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What is SLR 's disease in men ?

What is SLR's disease in men?

Mirror disease: with any deviations it is connected?This question is not able to answer everyone, and in fact this disease can overtake anyone.However, the disease in the full sense of the word can not be called a mirror syndrome.

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What is SLR's disease: identification and treatment

This syndrome refers rather to nutrition than to male sexual problems or urology.

However, it affects both aspects.

Thus, by the phrase "mirror disease" refers to a situation when men present a sufficiently large mass of excess weight, in particular, large and protruding abdomen.Because of this, the belly of the stronger sex is not able to observe with his own eyes his genitals when he looks down on them.

Mirror disease turns so that contemplate their genitals man can only with the help of a mirror, either holding it in your hands, or standing directly in front of him.That is the essence of the so-called mirror disease.Many people mistakenly think that this syndrome has something to do with psych

iatry, psychology, personality disorders, but it is not.It is a kind of metaphorical expression, the meaning of which becomes clear after clarification.

treat such a deviation can be only one way: a person needs to lose weight. only by means of restrictions in food and reasonable physical exertion can get rid of this inconvenience.And this should be done as soon as possible.To do this, there are some reasons.

Firstly, a big belly (and weight) greatly harm men's health.This leads to the development of deviations from the cardiovascular, nervous system, affects the gastrointestinal tract.Because of this, you can lose your male power: may have problems with potency.Then the erection will not even see the mirror.But none of the men do not want to become impotent.

Secondly, has the effect of mirror syndrome and the psychological state of the stronger sex.Yet every man loves and values ​​his manhood, and therefore certainly want to see him.If this is not possible, it may cause a serious blow to his psyche.


Thus, it became clear that this is a deviation.Let it will not affect men, and if this happens, then you need to quickly get rid of it.Health and any excess weight!