What should be a healthy breakfast for men ?

What should be a healthy breakfast for men?

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  • How should I eat breakfast the stronger sex?
  • morning menu options
  • Other options pleasant breakfast
  • What not to eat in the morning?
  • Drinks for healthy breakfast for men

has long seen a strong correlation between what a person eats and how he feels himself at the same time.Power really is important for human health, for his well-being and even mood.And if women are more likely to lean towards this theory, the men bit hard to convince that their food directly affects their health.And yet it is so.


And how, for example, has to be breakfast for the men?What do I need to eat the stronger sex to not only feel good, but spend the day most vigorously and actively?

How should I eat breakfast the stronger sex?

breakfast every person should have a balanced and nourishing.

Breakfast This is especially important for men, because during the day they face a number of important tasks that they have to decide.And for this you ne

ed to have the strength, both physical and moral.

And while not yet started talking about the perfect breakfast menu, it is necessary to make a very important remark.The fact is that modern man, for whatever reason, chooses not to have breakfast.So does the vast majority, if not, then many.And this is a big mistake!Firstly, the morning meal is most important for the day.Without a good breakfast, a person simply does not have enough strength for the whole day.

Second, you need to eat breakfast even if only because not to overeat at night.The smaller man had eaten in the morning, the more it will eat in the evening.And this is a direct path to a set of extra kilos.

Why men should begin breakfast?Most nutritionists advise the world to begin the first meal with a glass of ordinary drinking water at room temperature.You must do this for half an hour before breakfast.This will help "make" the stomach.Significantly improves the speed of digestion throughout the day, will not accumulate excess weight, and all the toxins and waste products are eliminated from the body without fail.But in no case can not drink on an empty stomach coffee or fresh juice.Even healthy green tea is not recommended to drink on an empty stomach.

As for the menu, the ideal breakfast should include cereals, fiber, something milky.No wonder many childhood talked about how useful to eat porridge for breakfast.It really gives a person a lot of energy for the whole day, it remains a long fed and energetic.And after porridge brain works better.

Fruits - also the perfect complement to the morning food intake.It is proved that the fruit must be there in the morning, and vegetables can be eaten throughout the day, in the evening.For dinner, the fruit is not recommended.They contain fructose, which is the greatest need the body in the morning.Again, a great course for those who want to improve your brain!By the way, for breakfast, you can allow yourself to eat something "forbidden".For example, candy or a small cake.From 6 am to 12 person's metabolism is at its peak, which allows not to gain weight from eating.Therefore, a slight deviation from the rules may, because sweetness is quickly "burned" by the body for energy.But, of course, around the need to know when to stop.

However, not only grains, fiber and dairy products can have a strong floor for breakfast.

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morning menu options

first version of the breakfast will be based on the already mentioned products.This morning meal for those who do not want to eat in the morning is something too heavy, but at the same time would like to get enough.And man-vegetarians will be delighted.

You will need to boil oatmeal with water or milk, then add back a little salt or sugar to taste.

Oat flakes Oat flakes are good because they are cooked very quickly, and their taste like much. If a man wants to lose weight, it is better to cook the porridge on the water.Even at this wonderful porridge is one useful feature, thanks to which it can help to improve the condition of hair.And it is very important for men!

After cooking flakes in them, you can add quite a bit of butter.Served oatmeal with fruit or dried fruit.It is perfectly combined with all!Raisins, dried apricots, prunes, fresh apples, any berries, peaches - all this and much more will make a great company oatmeal.

not the worst breakfast to become the stronger sex and eggs in any form.This product is very useful for men's health, especially for potency.On the day you can eat no more than 2-3 yaits.K example, you can make an omelet of three eggs and a glass of milk.Flour to put it is not necessary, but if any is added, then entirely in a small amount.Why consume excess calories, if for an omelette would be enough even a teaspoon of flour?

To omelette has become even tastier, you can add slices of fresh tomato, some bacon strips.And while he is preparing, is to make a toast.They are prepared either in a toaster or a microwave oven in the mode "Grill".That's what will have crisp toasts.After adjusting the bread until it is ready it is possible to put a piece of cheese that is melted by the heat of toast.And tasty, and useful!

sweet lovers and enjoy such a wonderful option for the first meal.From cottage cheese, eggs and a small amount of flour you need to dazzle cheesecakes, then quickly fry them on both sides until golden brown.It served it's a great treat with any jam: cherry, plum, orange.In short, with this, which is likely to appeal.

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Other options pleasant breakfast

Omelet If the man in the morning and can not do without meat, then he has the option breakfast with liver slices, which are accompanied by a light salad.For the preparation of the latter will need to take a cucumber, a tomato, cheese, arugula and olives.All the ingredients are coarsely chopped, mixed in a salad bowl with the olive oil.

laid on a plate arugula, on top of it lays the groundwork salad.While salad flavors saturate, it is necessary to cook the liver.Preparing it incredibly quickly, within 3-4 minutes.Simmer over it is not necessary, because it will be so hard.Ready liver is laid on top of the vegetables and salad on the perimeter, and the resulting gravy poured dish itself.It turns out very tasty and healthy breakfast, because the liver is useful for blood, it contains a lot of iron.And as for the favor of the vegetables and herbs, and do not speak.

since childhood for many of the usual breakfast is milk soup.It used to be all prepared mom, so why not start to cook it yourself?Especially as milk soup is very useful.For its foundations can be taken, such as buckwheat (which a lot of vitamins) or pasta from durum wheat.Krupa or pasta first boiled until tender and then added to the milk and a little water.All brought to a boil.And that was not in the soup foams (yet most men do not love them as children), milk soup immediately after removing from the stove must be put on a few minutes in a sink filled with cold water.

should also understand that there is a breakfast of products is not recommended.

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What not to eat in the morning?

Fast food will be a big mistake to breakfast products fast food restaurants.Of course, it is better to be prepared with your own hands, but even if this is not possible, it is not necessary to resort to the morning to fast food.Each cafe has a special morning menu, which can be found even oatmeal.Why can not eat fast food?

This is a very heavy food for the body, especially in the morning.Because of her all day long a man can torment heartburn, flatulence, bloating that does not contribute to efficient operation.The harm lies in the huge number of calories.Sometimes a meal of such an institution is able to cover all the daily need for men in calories.But the energy charge from fast food is not long enough.So it comes gradually overweight.

not recommended to eat for breakfast a very heavy meal, excessive fat.It can be a "stake", making it difficult for the whole day.And she can not give anything other than discomfort.

is strictly forbidden to eat a particular food for breakfast: very salty, spicy, exotic.Not every stomach can digest it by day, what can we say about the morning.

And what better to drink for breakfast?What drinks will be most useful for the male in the morning?

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Drinks for healthy breakfast for

Drinks for healthy breakfast men Drinks also have a great importance for the proper and reasonable approach to nutrition.After breakfast, better to drink a cup of green tea with honey.

Sugar is better excluded from the diet in its natural form.Honey is added to tea, as well lost its useful properties.It is better to drink tea and jam it with honey.The very same green tea invigorates no worse than coffee.And when he does not have the effect of prostration, as is the case with coffee.

Black first drink is very invigorating, irritating the nervous system, and in an hour and a half, begins to produce the opposite effect, making the servant of the man of coffee.

good will drink and herbal teas, white tea and hibiscus.All of them are also very useful and tasty.If you do not want to drink tea, you can drink a glass of milk or yogurt, fresh juice.


This should be the ideal breakfast for the men.A healthy breakfast - is the key to well-being and productive throughout the day.So why not make your life easier by using the right food?