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How to apply a set of exercises to lose weight at home for men ?

How to apply a set of exercises to lose weight at home for men?

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  • Priorities
  • Plan Drafting training plan for practicing at home
  • Useful tips: exercise to lose weight at home

Overweight is caused by various reasons, but the presence spoils the overall impression of them men excess fat on the body of others, and may cause health problems.To deal with this undesirable phenomenon can be in different ways, but we must begin with a set of physical exercises for men.This raises several questions:

  1. Which system to choose the basis for a program of muscle training at home?
  2. How to make a plan to exercise at home?
  3. What are the muscle training program?
  4. How much time you can lose weight using a similar set of exercises for men at home?

Excess weight


Plan For right choice of training systems need to undergo a consultation with a doctor to address the various contraindications to your health.

In addition, the doctor will help you assess the extent of the body of obes

ity and give advice on the organization of nutrition (not to be confused with a diet).If you do not want to attend the clinic, you can use the following tips:

  • after each training session it is necessary to have a square meal;
  • from the diet is necessary to remove fried and fatty foods, all kinds of ketchups, mayonnaise different, fizzy drinks and alcohol;
  • never overeat.

When using any set of exercises you have to run it the following items must be in store: Physical exercise

  • dumbbells;
  • mat;
  • sports uniforms and footwear;
  • desirable to have a long low bench.

to perform exercises for men at home develop a training schedule.Engage can be 3 times a week, every other day.If you have the opportunity, then, for sports use the following hours:

  • from 11.00 to 14.00;
  • from 18.00 to 20.00.

performing exercises for weight loss must be carried out with a warm up and then move on to the main complex.All it is desirable to do 2-3 hours before meals or before bedtime.

for proper and efficient use of exercises during the struggle with excess weight it is necessary to remember that any complex training has a positive effect on the body during the month, and then there is its adaptation and to continue the weight loss must either change itself exercise complex or switch to an increase in physicalload.

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Drafting training plan for practicing at home

It starts with a list of tasks: Inclined to corpulence

  • to acquire slim figure to get rid of excess fat on the body;
  • to figure looked sport, requires training the arm muscles and leg press and pumping;
  • besides weight loss exercise should lead to a strengthening of the cardiovascular muscle groups.

to perform these tasks in the home, the complexity of the complex should be average.In addition to sports equipment mentioned above, it is necessary to add also the rope.To perform the aforesaid tasks in the complex applied the so-called combined method, when after all the strength exercises are transferred to the production approach, strengthens the heart muscle.All done in a fast pace, so that the body moved to the consumption of fat cells.Pulse be thus should be between 140-160 beats per minute.

training plan (exercise) is that complex:

Initial training:

  • position - lying on the floor, fulfilling a variety of twisting;
  • hold hands at the waist and squat 40-50 times;
  • standing dumbbell squeeze 10-15 times;
  • repeat the exercise with the squats, but their number is reduced to 35-40;
  • wide grip put your hands on the bench (bench) and spend 10-15 push-ups;
  • again repeat the squat, hands on his belt.30 times;
  • become the main stand (feet placed shoulder-width apart, hands with dumbbells - at the seams) and hold a dumbbell bench press up (15-20 times), and then back squats (30 times);
  • perform the same exercise with the difference that the arms with dumbbells breed apart, and the body leans forward - 15 times, then back squat (30 times);
  • stand up straight and do vigorous Mahi hands with dumbbells in hand (25 times), then perform 20 sit-ups;
  • supine produce pullover with dumbbells and ending occupation of squats, keep your hands on the belt, in the amount of 15 times.


Next training:

  • in a sitting position (on the bench) to lift the legs (10-15 times), then move on to the Jumpingrope (90-100 pieces);
  • lie down on the bench with his back, his arms, do push-ups (10 pieces), we repeat jumping rope to the extent specified above;
  • do dumbbell lunges forward and to the side (15 times) and once again jump rope;
  • carry the body tilts to one dumbbell thrust forward, holding it in his hands, then repeat jumping rope;
  • perform standing dumbbell swings (15 times) and once again begin to use the rope (90-100 jumps);
  • exercise for biceps with dumbbells in a standing position (done alternately 20 times) and again jumping rope (up to 100);
  • standing execute French press with dumbbells, followed by the use of rope for 90 jumps.

When the training plan does not skip days, otherwise all the work will come to nothing.


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Useful tips: exercise to lose weight at home

Using this set of exercises possible within 2 months (3 days a week with a break between classes in one day), and then change the exercises similar to those described above.When this complex Slimming note that all jumps and squats should be carried out for 1 approach, and strength exercises necessarily do in 3 sets.Rest in between 2-3 minutes, and the training itself can take up to 1.5 hours.The first and second exercise can be alternated through time.Gradually increase the weight of the dumbbell or the number of approaches.If you can not make signified the number of hops for 1 time, then do this exercise in several stages.After 2 weeks, you will already be able to make them for 1 home Exercise for weight loss will give you the opportunity to put in order your men muscle tissue in a rather short period of time, at a constant body workout.

If you are not lazy, then, using the principles of proper nutrition in conjunction with exercise, may make unnecessary loss of 10-15 kg, while the growth of muscle mass in the range of 5000 When training measure pulse.With an increase in its more than 165 beats per minute stop and wait until it is stabilized to 125. If the above-described plan workouts performed consistently, you can be sure that the weight loss results in the application of an exercise program at home you will be pleased.

The complex applied following sports equipment:

  • collapsible dumbbells;
  • bench (bench);
  • mat;
  • heart rate monitor or a stopwatch;
  • rope;
  • sports uniforms.


described a set of exercises to lose weight men, of course, not the only way to get rid of fat stores and muscle growth, but compared with other methods it does not requirelarge financial costs.