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whether liposuction is possible for men

it possible to liposuction for men

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  • Varieties male liposuction
  • abdominal liposuction and male breast: lipomodelirovanie
  • Correction of double chin
  • reviews stomach liposuction for men

When a man gets fat, fat formation is most often deposited in the abdomen, chest, face and back.This is quite normal and understandable from a physiological point of view.In order to get rid of excess weight, men and women are trying different diets in combination with fitness classes.Sometimes obesity is becoming very serious.Get rid of excess weight such methods becomes problematic.Men resort to liposuction is not less than women, especially when they do not have time to experience a more prolonged weight loss methods.

Overweight men

Liposuction for men can achieve a good result in the short term weight loss.This is one of the main advantages of the procedure.Liposuction today enjoys extraordinary popularity.This method of struggle against excess weight used by people of all ages.The p

rocedure is a relatively new method of body shaping. Her conduct is usually prescribed by the doctor if the patient can not lose weight by alternative methods. Liposuction helps to quickly remove excess fatty tissue from the abdomen, thighs, knees, waist, neck, chest and chin.In various forums on the Internet is comments about the operation.Recommended thoroughly acquainted with them and learn the contraindications carefully.

Varieties male liposuction

Liposuction of the abdomen Liposuction thighs often held for women.Overweight men often removed from the abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms and chin.On the back is also deposited fat formation.The procedure can be divided into several types.The most common is a vacuum.This type of operation is performed by inserting a cannula into the subcutaneous fat.Smooth, careful movements of the cannula is moved under the skin.In this way split of the fat formations.The remains of the broken fat tissue are displayed through a special vacuum pump.Vacuum type of operation is effective.In one patient session, you can get rid of a significant amount of body fat (up to 3 liters).

Tumescent liposuction has a similar technology with vacuum.Before you begin the procedure, the surgeon inserts into the subcutaneous layer of Klein's solution.This material includes decongestants, anesthetics and saline.The introduction of this solution fat cells swell and constrict blood vessels, thereby to remove fat formation becomes easier.Tumescent liposuction is usually performed using general anesthesia.The procedure is quite popular.In carrying out this type of operation on fat cells affects the current that passes through a thin needle under the patient's skin.Finer cannula helps remove excess fat formations.Following the operation, it states that men and women start to lose weight rapidly, even after 1 month.

procedure is performed using a local anesthesia, postoperative scars on the patient's body remains.

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Liposuction of the abdomen and chest in men: lipomodelirovanie

Liposuction of the back and sides for men for liposuction in order to adjust the abdomen is often used electronic lipomodelirovanie.In particular, the method is used, if a man has a very big belly.This method, as set forth above, involves rasplavku fat formations using current.Under the skin of the men entered a very thin needles that are attached to a special device, the guide electrical current.Adipose tissue become liquid.Thus it will be easier to remove them by means of special cannulas.

This method is also widely popular.In order to carry out the procedure must 3 puncture.They remain invisible.Electronic lipomodelirovanie performed using local anesthesia.This type of operation solves the problem of excess skin on the breast in men and on the stomach.Saggy skin often is a result of slimming.Thanks lipomodelirovaniyu man's body becomes more fit.

The male liposuction is often used to correct the muscles of the neck and face.In frequent cases, the use of this method of influence on the subcutaneous fat.Staff makes every effort to improve the elasticity of the skin.After the stimulation of lipolysis liposuction is performed, so there is a further spontaneous weight loss.Liposuction of the chest, back and abdomen allows a man to keep in shape for a long time.When it is complete adipose tissue is reduced very slowly, but it is important to follow a diet and maintain a correct way of life.

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Correction of double chin

Correction of double chin Quite often men suffer from the problem of double chin on the neck.This phenomenon occurs as a result of the features of the body structure.For example, the face of a man lean, and a second chin is still there.It looks very unaesthetic.Massage is impossible to remove such a problem.In this case, only necessary liposuction.The operation helps to correct the defect and keep the neck in a normal healthy condition for years to come.One of the most common methods to eliminate double chin liposuction is electronic.Most often it is called electronic lipomodelirovanie.Word modeling means in the face contour area corrected.Excess adipose tissue is removed layer in the chin and jaw.

in some cases men use liposuction if they have local accumulations of fat.Keep in mind that self-addressed for surgery is not recommended.Her conduct should only assign a specialist.stomach liposuction for men is not recommended for a total Hagen.In this case, you can use other methods of weight loss.It is worth repeating that the operation is applied if the usual method of weight loss from the stomach can not be avoided.Liposuction of the abdomen in men spend just as often as women.The procedure helps to restore a beautiful appearance and eliminate the problem of excess weight.It is important to take into account contraindications, such as diabetes and circulatory system disease.


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reviews stomach liposuction for men

Among the many comments and reviews about how to have the views of women who believe thatman is not necessary to address to the surgeon to perform the operation.However, it notes that the liposuction breast and abdomen for men gives much greater effect than a visit to the gym.Among the comments on various forums there are positive and negative.Patients who performed liposuction in questionable clinics emphasize that felt unwell after the conference, and in the process of liposuction to feel pain because of poor anesthesia.To avoid this, it is important to choose the right, reliable clinic, which has been established reputation for long years of activity.Negative reviews also cover the cost of surgery and postoperative poor health.Many patients are dissatisfied by the fact that after liposuction is necessary to follow a diet.


After the procedure, the patient should be in the hospital for 2-3 days, then after recovery it is assigned wearing compression underwear.In frequent cases, to improve the effect of lymphatic drainage massage is performed.