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How to lose weight after a man of forty-five years?

How to lose weight after a man of forty-five years?

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  • What is the danger fraught with extra weight?
  • Men's body mass index figures
  • Be a man: self-help
  • Physical activity, weight and cardio
  • Sexual Life

World Health Organization has openly stated thatoverweight is harmful to human health.Obesity is not infectious in nature, but extends to the instantaneous velocity.Even slight excess body weight has lead to numerous health problems in men.


Overweight and obesity are the various stages often leads to emotional frustration and nervous breakdowns.Often complexion full of people is much too low self-esteem, unwillingness to communicate, detachment from the world as a closed or internal conflict.Obese people often denied employment.If we talk about the jobs associated with the establishment of business relationships and decision-making positions, the failure accounted for 70% of who are employed.

Obesity Life expectancy is also directly related to body weight.In p

eople with a normal body mass ratio of the chances of a long life of up to 70% compared with the anemic individuals.Obese people are ahead of the same thin only by 36%.Although studies have shown, for weight loss to a small surplus from the norm, their chances are increased by another 17%.

Modern food completely crammed with lots of carbohydrates.Deterioration of the situation contributes to a sedentary lifestyle.The body gets tired recycle surplus and gradually accumulates them as fat, so it is protected and reduces energy losses due to the splitting of carbohydrate raw materials.Importantly, the accumulation of excess fat is dangerous for men.Most laid by fat reserves deposited on the internal organs, causing internal obesity.

What is the danger fraught with extra weight?

primarily important for men of their virility - a healthy, well-functioning reproductive system.Importantly, the development of the male hormone testosterone in need of the body is in a certain amount of fat.They contribute to the preservation of fertility and erectile functions.

However excess fat entering the body strongly helps a man to achieve success in the sexual sphere.Excess fat leads to disruption of the lipid metabolism, the accumulation of fat cells in tissues and organs around, destroys the healthy course of metabolic processes.This leads to a decrease in testosterone, and subsequently to a reduction of libido, erectile dysfunction and in some cases, infertility, particularly after forty-five years.

Overweight Men suffering from overweight, in 50% of cases are forced to recognize sexual dysfunction.Although testosterone and fats are needed, but an excess leads to reduced activity of the male hormone.

course, a decisive role, in the presence of obesity in men play a hereditary traits.Scientists have shown that 100% of obese men are obese is one of the parents, to a greater extent, it is transmitted through the maternal line.For this reason, seeing the presence of a genetic predisposition to being overweight, it is necessary to resort to a timely precautions and lose weight.

Ill-health of the reproductive system is not the only consequence of excess body weight.The man begins to suffer high blood pressure.For obese men of forty-five years, the risk to get high blood pressure are three times more than for thin.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and various joint problems, thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, pulmonary disease - this is not a complete list of serious diseases, accompanied and fueled by excess weight.

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Men's body mass index figures

Healthy food In contrast to the female constitution men of forty-five years of deposition of adipose tissue faces major consequences, because fat accumulates them centrally - to a large extent in the abdominal area.

visually the presence of varying degrees of obesity can be measured by waist circumference.If you see shows the number exceeding 94, start to sound the alarm and seek to lose weight.

no secret that the optimum weight has limited scope and is subject to the measurement of body mass index.Maximum allowable values ​​of normal-weight ratio and growth fit into the framework of 18.5-24.9 kg / m².Exceeding this ratio clearly indicates health problems.

Calculate body mass index, a simple formula:

BMI = weight in kilograms / height in meters squared.

It is the same for women and men, but the resulting values ​​for men are slightly different:

  • 18,5-24,9 kg / m² - normal weight;
  • 25-29,9 kg / m² - overweight, obesity stage before;
  • 30-39,9 kg / m² - obesity;
  • more than 40 kg / m² - clearly marked obesity.
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Be a man: self-help

athletics Weight Loss - a long and laborious process.It consists of the steps that people must overcome, having the desire and determination.Waiver of former way of life, habits, favorite, constant self-control - a problem truly masculine.Who but a man must bring himself to get rid of excess weight and to prove their masculine essence?

How to lose weight?Of course, much depends on the stage of obesity, but to a greater extent on their own desires. fight against excess weight starts with a balanced diet, exercise, and in severe cases - with medication and even surgery.However, initially always should consult with a qualified specialist in this field.

There are a number of useful tips for overweight problems.

Fractional power is the first step in the fight against unnecessary pounds.Meals should be increased to five times a day.Try to avoid overeating in the evening and at night tightly closed refrigerator.Although the individual characteristics of the organism or employment may prevent this routine, then create a balanced schedule of food 2-3 times a day.For example, dense, rich in vitamins breakfast and dinner rich in protein.

In no case did not starve!Use the fasting days.Low-calorie diets can try a short time.But no one gives a guarantee that so hard the lost kilos will not come back again, taking with him a couple more pounds to boot.

Balanced diet Only a balanced and proper nutrition will help burn those extra kilos and not bring them back.

According to nutritionists, men over forty-five years should not be fat in the diet, flour, beer, intermediate products and fast food, because they harm not only to health in general, but also male power in the first place.In addressing the question of how to lose weight, it is especially important to drink plenty of water - at least 2 liters a day.Eat lean meats, seafood, fish, vegetables, herbs.

In no case do not need to overwhelm yourself completely.Twice a week is allowed to relax - drink a glass of beer or wine, indulge cake and pork.

effective way is to reduce the portions.Replace the deep, large plates small.It is difficult, because the favorite bowl of borscht, the second and compote with buns procedure stretched stomach.However, be patient and see what will become less of a load of food over time.Stop heartburn, heaviness, bloating and other unpleasant symptoms of overeating.

Alternatively, you can enjoy raw food diet.Hrumkaesh vegetables and fruit, click the nuts and extra weight are melting before our eyes.

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Physical activity, weight and cardio

Physical exercise Here the choice is really great.You can find something for everyone: running, swimming, jumping rope, walking, skating, biking, football, weight training with weights for all muscle groups.

important to remember that for a sufficiently large weight is difficult to start running, you can pay with your knee.In this case it is better to start with a bicycle or bike.Indeed, cardio will be very useful.The experience of most men lost weight shows that training on cardio about five times a week for 45-90 minutes give stunning results.

should not retreat even when the weight was gone.To maintain it you can practice your favorite sports such as football, swim in the pool, ride a bike or roller.

cardio and must be accompanied by weight training.Nothing boosts production of testosterone, a training aimed at increasing lean body mass.In addition, to build muscle tissue to spend much more energy coming into the body, so the weight loss process is accelerated.

Do not feel sorry for yourself and do not be lazy, and the result of your labors will exceed all expectations.

Invalid built sleep negatively affects state of health and mental state.You can not enough sleep, sleep less than six hours a day is detrimental to health.After all, in the dream, too, there is a development of the male hormone, there is an exchange of substances, resting the brain and the muscles relax.

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Sexual Life

Sexual life Full and regular sex life is important for weight loss is much more than this to say.This has been and remains crucial for men.The lack of regular sex negatively affects the physical and mental state of a person.Most often, irritability, nervousness and hysteria are the first symptoms of sexual dissatisfaction.

Abstinence men undesirable, especially becomes important with age.The older man, the more dangerous long-term sexual abstinence.Male libido decreases, the desire gradually reduced, along with the excess weight comes laziness and often male reproductive system diseases, such as prostatitis.Such risks are particularly vulnerable to the men after forty-five years.

Violation of testosterone due to abstinence, is able to transform even a handsome man with a great sports figure in sluggish tolsteyuschego peasant.Everything else added skin diseases, inflammation and rashes on the face.

woman still there and for whatever his whims denying men sex is able to obtain not only bloated peasant, but also to destroy the family.A strong man with a firm will to seek promiscuous sexuality ties and weak - plump and bump into alcohol.

Getting rid of the extra kilos That is why in the process of getting rid of the extra kilos so important to support the woman he loved.Do not hesitate to tell about a loved one.

replaced escaped extra kilos come compliments of others, and to establish conjugal life in all its glory will survive in a new dawn of your initial relationship.In men, after 45 years, as well as in women, life has just begun, but it must be to live in a healthy, trim body.

to history and self-control is not superfluous to keeping a diary in which to reflect all the progress made in the time-consuming and painstaking process of struggle against excess weight.

Men start to get rid of excess weight and unattractive figure right now!


And your life will certainly change for the better!

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