Depression in men : symptoms , manifestations of the disease and its treatment

Depression in men: symptoms, manifestations of the disease and its treatment

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  • essence depression
  • main symptoms of male depression
  • How can cure male depression?

It is believed that the human body physical ailments are much more dangerous than psychological.Accordingly to the doctor more often treated it with pain in a certain part of the body.But experts unanimously assert that in the mental health care must be taken not less carefully.


Depression in men - is a disease that requires immediate treatment.

most often with her trying to cope on their own, but it can only exacerbate the problem.Solving this problem requires a comprehensive approach.


depression most often depression in men is associated with a bad mood, not counting this disease.But this is false opinion. It is a violation of the ways of thinking, emotional background, a man of action.

Symptoms of male depression are a number of differences from the female.If the girls tend to be s

ad, then the stronger sex predominant emotion - aggression.This leads to rash decisions, which are dangerous not only for health, but sometimes for life.

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main symptoms of male depression

Insomnia not Recognize common standard symptoms that indicate that male depression.This is due to the individual characteristics of the flow of certain physiological and mental processes in the body.

Some can be very sad, inward, to cease to communicate with family and friends, to give up everything that previously brought pleasure and positive emotions.Others, on the contrary, giving their all the while in his spare time visiting clubs, bars, give birth to a lot of casual acquaintances, but it does not bring due satisfaction, resulting in seizures happen uncontrolled aggression and anger.

Thus, the general symptoms of depression in men following:

  1. physical discomfort - spiritual and physical health are closely linked.Depression in men can affect the internal organs, thus causing back pain, headaches, stomach upset.This traditional treatment of these problems will not give the expected results because it can not eliminate the cause of the problems.
  2. Insomnia.
  3. Reduced potency.
  4. irritation - this symptom is often underestimated.But it is very dangerous because, as a result of excessive temper man can not only use physical force to his wife and children, but also to lose control of the situation on the road and get into an accident.
  5. Inappropriate behavior - this factor may be caused by the lack of sharp emotion, adrenaline that pushes men to rash acts: fast driving drunk, casual sex, and gambling.
  6. Reducing the duration of life.


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How can cure male depression?

way of thinking and conduct of men is designed in such a way that they tend to hide the symptoms that concern them and cause them considerable discomfort.As a result, there are additional reasons for depression.Unlike women, men are more likely to hide their problems, their camouflage than seek help.

Moreover, some parents of boys are taught from childhood to what they have to suppress all his emotions, keep inside.This leads to groundless stereotype that the recognition of their problems is a sign of weakness, it is unworthy of this man.Thus, the symptoms of depression are exacerbated, and the treatment process is complicated.

answer to the question, what if the male depression progresses, and how to help in this situation, only one - to see a specialist.In most cases, and if the self-yielding results, the temporal.

Eliminate the essence of the problem can only comprehensive approach designed medic.Most often, depression in men treated with sedatives, which are selected individually for each patient, as well as psychotherapy.


Depression - it is a curable disease.But it is worth remembering that nothing so will help to cope with it, as treatment from a qualified expert who will examine the characteristics of the disease in a particular patient, and select individual therapy.But before you treat depression, it is necessary that the man himself has realized the problem and came to the conclusion that he wants to get rid of it.Otherwise, all the efforts of the doctors did not give proper result.