As a man to gain weight fast?

As men gain weight quickly?

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  • Problem and calculation of calories
  • Creating diet
  • daily routine and intake of food
  • Physical activity and recreation

How to gain weight man - this question is given by the majority of men and men suffering from leanness and want to correct this situation.A person can consume a considerable amount of food, but the long-awaited and weight is not reached or a week or a month or even a year.Therefore, it should be said about the factors that affect the weight set.

Muscle strength and impotence

Problem and calculation of calories

How can quickly gain weight and how much to eat?Many of the males often complain that they eat almost everything and in large amounts, but still remain thin.This is a problem, as there is little to eat all at once, you need to choose the right products, containing the required amount of nutrients.

How to gain weight thin one man?But before taking yourself to thin category, you need to check whether the weight is really very small?

For this purpose, there is a formula that should be deducted from the man 110 increase, the result of this example, and will be the ideal weight for a man.For example, male height is 185 cm, subtract 110, the result is 75 kg, which is for the growth of the golden mean.If the weight of the young men is less the result of an example, he should think about increasing their weight.It must be said that to gain weight very quickly fail, it is a long process, so you should have patience and diligence.

Thinness in men Next aspect of the problem - the daily consumption of calories.Men do not tend, unlike women, calorie count of food, eat them, and largely wasted.How to gain weight it can help?calorie calculation will help to gain weight, because if a man is to use products with a low-calorie, but in large numbers, the results he gets.This explains the common question of men, why they eat a lot, but do not gain weight.

To determine your daily calories should be your weight multiplied by the number 45, you get the amount needed to man.But that came to gain weight, should eat a bit more, with a margin of about 300-600 more calories.Thus, if a man weighing 60 kg, the amount of calories necessary to make it in 2700 calories a day, and that it should be used to recover from 3000 to 3300 calories per day.

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diet What to eat to get better?

Many men confuse two completely different concepts - the quality and quantity of products.

Weight gain due to body fat They often think that eating large amounts of food will allow to cope with the task set weight despite calorie foods.This statement is incorrect, and as an example is to take equal portions of salad, vegetables and rice porridge.In the first case, calorie servings is 100, while the second - 400. The difference is palpable, so they do not gain the necessary weight.

Useful properties of different cereals have long been known to all, especially to young children.Recover a man to help a variety of cereals, which have a large number of nutrients and elements, as well as milk, which is often cooked porridge.However, despite the wide variety of cereals (rice, buckwheat, oats, etc.), not to everyone, they will have to taste, let alone eat them for a long time.But in this case there is an alternative - pasta.

worth saying about another product, previously referred to.It's about the whole milk.Of particular value provides a highly milk fat.By including it in the diet, drinking every day for one liter, you can dial in a month a few kilos.Do not forget about the other dairy products such as fermented baked milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt.But we should choose foods with a high proportion of fat, not less than 5 per cent.

Products with low nutritional value What you need there is, in addition to these products?Much attention deserve dried fruits and nuts.They are especially interested in those men for whom a fast metabolism - not just a phrase but a whole disaster.Calorie content of these products is high as 100 g peanuts account for 500 calories.The diet should include almonds, dried fruit and among a large preference should be given figs, dates and dried apricots.

To gain weight, it is necessary to pay attention to diet, rich in protein.Even if the food is high in calories, but the body will lack the protein, then the weight will not be able to gain.Calories provide the necessary energy for training, but the main building blocks of the body is just protein.To gain weight you should eat eggs, cheese, chicken or beef, are rich in protein, eat them several times a week.

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day and food consumption mode

As for the meal plan, you need to understand one thing: whenever a person is hungry, it is necessary to immediately quench, as at this moment the body goes to the so-calledautonomous power supply, consuming the body's reserves.Eating should be every 2-3 hours, in small portions.For people staying on their feet all day or doing manual labor, the daily rate of caloric intake should be increased to 500.

But how to recover a man if he loaded schedule?To do this, take a job for a few servings of food, if somewhere to eat absent.It turns out that the man will be two breakfasts and two lunches, one reception is the evening meal.


those men who prefer to have a meal in nearby cafeterias and other eating places, you should remember that you need to give up receiving dry rations of food.In addition, it is not recommended to eat potato chips, crackers, soups and instant noodles, as the nutritional value of such products is extremely small, and they gain weight - the occupation of the fiction section.A good snack will roll with milk, cottage cheese, fruit, especially bananas.

Those men who are engaged in physical labor, should definitely arrange a breaks and snacks.The same applies to those who prefer to go to the gym or exercise room, so immediately after a visit to training, should be nourishing to eat.Considerable attention should be given fluids, as during physical exercise the body loses a lot of water, so this loss need to fill.

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Physical activity and recreation

Physical activity and healthy eating How to gain weight men without physical exertion?Alas, it is extremely difficult, as you need to combine diet with physical activity.They have on the body part of the activator, which includes metabolic processes and muscle building.It is practically impossible without physical exertion weight gain.

should determine the exercises, which will help to gain weight.There should be no running, cycling, as they, on the contrary, reduce the weight.Therefore, a great role play exercises with weighting.It will require a barbell, dumbbells, barbells.

Gain weight will help a well-written training regime.No need to download the training the whole week, as a set of muscle mass occurs during the holiday.The best mode is a one day training, one day rest, - 4 times a week.Exercises are performed by 5 sets, each - 5 repetitions.The load must be increased as the body adapts to this kind of stress for yourself every week training course is corrected.It is best to deal with under the guidance of a competent trainer to avoid injury.

Gain weight help following exercise:

    1. Squats (with load).
    2. bench press.
    3. Deadlift.
    4. Bench barbell standing.
    5. Pull-ups (at the initial stage - without load, then with load).
    6. Pushups (similar to pulling).


In addition to his important role in the set weight plays a vacation .As men gain weight, if it is not resting?Therefore it is necessary to sleep about 8 hours, it is advisable to go to bed and wake up at the same time.Dream - an important mechanism to gain weight, especially for those who lead an active lifestyle.It is during sleep and while relaxing the body weight increases, so the rest is an important component that will help to gain weight.

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