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Slimming Methods for Men: exercise and diet

Slimming Methods for Men: exercise and diet

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  • Overweight strong sex: features
  • Power slimming person
  • correct approach to physicalloads
  • Morning exercises and other ways to reduce the weight

The society accepted that losing weight - exclusively female prerogative.On the problem of male obesity are not accustomed to talking.The majority of boys do not really bother about their appearance, believing that men have affairs more important than diet and fitness.And sadly mistaken in his opinion, because toned sports person is much higher self-esteem, personal life happier and more successful career.Slender people look a decade younger than their obese peers, almost do not get sick and live to a ripe old age.

Excess weight

Overweight strong sex: features

Obesity causes irreparable harm men's health.The owners of the beer belly you should know that fat in the abdomen putting pressure on the diaphragm and heart, causing breathing difficulties and increasing the risk of cardi

ovascular disease.Excess fat in the neck becomes a cause of snoring and brief interruptions of respiratory function during sleep (sleep apnea).In addition, men have thicker occurs enhanced production of female hormone estrogen, which is why a serious hormonal imbalance begins in their bodies.

Men who are overweight lose weight much easier than women.

subdue your appetite, giving up alcohol and starting regular sports training, the average man for 3 months without much difficulty and harm to health may be easier on 20 kg, while the woman goodbye with the weight required 6 months to 1of the year.The reason for the rapid weight loss from the stronger sex are male sex hormones, which contribute to the breakdown of fat.

Proper nutrition In addition, the important role played by the mental attitude: men, set a goal to lose weight, usually reach it.They are much easier than the girls to resist the culinary temptations, so failures with diets is not seen.

Proper weight loss for men shall consist of:

  • balanced diet (1500-1800 kcal);
  • daily morning exercises;
  • regular cardio and strength training;
  • swimming;
  • active lifestyle;
  • hiking outdoors.
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Power slimming person

Dietary food completely eliminates the use of flour, fried and fatty foods, spicy foods, sausages, chips, crackers, canned foods, synthetic and carbonated drinks, ketchup, mayonnaise, alcohol.In addition, it is necessary to drastically reduce the amount of salt and sugar, to minimize the consumption of bread.

basis of a balanced diet for men should be poultry (turkey, chicken) and rabbit, fish, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, milk drinks with a minimum percentage of fat, porridge from wholegrain cereals (brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal), pasta from hardwheat, vegetable stews, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices, non-carbonated water and green tea.From fats you should leave the olive oil.With self-preparation of diet, be aware that the menu in the intensive training days and days without sport must be different.During exercise in a man's diet should prevail complex carbohydrates that provide strength and endurance.In the days-free sport, the diet should prevail proteins that help the body's tissues to recover.

Diet slimming men need to eat 4-5 times a day, with the amount of food, as used it in one sitting, should be placed in his two hands.Dinner is needed at regular intervals, trying to make the last meal it was not later than 6 pm.The approximate menu for the man on the day spent without training, as follows:

  • breakfast - oatmeal on the water with dried fruits and honey, cottage cheese with herbs, green tea;
  • first snack - cheese sandwich, tomato juice;
  • lunch - 2 steam chicken burgers, stews, vegetables, protein omelet, green tea;
  • second snack - any fresh fruit, a handful of nuts, thin toast with honey, a glass of kefir or yogurt;
  • dinner - a small portion of pasta with seafood, lots of salad with fresh vegetables, juice or tea.

If an empty stomach does not sleep, while men are allowed before bedtime drink a glass of nonfat yogurt.Fermented milk drink, eating at night, blunt the feeling of hunger and contribute to the normal operation of the intestine.

the period of intense exercise half of the protein foods (eggs, cheese, milk drinks, fish, meat) is recommended to replace foods containing complex carbohydrates (whole grain cereals and bread from wheat flour).Load up before playing sports or in any case impossible.The time interval between the beginning of the workout and the last meal should be at 2:00.But drink clean water before exercise is not only possible, but necessary.

Being on a diet, a man should eat at home, bypassing the canteens, cafes and restaurants.The catering in cooking schools use a large amount of harmful fats, consumption of which during a diet is contraindicated.All dishes are allowed to eat the stronger sex during weight loss, should be decoction, extinguished or steamed.

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correct approach to physical activity

Physical exercise weight loss success for males depends on the true made up of training programs. Excellent herding fat complex alternation of power exercises with cardio. correct approach to fiznagruzki looks like this: on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are busy men of strength training on Tuesdays and Thursdays - cardio, you can arrange a short break on Saturday and Sunday.To conduct a successful training is not necessary to visit gyms, most physical activities can be carried out at home.The recommended exercises with dumbbells and weighted, rock press and squat as power loads.A cardio suit jumping rope, running, walking, cycling.

If a man has any health problems (chronic illness, injury) to begin training without prior consultation with a physician and athletic trainer contraindicated.The specialists will develop for the full range of human physical activities for losing weight, taking into account his age, health status, preferences, the rhythm of life and the individual characteristics of the organism.

Getting serious training, you need to make 10-minute warm-up set of exercises that will warm up the muscles and prepare the body for more strenuous exercise.As a warm-up is recommended to perform breathing exercises, stretching, bending the body in different directions, swings his arms and legs, squats.You can then move on to the basic training (running, yoga exercises, work with simulators).


first sessions should be short-lived, their duration should be increased gradually as the body getting used to the physical exertion.After completion of training is necessary for another 5-10 minutes, move to an easy pace, perform exercises to stabilize the heart rate and respiration.

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Morning exercises and other ways to reduce the weight

Besides diet and exercise, to do morning exercises, to perform which will take 20-30 minutes.Apart from the usual swings, tilt and push-ups, it should include some exercises for weight loss for men.These exercises include:

  • rocking the press with their feet - 2-3 sets of 15 times;
  • squats at full foot - 30 times;
  • squat lunge - 15 times for each leg;
  • squats with an 8-kilogram dumbbells - 10 times;
  • alternate lifting dumbbells to chin level - 15 times for each hand;
  • breeding lines hands with dumbbells in hand - 15 times.


Promotes rapid weight loss in men swimming.To achieve the effect of weight loss should be the swimming pool 3-5 times a week, doing it for 45 minutes.On weekends you can go hiking, play with your friends in football or other mobile game.Men need to remember that diet and exercise do not mix with bad habits, so the whole weight loss period is necessary to give up alcohol and smoking.Not least in the process of weight loss takes a healthy sleep, which in slimming men should be 6-8 hours.During a night's rest there is a development of male hormones that help the body part with the excess weight.And getting enough sleep has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the body.


With a balanced diet and physical exercise properly selected first positive weight loss results for men will become noticeable after 1-2 weeks.But the reduction in volume of the body - it is not the only plus diets and athletic training.Together with a reduction in weight in postroynevshih the stronger sex feel better, you will be endurance, flexibility, stop aching back and will clear the mind.