).It is therefore not always possible to establish exactly what was the cause of alopecia stress.

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Poor circulation head

skin Most often, this problem makes itself felt after 35 years.Dropped hair becomes longer because the blood circulation gets worse, besides lost with aging blood vessels in the scalp follicles supplying blood.That is why the hair falls out in this case.

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Failures in the hormonal system

Receding hairline in men An increase in male sex hormones (androgens) in the absence of a genetic predisposition, a so-called androgenic alopecia.When genetic predisposition arises under the influence of androgen androgenic alopecia.

These kinds of alopecia occur because of increased sensitivity of hair follicles to androgens.Moreover, the amount of androgen in the blood is often normal.

Sometimes there is some sensitivity to androgens influence bulbs.As a rule, it decreases the size of the bulbs, hair thinning, instead grows down and falls over time.

With this type of alopecia play a role: an excess of testosterone, a genetically enhanced bulbs receptor sensitivity to androgens.The problem can exacerbate stress, poor nutrition, and the environment, taking certain medications.

In this case, it is important to seek medical advice promptly.The safe treatment is possible, despite the fact that it is difficult and time consuming.

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Poor nutrition, diet, smoking

Baldness in different parts of the head Often, the hair falls out due to an incorrectly chosen diet, unbalanced diet.Lack of useful nutrients, vitamins and minerals quickly affects the condition of hair.It is advisable to agree on any diet with a dietician and do not forget that you need to lose weight gradually.

nicotine lovers also often suffer from hair loss.This is connected with the fact that nicotine is destroying the capillaries.Deteriorating blood supply to areas located far away from the heart.Noticing the first problems with the hair, you need to not only stop smoking, but also to include in your daily routine of moderate exercise.

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Infectious Diseases

hair, like skin - the best indicators of human health.Any infection can cause hair loss.The body, endured serious diseases such as influenza, SARS, typhoid, pneumonia and others., Accompanied by high fever, including protective mechanism, losing hair.

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Seborrhea scalp

Seborrhea is one of the most common causes of baldness.There is this scalp disease in disorders of the sebaceous glands, causing dandruff, itching and other related symptoms.There are dry and oily seborrhea, but they equally can trigger hair loss.When seborrhea occurs blockage of pores, follicles ceases to work properly, the hair gradually becomes thinner and falls out.


Seborrhea may occur as a result of improper care, and in violation of the body.Seborrhea can diagnose a doctor.Treatment may have a favorable outcome, but it takes a lot of time.

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impact of radioactive substances and chemical

Baldness can be caused by exposure to chemicals on the body, or radioactive substances.This usually manifests itself in 1-3 weeks after exposure to these factors.This is often the treatment of cancer, which is used during exposure.The reason may be poisoning by heavy metals, arsenic, mercury, thallium, or other substances.When treating

using chemistry malignancies hair loss can be up to 90%, sometimes up to complete baldness.At very high exposure alopecia becomes resistant, and restore the hair is not always possible.But sometimes, due to the special treatment of the hair growth is restored.

Do not forget that the loss may be associated with various diseases of internal organs, diabetes, disorders of the endocrine system, chronic diseases, etc.


In any case, you must consult a doctor who can correctly identify the cause of alopecia and prescribe the necessary treatment.In some cases, to determine why the hair falls out, you need to get tested and get tested.It is advisable to consult a specialist as soon as possible because timely treatment can stop hair loss and restore full hair growth.