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How to quickly lose weight by 20 kg man ?

How quickly lose weight by 20 kg man?

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  • But is it just a man to lose weight 20 kg?
  • Power - the key to success!
  • How to lose weight quickly using Bodyflex?

Many men often wonder how quickly lose weight by 20 kg or more?

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Fat in the abdomen - the eternal problem of losing weight people from 15 years and above.But to deal with this lack of women and men should be different.

Beer belly men differs considerably from the female.The lack of men will appear due to the formation of abdominal fat, which in turn is close to the internal organs, and adversely affects them, for this reason, fat do not look so loose as on the hands or feet.

Fortunately, relief and abdominal muscles are present in all men, and another thing that most of them simply hide under a big layer of fat.

For every man an attractive appearance should be an incentive for pumping abdominal muscles, because absolutely no good man with a beer belly, its silhouette resembles a pregnant woman.

But is it just a man to lose weight 20 kg?

is believed that drive away the fat from the abdominal area is possible by means of running and exercise, aimed exclusively at the press (twisting).But this is not the case.Cardio alone is not enough.It is known that fat from the abdominal region goes into the last turn.So you need to be involved in sports all the groups of muscles in your body to weight loss took place quickly and evenly.

most effective training is considered to be those that are based on the basic exercises. These exercises include the bench press barbell in supine position, deadlifts, squats with weighting.After doing these exercises the body begins to sharply increase the consumption of oxygen, which leads to faster metabolism, that is, you will quickly lose weight by 20 kg or more.In addition, the calories consumed in the next 48 hours after exercise.

Proper nutrition Scientists have proved that men who perform 3-5 basic exercises to lose much more energy than those who are professionally engaged in sports and during exercise carries about 15 different exercises.

We conclude that fat is burned immediately after execution:

  1. bench press.
  2. deadlift.
  3. Jima rod standing.
  4. squats weighting.

For men with a large excess weight (20 kg or more) such loads are simply irreplaceable.With the right approach, the body will change for the better right before our eyes.

usual twisting, which are designed for pumping the press, much worse job include stabilizing muscles, rather than the basic exercises.

It is worth remembering that the abdominal muscles perform the tension between the chest and pelvis, and if you press lightly pumped, it can and does make a slouch.The cost of the exercise, designed for the press, are very small, and after a workout excess energy not consumed.

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Power - the key to success!

But!One important part in losing weight for men - good nutrition - a 80% success in your difficult undertaking.Lack of proper diet and consumption of harmful products can ruin all your hard work in the gym.You'll have to stock up on some elements of food for athletes (calcium, amino acids, fatty acids - Omega-3, etc.) to process of losing weight faster.

most important thing - to stop the weight gain.Do this by any means: sit on a diet a little, spend a few days of discharge, prepare for a new lifestyle.

Sportpartner immediately before exercise, try to warm up your muscles, make a gentle massage of the abdomen, prepare the body to severe stress.Follow stroking clockwise or a few minutes turn the hula hoop as soon as you feel a rush of blood, immediately start training.

There is a huge amount of useful exercise, but do not jump in the pool with his head.The main thing in this business - regularity.Teach your body to constant stress, allow yourself a few days of rest.The systematic execution of simple exercises will allow you to achieve excellent effect.

And these exercises:

  1. spread a blanket or mat for sports.Located lying on the floor on his back, stretching his arms along the body.Straight leg rises, forming an angle of about 30 °.We try as long as possible to keep the body in that position.We lower leg to its original position, do so many reps, how many have the strength.
  2. now perform the opposite exercise.In this case, the feet remain in place and the housing is applied.Try to lift the upper body, not helping himself with his hands, follow the same mode as in the first exercise.Keep your back straight and your feet can be fixed under the sofa or special weighting.
  3. Closing exercise - combining the first and second - you lift the legs and torso, and at the same time, trying to keep the balance as long as possible.Even in this exercise yoga is popular, but Eastern medicine advises to keep a small angle 15-30 ° from the floor.So you spend a lot more energy.


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How to lose weight quickly using Bodyflex?

It is worth to pay attention and Bodyflex.Breathing exercises relatively recently become popular in our country.The technique works perfectly on the abdominal muscles due to the fact that the vacuum increases their tone.

Quite interesting is the fact that most people acquire the neat form of the body not at the expense of fat burning, and due to the fact that the abdominal muscles while breathing exercises are strengthened and the abdomen visibly pulled up to the back.

Healthy food Bodyflex can be engaged in any position: sitting, standing, lying can train your abs and drop those extra kilos, even in the workplace.Try to perform basic exercises Bodyflex daily - morning and evening.

to engage in breathing exercises, you need to find a well-ventilated room, so that the body received as much oxygen.

now proceed to engineering exercises.To create a vacuum in the stomach, you need to take a deep breath, bulging belly forward and then do a sharp breath, drawing the stomach.This position should be about 20 seconds.

Once you learn how to create a perfect vacuum can complicate the task of performing in this state any exercises - press, lunges, kick their feet.Thus, adipose tissue will break down much faster, and you forget all about your beer belly and hanging from the sides, extra weight will go away instantly.


If for whatever reason you are not able to for years to exercise, try to focus on nutrition.Use a low-carb diet, stick to begin with the general rules - exclude sweet, flour, fried, drink a glass of water half an hour before meals.Spend fasting days, looking for new ways to reset the weight that will suit you.

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