Weight Loss

How to reduce the weight of the man : the basic rules

How to reduce the weight of the man: the basic rules

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  • diet Application for weight loss
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  • Avoiding stressful situations in order to reduce weight

Many men, like women, want to have tightened figure without excess weight.Man, therefore, seeks to gain confidence in themselves, to keep their own body satisfaction for years to come.A man should make every effort to get rid of the extra kilos and find a beautiful figure traced muscles.ordinary "women's" Most diets do not help.Men do not tend to use similar methods.Differences between the 2 diets are in the amount of food consumed.In order to lose weight, men need to comply with a balanced diet and do regular exercise, which should be greater in intensity than that of women.

weight Control

Excess weight may be in excess of fat mass in the body.

Moreover, obesity, in particular visceral, makes the person prone to dangerous diseases, such as stroke, heart attack. Having a good physical shape helps save from diabetes an

d increasing pressure. To man managed to lose weight, you need to make enough effort and energy.We need to spend enough time in the gym, eat properly and efficiently.Genetically, men lose weight easier, unlike women.This is due to the fact that men are more moves and accelerated the exchange of substances.Practice shows that the male body converts more calories per day.

necessary to know how to lose weight in the shortest possible time.It is important to carefully plan their actions: create a schedule that will include aerobic exercise and strength, should also indicate the right foods to the diet.

Application diet for weight loss

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is an essential part of weight loss.Your diet should include mostly food that is rich in protein.Protein is very useful and nourishing component.Through use of such foods, you will feel satiety, and yet not gain calories.If your diet includes carbohydrates and proteins, it is possible to reduce the feeling of constant hunger.The diet should consist of fish, meat, lean beef, egg whites, chicken and pork.Monounsaturated fats also have a positive effect on the body.It is important to eat useful vitamins and fats.The products of today has a considerable amount of normal fat.They are a threat to the body, usually found in oil, animal products.Most fats found in fast food.Their consumption is extremely undesirable.


The less fat you eat, the more effective will be the process of weight loss.If you give priority to monounsaturated fats, weight loss becomes evident results without the use of any other diets.For effective weight loss is recommended to include in the diet of whole grains, cereals.They eat mostly women, when a diet.Grains, reducing weight, are useful for any organism.They primarily rich in fiber, which allows the sated in sufficient quantity.Fiber helps prevent overeating.Whole grains give energy, vitality, as rich in carbohydrates and vitamins.In order to lose weight, it is important to eat foods such as pasta, bread, white rice, though they also contain carbohydrates.

important role fruits and vegetables play in the process of a healthy diet.They are rich in vitamins, which help strengthen the body.Fruits in its composition contain enough minerals and a favorable water balance allows you to maintain a large amount of fluid in the fruit.

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The simplest rule of weight loss - to expend more calories than their enters the body.This rule is important to observe.Acting on this principle, we do not need to pay too much attention to heavy physical exertion.Conducting training should take about 40 minutes.Interval training involves a set of exercises that are designed for 2-energy systems of the body.Aerobic system involves the use of oxygen to convert the received energy into components.This allows you to walk or run a long distance.Anaerobic system aims to get energy from carbohydrates.This energy is transformed into glycogen stored in the muscles and manifested during exercise.Thus, the longer a person has added strength.

training involves alternating exercises at a low intensity level (60% of maximum heart rate) for 2 minutes.Thereafter, the same load is required at a higher level.(90% of max. HR) for 1 minute.Length - a minimum of 10 cycles.The metabolically active tissue in the body is a muscular man.For this fabric must burn more calories.It is necessary for normal body functioning fully.During the day all the major muscles should be well developed.

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Avoiding stressful situations in order to reduce weight


One of the most important hormones that help build lean body mass is testosterone.In order to stimulate its production, it is necessary to adopt an integrated and intensive approach to training the muscles.It is necessary to carry out about 10 sets for each muscle group.Reps should be about 12. Between the approaches necessarily need to rest - 1 minute.For effective weight loss is important not only to comply with diet, do the exercises, but including to avoid stressful situations.It has been proven that negative emotions greatly impact on an increase in body weight.This is because the body begins to produce cortisol.Hormone reduces the response of the organism, that leads to the accumulation of abdominal fat.An important step in the process of losing weight is to avoid stress.