Action Clomid for men with oligospermia

Action Clomid for men with oligospermia

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  • What oligospermia?
  • Formulation "Clomid»
  • Side Effects "Clomid»
  • Clomid: reviews of preparation
  • positive feedback from patients about "klostilbegit»
  • negative patient testimonials about "klostilbegit»

birth of a child - it's a small miracle, which would thrill and expect many couples.The growing belly is decorated with a cute woman.But now for some families conceive their own child is on the verge of fantasy.Whom to blame in this?Bad environment or unhealthy lifestyle, genetics or a combination of all these things?It remains a mystery for both patients and physicians.Diseases of the reproductive system in both men and women - the main reason for the impossibility of a healthy conception.Sometimes conception does occur, but because of the failure of the male or female fetus in the uterus starts to develop with abnormalities, miscarriage often occurs.Whom to blame in this case - a man or a woman?The answer is simple

.None.It is necessary to pass a joint examination and necessary treatment to those drugs that appoints the expert.Engage in self does not mean you can only aggravate the situation.

Clomid with oligospermia

If, after examination of male doctor diagnoses oligospermia, the drug called "Clomid" can be assigned in this case.What is the treatment medication?For all men whether it is suitable and any comments about it left patients taking these drugs?

What oligospermia?

When the doctor puts a man diagnosed with oligospermia, then do not despair.Although in most cases the disease is the cause of the impossibility of conceiving and male infertility.What is it?The seminal fluid of healthy male representative contains a large amount of sperm in the ejaculate all over 20-25 million units.When oligospermia male viable cells is less than 20 million.It seems that this is a very large number.But this is not the case.The vagina of a woman - a difficult environment for sperm survival, many of them die in the vagina, the other - in the womb, only a few manage to achieve in time the fallopian tubes, where the egg.Only there may occur a merger of the largest cells of female and male of the smallest cell in the body.

oligospermia it is very difficult to detect.Externally, it does not manifest itself, on the potency and sex drive are not affected.Man feels great, his sex life remains the same as before the occurrence of the disease.Oligospermia may be suspected if conception does not occur over 1 year with regular sexual intercourse without using contraception.Accurate diagnosis can only be a specialist on the basis of these analyzes, performed in a clinical laboratory.

to treat oligospermia, some doctors prescribe the drug "Clomid".Just how effective is it?

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Formulation "Clomid»

sperm condition

This medicament is suitable for both women and men. The fair sex it is prescribed to stimulate ovulation, and men - in the treatment of oligospermia.

medicine is not based on renewable raw materials and not on extracts from plants.Call it safe to fully does not.The active substance is clomiphene citrate.What is it?

clomiphene citrate affects the hormonal mood of the body, it affects the hormones and the changes it, and both male and female.If there are problems with the thyroid or hormones in the body, then from the use of this drug should be abandoned.

clomiphene citrate is synthesized artificially in 1956, he recognized the opening almost immediately, because it is fruitful effect on the female reproductive system.But when men's diseases clomiphene great help.

Clomiphene citrate is synthesized artificially clomiphene citrate for a long time is derived from the human body.The half-life of more than a week, which had a negative impact on a person if he does not tolerate the substance.But precisely because of such a long half-life, revealed the stimulating effect of the drug.Male germ cells become more tenacious and able to play more than testicles sperm.

Displayed substance is not only the liver and kidneys in the urine, most of the chemical compound is excreted in the faeces.So people suffering from liver and kidney disease, take this drug allowed.

composition also includes drug auxiliary substances, such as gelatin, and talc, to better absorb the drug in the body.

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Side Effects "Clomid»

Everyone is different, no two are alike in the world of living organisms, so the drugs have different effects on people.What some people bring relief and the desired result, then the other can cause allergic reactions, poisoning and disappointing.So what are the side effects can cause "Clomid" men?

drug may affect several body systems at once or any one system, it all depends from individual to individual.

on what affects "Clomid" most often?

Upset stomach after taking Clomid digestive system.If a man suffers from hangover or is in a state of alcoholic intoxication, but continued to take the drug, it can lead to poisoning.Any medicine in combination with alcohol can cause unpredictable effects.In the case of "Klostibegitom", alcohol increases the effects of any medication, then there may come an overdose and poisoning, or completely cancel the effect of the medicine, then a course of treatment after a certain interval will have to start anew.

Since the excretion of the main active drug comes with feces, then an upset stomach may occur in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

If a man leads a sedentary lifestyle, overweight, malnourished, in his present diet predominantly fatty and fried foods, against the background of all this may be constipated.

If the patient has frequent allergic reactions to various drugs from the "Clomid" rash may appear.If duster reaction appeared, then further medication is not possible.It is necessary to consult a doctor.The rash on the body lasts for a long time, until complete elimination of the active substance from the human body.This period lasts about a week.

nervous system.In rare cases, the drug causes adverse reactions in the nervous system.Headache can occur from improper administration of the drug, dizziness - an overdose or are hypersensitive to the drug.Sometimes "Clomid" can cause a very bright and emotional dreams, often erotic content.But it is better to refuse to accept "Clomid" at night and in the evening, close to sleep time.Because the medicine can cause not only a vivid dream, but also insomnia.

In some patients taking the drug, a feeling of deep depression.Because of what is happening, it is still unclear.

Genito-urinary system.At night, frequent urination occurs.It is better to make the schedule of taking the drug so as to receive it at least 4-5 hours before bedtime."Clomid" partially removed from the body by the kidneys, so men suffering from kidney disease, before use of the drug is best to consult with a specialist.

Frequent urination at night after taking Other side effects."Clomid" can cause weight gain in men, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.The drug affects the body's hormonal, often under the influence of hormones is an increase in body weight.Weight loss was observed in patients.Also under the influence of various hormones may be a decrease in visual acuity.If such an effect occurs, you should immediately stop taking the drug.

If the drug is time to cancel, then the side effects are their own and do not require additional treatment.But it is better to consult a doctor, so as not to aggravate the situation and does not undermine health.

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Clomid: reviews of preparation

Some people before you consult a doctor, studying reviews from other patients in a variety of sources.They believe that there will be a lot to know about a particular drug and will be able to appoint a self-treatment.

But before taking "Clomid" men need immediate consultation with a specialist.Because the drug is prescribed for the treatment of oligospermia, and to identify the disease at home by yourself is impossible.

oligospermia need to continuously monitor and to take the necessary tests to know whether to continue a course of treatment "Clomid" or healthy sperm is enough for the desired onset of conception.

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positive feedback about the patients' klostilbegit »

Excess weight of the drug

affordable price.Indeed, the price of the drug "Clomid" varies from 500 to 900 rubles in different regions of the packaging.Packages containing 10 tablets.Each tablet of 50 mg of active drug.Men are prescribed a course of treatment 4 to 6 weeks, but needs constant supervision of semen.For a full course of treatment is necessary to package the four drugs, this is not so much, many available in its price category.

drug is easy to use.For the treatment of male diseases such as oligospermia, the drug "Clomid" appoint eat once a day.It is enough to drink one tablet per day and follow the reception schedule.Ideally, of course, choose a specific time for administration of the drug, for example, the morning hours.Or during lunch.But if a man for some reason forgot to take the medicine at the proper time, it can have a drink in the evening.But certainly once a day to the course of treatment is not lost.The half-life of a week, if a man miss one day, treatment will not have to start all over again, but the effect may be lost.

«Clomid" oligospermia cured and helped in the long-awaited conception.The majority of patients who took the medicine, improved semen.Their favorite women finally became pregnant, and now the couple expecting a long-awaited baby.But do not treat this drug, as some magic tool that has helped one, others can not cause the desired effect.The reason that conception occurs, can be not only man's health and oligospermia.The survey should be held both spouses to get to the root of the problem, rather than relying on reviews from other patients and drug action.

improved semen.In 98% of men after taking "Clomid" drug significantly improved performance of semen, sperm becomes longer, increasing the time of their activity.

drug is approved for use even in different diseases.Since the drug is derived from an organism is complex, ie,the kidneys in the urine and the gastrointestinal tract with the feces, the medication at the correct reception is very rarely causes adverse side reactions.But before using consult your doctor.

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Negative reviews about the patients' klostilbegit »

Improved semen« Clomid "caused overweight, which can not bounce back, even with diet and exercise.Indeed, approximately 40% of men who take these drugs, the increase in body weight observed.This is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body, because "Clomid" acts on the body of a man on a hormonal level.Some patients do not pay attention to what their body weight begins to increase, but if it happens, then you need to consult your physician to establish the male hormones and prevent obesity.To prevent changes in body weight before treatment is better to start a healthy lifestyle and eat right, to exclude fatty and fried foods from the daily diet, stop drinking alcohol, then a failure at the level of hormonal levels can be avoided.

drug lowers immunity.Some "Clomid" men causes a decrease in immunity, men are more vulnerable to a variety of bacteria and viruses.In spring and autumn is best to take the drug in combination with vitamins to health of the patient remained normal.Although precise data about the weakening of immunity is still no.And that decline was caused by "Klostibegitom" - too.


drug "Clomid" does not treat oligospermia, but only once increases the sperm count.Patients who took the drug, improved indicators of semen, 98% of the long-awaited pregnancy of their wives.But after they stopped taking the drug semen again become bad, illness called oligospermia returned.Indeed, "Clomid" only temporarily improves sperm viability and increase their number in the semen of men.But the effect of the drug is intended for hormones.After cancellation or treatment male hormones come back to the state in which they were before treatment.To eliminate the root of the problem with oligospermia necessary to address to the endocrinologist.