As age crises occur in men ?

As age crises occur in men?

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  • first real crisis
  • midlife crisis
  • Last male crisis

Age crises men are manifested in different ways.The main symptoms of severe manifestations of these.

The age crisis in men

  1. bad mood and signs of prolonged depression.
  2. Irritability, propensity to scandals.
  3. apathy, lack of interest or a sharp change.
  4. addiction to alcohol or computer games.
  5. promiscuity.

first crisis in men starting at puberty, in the so-called - the awkward age.During this period, for a teenager inherent boyish, opposition to parents and the community, the desire to prove that he is the best among their peers and the need to please the opposite sex.If these processes are without understanding surrounding the teenager, and attempts to prove that either are not crowned with success, Man waiting for the protracted crisis of adolescence.However, the true crisis of all male 3.

first real crisis

so-called "crisis of '21", in fact, varies from 20 to 23 years for men.

Relationships with family particularly acute manifestation of it is typical for those who have not felt the adolescence and was humble guy school.

Features manifestations associated with entering into adulthood and the acquisition of full independence.The crisis is that the young man, having a dream about how he would be as an adult, is faced with a reality that is different from his far-fetched ideas.In addition, the ambition for the work and career are often unjustified, and the work is not as easy as it seemed.He wants everything at once, including a lot of money and career.Complicating the situation awareness of the requirements of independence and freedom from their parents.Such crises men are accompanied by an abrupt change of clothing style, ideology and even faith.

If he lives with his parents, they will feel a second adolescence.If the guy has a girlfriend or wife, she will also have to is not easy.He will provoke scandals, to impose their views.

relates to such behavior should be quiet, and to the young man as a teenager.It will take a couple of years, and everything will fall into place.

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midlife crisis

Middle age crisis midlife crisis may begin as early as 35 years.Some it moves several years later.This is the period when a man begins to analyze what he has achieved so far.It begins to weigh his routine life.If he is married for a long time, that is the time when he begins to see in the second half of the deficiencies and to pay attention to other girls.Prior to treason and can not walk, but a familiar situation becomes annoying and want something something new.Divorce seems to be way out of the situation.

If a man is not married and has not been, he seeks to marry as soon as possible.This often leads to divorce a year later, as he made haste and did not manage to find a woman for real.

best life partner behavior during the crisis will be to support the men and even the initiative of various innovations. can begin together to travel, go to the theater, clubs.It is useful to visit with master classes, exhibitions, etc.If you have children, you can do as a family.With the right approach, the man quickly distracted, he ceases to be bored with life, he begins to appreciate what he has.If there is good support, the crisis passes quickly.

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Last male crisis

Last male crisis in the region of 50 years, there are recent manifestations of crisis in men.Over the years, they are dissatisfied with their appearance, figure, wrinkles, etc.Problems with potency may add fuel to the fire.they are trying to prove in this time that is still young in spite of everything.There are links on the side.Particularly attracted to young girls.The man seems that he falls in love, in fact, there is a need sexy realized.

often man becomes infantile.Suits youth things beyond his years, using slang, starts to walk to the clubs, bars, restaurants in search of adventure, better, of course, with the participation of young persons.Sometimes it begins to actively engage in sports, eat properly, an attempt to prolong their youth.For

wife during this period is very heavy because the divorce was too late, and to tolerate such behavior no strength.Psychologists advise women to do is, go to beauty salons, fitness, dancing, etc.Ideally it would be nice to call her husband's jealousy, thus switching it on his person.It should not be cheating, otherwise the crisis will only grow worse, and the marriage is likely to collapse.Flirtation, intrigue and self-care can help keep the relationship.


Not all men are prone to crises.So, it does not fall into the problematic life spans held as a person, confident man, without complexes and psychological problems.And physical health and well-being in the family contributes to the lack of acute manifestations of the crisis.