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How to lose weight in the past month at least 10 kg man?

How to lose weight in the past month at least 10 kg man?

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  • Features of the male body, which lead to overweight
  • How should eat a man to lose weight in the past month?
  • Norma daily calorie intake for men
  • Sport needs to lose weight men

There is a stereotype that care about their figure mostly women.But this is not the case, exactly the same men are often faced with the problem of excess weight.

Fat man

In this particular course of physiological processes allow them to achieve the desired result faster.

In the case of obesity due to lower levels of testosterone in the blood and the disease is not worth risking the health and lose weight on their own.Safety and efficacy will be to see a doctor.

If extra weight appeared as a result of poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, then, depending on the original settings, the man could easily lose 10 kg or more per month. But we can strive for this result at all costs.Radical methods of weight loss can cause great dam

age to health.To prevent this from happening, you need to clearly follow the basic principles of how to lose weight and stay a man with healthy and energetic person.

Features of the male body, which lead to overweight

Passive lifestyle Medical studies have shown that daily consumption of calories the average man aged 30 years, is sufficiently large.This way of life today, in most cases passive, sedentary.Accordingly, there is a certain amount of unspent energy, which is converted into body fat.They focus mainly in the abdomen, chest, armpits and face.

For men over 40 years, the problem of completeness becomes very relevant, because in this period begins lowering the body's production of the male sex hormone testosterone.During this period, the weight comes quickly, in a few months, you can dial the extra 10 kg, and it becomes more difficult to lose weight.Much more effective and rational to do so under the supervision of a nutritionist and trainer.

fact the main reason for weight gain - it is not consuming more calories than you burn, and that begins to produce a lot more female hormones that trigger the emergence of "protection" for the fat of the body shell.Therefore, only a balanced diet will not give the expected results, and the sport - a prerequisite to start losing weight.

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How should eat a man to lose weight in the past month?

Meat and dairy products Usually, women who wish to lose a few extra kilograms, resorting to extreme diets, almost equivalent to starvation.This fasting days on yogurt, oatmeal, apples.The probability that this food will help them to correct figure flaws, high.But after that often arise and adverse health effects.Therefore, physicians strongly oppose such a rapid and extreme getting rid of fat.For men such diets are strictly prohibited, in addition, good results, they will not give in connection with the fact that the physiological processes of the male body are different from female.

Nutritionists argue that the quick disposal of the extra kg men need to eat foods that contain lots of protein and fiber, as these elements contribute to burning fat and building muscle mass.From carbohydrates can temporarily give up, it will not harm health, but will accelerate weight loss.The basis of dietary diet is recommended to choose fish, meat, dairy products, cereals, eggs and legumes.

must choose products with a minimum fat content: they will provide enough protein, but busting calories will not.The daily protein intake rate is determined from the rate of 3 g per 1 kg body weight.Accordingly, to the extent necessary to reduce the weight and reduce portions.Meat is better to combine with vegetables cooked or in salad, seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable oil.

Mandatory condition that helps to lose weight quickly for a month the man - it is excessive drinking.Firstly, it promotes proper cleavage of fat cells, and secondly, makes better absorbed protein.Among the useful properties of water can be identified as the excretion of toxins, as well as loss of appetite.

meat, no matter how beneficial for losing kg it may be, can not be abused.It threatens to kidney disease and intoxication.

The purpose of the diet - it's not only just losing weight, but also normalization of blood sugar and cholesterol, the establishment of the metabolic process.

Approximate daily diet:

  1. Porridge breakfast - porridge on the water or skim milk, egg or sandwich of corn bread, lean ham and lettuce.
  2. second breakfast - yogurt or cottage cheese (low-fat).
  3. Lunch - baked or steamed fish or meat, salad, one boiled potato, 1 slice of corn bread.
  4. Snack - tomato juice or hard cheese (50 g).
  5. Dinner - Baked chicken breast, baked apples or low-fat cottage cheese.
  6. at night - low-fat yogurt (no more than 1 cup).
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Norma daily calorie intake for men

In order to accurately calculate how many calories should consume a particular person, you will need the following details: height, weight, age, degree of physical activity.

formula is as follows:

10 * Weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) - 5 * age + 5 - the number of calories required for men in order to maintain the normal functioning of the body at rest.

This figure must be multiplied by a factor of physical activity, which is:

Physical exercises 1,2 - minimal activity, lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle.

1,375 - a quiet life, 2-3 times a week moderate exercise.

1,462 - average physical activity, exercise 4-5 times a week.

1,55 - a physically active lifestyle, intense workout 5 times a week.

1,63 - Daily active training.

1,725 ​​- intensive training twice a day.

1,9 - intense physical activity during the day (for example, in athletes during training for the competition).

final value - this is the norm for men who do not need to lose weight, that is how much energy it needs for normal, healthy functioning of the body.Weight loss also involves reducing the amount of food intake for the purpose of burning fat.Therefore, this number should be multiplied by 0.8, that is, create a 20 percent reserve.That much energy can take the body out of its own reserves, while not impairing the health and well-being.If you are overweight is more than 10 kg, the reserve can be increased by a few percent.


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Sport needs to lose weight men

Many are wondering how to lose weight in the past month.After all, I want to get very quick results and sometimes even to lose 10 kg of excess weight in a few weeks.And the answer is only one - to combine proper diet food with exercise.If women can lose weight only through diet, it is more difficult for men.Moreover, there is a risk to lose not only fat but also muscle mass.

beginners do not just give your body the maximum load.Weight loss of this will not take place soon, but the body quickly exhausted.It is fraught with poor health, lethargy, distraction.Increase the intensity of your workouts should be gradual, allowing the muscles to adapt to the pace of workouts.This sports training frequency plays an important role.To achieve visible results go to the gym, stadium, or to arrange training at home should be at least 3 times a week, gradually increase the frequency can be up to 5 times.

complex exercise, aimed at weight loss, must necessarily include the aerobic part.Its duration should be between 30 minutes to 1 hour.But about strength exercises also do not forget, they help men to drop extra weight by adding muscle mass.


Thus, weight loss for men - though it is time-consuming, but very useful for the health and appearance of the process.If possible, better to lose weight under the supervision of specialists, trainers and a nutritionist, who can help to achieve results quickly and without harm to the body.If this is not possible, is certainly worth a detailed study of literature, articles on this topic.