Useful than celery for men ?

Useful than celery for men?

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  • Celery and its beneficial properties
  • Celery and men - best friends
  • methods of cooking celery

Intoday we know a lot of plants whose medicinal properties have been used in ancient times.They are not only eaten, but were made to them poultices, tinctures and teas, successfully healing various diseases.Are no exception and useful properties of celery.Mediterranean products are considered not only medicines but also a magical means to get rid of ailments and adds strength.


Today, the plant is widely used in food.It is useful for both women and children, but, according to experts, the greatest benefit is the celery for men.

Celery and its beneficial properties

Proper nutrition on domestic vegetable gardens appeared more than two hundred years ago, but then it is only grown as an ornamental plant.Use celery in food have become a little later, when several species of plants have been derived.Thus, today known for the following types of celery:

  • root;
  • sheet;
  • stemmed.

And each of these species - a storehouse of essential for the body of nutrients and vitamins.In the food can be consumed all the parts of plants: fragrant herbs, which has a slightly bitter spicy taste, is commonly used as a condiment, of juicy stalks prepare salads and tender celery root can be used as a garnish for meat dishes.

Eating plant foods, people not only improves the taste of food, but your body heals.So, celery is able to strengthen the immune system and rid the body of toxins and slow down the aging process.People who begin to regularly use vegetables in your daily diet, say they have reduced blood cholesterol and sugar levels and significantly improves overall health.

Such a positive effect of celery on the human body is primarily due to a large number of calcium salts that are found in any part of the plant.Due to this, petioles, leaves and celery root are able to have a healthy effect in disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular system, anemia and anemia.

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Celery and men - best friends

If we talk about what is useful celery for men, there is a need to remember Hippocrates, who spoke about this plant as a remedy for all diseases.In the Middle Ages, Europeans used the vegetable as a strong aphrodisiac, greatly enhancing virility.Dishes cooked with celery on a wedding table, and hung over the bed Suite bundle of leaves of the plant.

About what is useful celery for the male body, the Crusaders learned during his next campaign.In the palace of the Emir of Acre, a large amount of celery root has been found from which the Lord prepared daily therapeutic drug.His recipe is simple and can be used successfully in our days: a small amount of purified plant roots, was ground, mixed with raisins and honey and eaten.The effect of the drug can be estimated from the fact that by the age of forty, the emir had more than 70 children.

Harmony in intimate life

It is also known that the usefulness of celery has been used successfully, and other celebrities.Thus, the Marquise de Pompadour regularly prepared his lover Louis XV soup with truffle and celery, and itself before each rendezvous was drinking a cup of hot chocolate with the addition of celery juice.Casanova, up to now has unrivaled fame Lovelace, has used dishes from celery in their diets.

What explains the benefits of celery for men?As researchers found, the plant has an action, not more inherent to any plant on earth: it has a positive effect on the development of the male body androsterone - a hormone that affects women as boa look at the rabbit acts.No woman is able to resist the hypnotic effect of this hormone.

According phytotherapeutist from France Jean Valne if the representatives of the stronger sex to know why celery is useful for men's health, they would have planted them all the garden.Most likely, he's right, because the French are considered to be great connoisseurs of old in romantic relationships.

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methods of cooking celery

Preparation of celery To use celery has a maximum, it is necessary to prepare properly.If you want to look in the morning fresh and rested, drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice of the petioles of plants.Such an addition to breakfast will charge for the day and the evening will allow even be energetic and full of energy.In addition, celery stalks can be eaten raw, adding to salads and can be extinguished with meat or vegetables.Some housewives pickled or salted stalks and then use them in the winter season.

Good reviews have dietary soup made from celery and vegetables.With it you can not only diversify your daily diet and improve men's health, but also to throw a few extra kilos.Despite the fact that such different soup huge benefit to the organism, it is very simple to prepare.

to require dietary soup:

  • 300 g of any parts of celery;
  • 4-5 pcs.tomatoes, you can use canned;
  • 0,5 kg cabbage (fresh or pickled);
  • 150 g of pepper;
  • parsley or other herbs to taste.

All vegetables are cut and dropped into boiling water.The amount of water, take to your liking: someone who likes a thick soup, while others prefer a more liquid.Boil the ingredients on high heat for 10 minutes, then cover the pan with a lid and bring the dish until ready on low heat.Before the end of cooking, you must fill up the greens and give the dish a little brew.

Regular exercise Scientists have found that by using green celery can not only be an energetic and cheerful, but also to regain a good mood. For various troubles and abnormal situations cause the appearance of the human body specific stress hormone.It is this hormone is extremely negative impact on the nervous system, causing the development of many diseases.

use of green plants reduces the levels of stress hormones in the blood, soothes and gives a feeling of tranquility.Always be in a calm and suspension help with salad greens celery.To cook it you need the following products:

  • celery leaves;
  • cabbage;
  • pepper;
  • tomatoes;
  • fresh dill.

number of ingredients take to your liking, all the chop, mix, and add a small amount of olive oil.Simple, very tasty and healthy dish is ready.

also information that is celery, which has useful properties, how to use it, you must know and smoking.It has long been confirmed that the good cleansing properties of this unique plant contribute to the removal of toxins from the body, due to which the harm of nicotine consumption is reduced to a minimum.

But for all its uniqueness and usefulness of celery has a number of contraindications.It is not recommended to use a vegetable for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.In addition, the use of celery is undesirable during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


When selecting roots, stalks and green vegetables at the store primarily focuses not on their size, and freshness.The fresh and green celery, the more positive impact it will have on your body.Eat celery and be always cheerful, energetic, and healthy!