Weight Loss

As can be easily and quickly remove the fat from the legs to the man

How quickly and easily can remove the fat from the legs to the man

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  • Step one: look at the issue in
  • eye Step Two: a sensible approach to eating
  • approximate scheme of power
  • Step three: movement - that's life

no matter how hard you try to escape from reality, sooner or later have to admit the sad fact is that the years take their toll.Becomes higher social status, and with it in a direct proportionality manifest in the body of prints incorrect lifestyle, bags under the eyes, weight, hanging belly ... And somehow by itself it turns out that the question of how to remove fat from lyashek discussedwith the guys in the dressing room, while before there reigned a completely different topic.I want to throw at least a couple of extra kilos, because it's hard to zip up boots, a zipper on the trousers has a stubborn resistance.And if you need to change lifestyle ripe to its final stage, the urgent need to proceed to action: to learn how to lose fat, and translate theor

y into practice.

Proper nutrition

Step one: look at the issue in

eye Before you remove the fat from the legs, abdomen and other troubled parts of the body, it is necessary to realize that the cause of his savings in their health neglected.

Consultation with a specialist Most people, faced with the problem of excess weight, do not want to admit that the blame for his appearance themselves.In response, cites numerous reasons that they were used to this way of life, but it was not fat.Yes, that's right: before the fat was not.But pointless to look back or look at someone.You just need to realize that a problem exists, and if you want to change to learn how to lose fat and bring theory to life, then you need to change something in a familiar way of life.

For many men, it is not clear that the simple fact that due to the age of the changes occur in the body are not in a good way.Proved that after 30 years of declining testosterone blood levels annually.And this is the hormone responsible for the burning of extra kilos and the growth of muscle mass.So what used to when his help is quick and painless, after the thirtieth anniversary will take place very differently.And if you do not take it for granted, that for 40 years the accumulated problems in the form of excess weight and elastic abdomen.

There is one rule: the more fat in the male body, the less testosterone, and the new folds of fat are formed quickly.The fact that the fatty cells themselves are capable of producing the female hormone estrogen, which further leads the male body from the state of ideal proportions.

Exercise leg Over the years, worse than cope with the excessive workload of the digestive organs.Alcohol provokes more severe intoxication and poisoning the body much stronger.Many feel it for yourself: if earlier by a certain amount of alcohol the morning feeling did not suffer, that with age the same portion of long unsettle.

Loaded pancreas produces fewer enzymes, less food is digested and absorbed, poorly digested fats.Given that the majority of middle-aged men is the existence of the traditional route "home (sofa) - work (office chair)", it is clear that the resulting energy is spent in minimal quantities.So it turns out that every extra piece of elastic converted to centimeters fat.

Therefore, one thing is clear: the fat retracts only when lifestyle changes.

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Step Two: a sensible approach to eating

So how to remove fat from the legs to the man as soon as possible after all the body lose weight, you must start with the diet. Most men are in full confidence that the fight against excess weight - it is something from the category "eternal life on a diet", while the word "diet" refers to the rejection of all the delicious things and food green lettuce, the holidays are replaced bylow-fat yogurt ...

Yes, indeed, no diet can not do, especially when you consider that the Greek word means "power mode".Of course, if there was really a tendency to excess weight, then you need to carefully monitor every odd eaten piece.But it's not as scary as it seems to the uninitiated.

adequate diet - is a system of power in which absolutely excludes harmful products are limited with respect to the harmful and controlled all the other dishes.Suffice it to adhere to the basic principles in order to enter into a rut and feel like a completely normal diet:

  1. Sportpartner The first thing to remember about the different food debris.This category includes fast foods, smoked, salted, mayonnaise, chips and other sources of calories and spice sachets of sweet carbonated drinks.Separately, about drinks like "cola": the content of sugar rolls so that manufacturers add to their product phosphoric acid, to make the drink taste more palatable.Therefore, with every cup of "thirst quenchers" the body receives a huge amount of calories and not harmless acid.
  2. number of animal fats to minimize.Yes, many men can not imagine their life without the fried bacon, or just thin slices of bacon, seasoned with fragrant mustard.But if you want to think of pleasant things, but not about how to remove fat from lyashek, you have to start to close access to fat in your diet.Vegetable oils also should not be abused, that they are harmless - just a myth.Dishes need to prefer the boiled and steamed, rather than fried.Thereby reducing the amount of fat coming.
  3. Alcohol - in moderation, and not every day.Everyone has heard about the beer belly, but no one believes that it was the victim of.Alcohol insidious by the fact, that makes more than to eat food;besides beer as an appetizer commonly used meats and salinity.They not only retain excess fluid, but also provide load pancreas and liver, aggravating the damage caused by alcohol.
  4. Bread - is also a food, rather than its harmless addition.The habit to eat with bread sometimes does not lead to good.Although modern nutritionists believe that the flour is possible, but in moderation, the consumption of bread with protein products hinders their absorption and causes digestive imbalance.
  5. grains, vegetables and fruit - the best of friends.Cereals have become the basis of the diet, and fruits and vegetables should eat at least three portions for each of the day.Cellulose forms in the intestines of the bolus, which gradually dissolves, protects the body from the sharp changes in glucose levels and the emergence of brutal appetite, when a person has no control over how much he ate.
  6. Clean water should always be.Drinking by 1.5-2 liters of clean water per day, you can adjust the metabolism, restore the water-salt balance and affect the rate of digestion of fat.


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approximate power

scheme Overall power scheme should look like thus:

  • morning should be spent to fillat night during sleep energy.Recommended trudnousvoyaemye carbohydrates (cereal, fruit) and something for instant recharge of the body (pastry, juice, pastries);
  • lunch - a hearty, but not volume.The first and second - not necessarily as accustomed to thinking.Just one dish;
  • lunch - always.Light snack, depending on your preference.Can fruits and vegetables, dairy products;
  • dinner - only protein.Ideal - chicken, turkey, rabbit or fish;
  • two hours before bedtime - apple, yogurt or something light.


During the day - Green tea (natural, unsweetened), water with lemon, or just pure.

Such food helps to lose weight in general and, of course, disappear most of the fat deposits in the legs.In addition, excess fluid will be printed, which often gives the additional volume of the lower extremities.

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Step Three: Movement - that's life

There are many myths about the effects of exercise on the figure.For example, if you download the press, then retracts fat from the abdomen, as if to swing his legs - the slimmer hips and shins.Practice shows that diet a specific part of the body needs regular exercise for the whole body.


However, exercises, including footwork, help tighten the muscles and make your legs visually slimmer, even if the body fat will remain in place.Therefore, if the problem lies precisely in the lower extremities, it is necessary to do the following sports:

  1. running, race walking and walking on the elliptical trainer, bike riding, skating and skiing.This variety of the so-called aerobic exercise, in which the body receives a large amount of oxygen, accelerating all the oxidative processes.In the same category include swimming, are especially helpful for leg exercises with swimming planks.
  2. Anaerobic load - training in the gym.This can be used as special simulators, and classic: barbells, dumbbells and weights.Here are some of the most effective exercises for the leg muscles:
  • squat in a wide stance;
  • classic squats;
  • attacks;
  • deadlift, especially craving sumo.

Well, if there is an opportunity once a week to visit the sauna or steam bath.Some prefer to do it after exercise to enhance the effect.Doctors also believe that such a load is difficult for the heart, and is recommended to visit the steam room a day free of lessons.In the steam room, special attention should be given to areas of concern, well-steamed them with a broom.Will excess fluid and accelerate the process of fat burning.


Sometimes a man starting to engage in sports, says that the legs are in volume once more, and throwing their attempts to lose weight.But this is wrong: the increase in volume is always temporary, it is because the muscles grow and fat is still standing still.Gradually, the extra weight will melt, and the legs will get a beautiful shape.