Symptoms and treatment of inflammation of the spermatic cord

This male disease has a second name - funiculitis.It is rarely diagnosed by urologists as a separate disease, often inflammation of the spermatic cord is a companion or epididymitis orchiepididymitis.Sometimes it is also seen after surgery to remove the testicle or groin injury.Learn more about the symptoms of this disease of the male and his therapy.

spermatic cord inflammation often occurs in acute form.But sometimes it is in a latent state, and against the background of acute disease related factors.

beginning of the development of this man's affliction manifested a substantial seal of the spermatic cord, the man feels the pain and discomfort.Feelings such symptoms in the scrotum and groin area to return to the lower back.In addition to the appearance of pain in the patient's body temperature rises.Acute conditions with funiculitis characterized not only pain, it can cause even phlegmon or peritonitis, meaning inflammation of the peritoneum.In rare cases, the start of the disease is the appearance o

f the male inguinal hernia.

If the disease has been transformed into a chronic form, the seal will be much less pronounced, and the pain will also be moderate.They appear in waves, growing and poems.

When tubercular form manifests moderate funikulita tuberosity body and very strong pain.

reasons for exacerbation of the disease are often urogenital men and hypothermia (local and general).Very often, inflammation of the spermatic cord is shown after the inflammatory processes in the kidneys and ureters, diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

With regard to diagnosis the disease, it makes urologists using palpation per rectum, and ultrasound checks.All this makes it possible to accurately set the diagnosis and prescribe appropriate therapy.If acute funiculitis left untreated, then it at least becomes chronic and difficult to yield to treatment.Also launched ailment - this defeat all the surrounding tissues of the spermatic cord.

Specifically determine what treatment is to appoint at such inflammation may be, depending on the symptoms and comorbidities men.Surgical interventions in such cases very rarely used.The reason for this can only be formed abscess.

funiculitis acute form of cropped strong anti-inflammatory drugs.This may be antibacterial agents and antibiotics.Sometimes in the course of therapy, the man offered to wear a jockstrap.It is important to comply with bed rest and a special diet.It eliminates the use of roasted and salted, spicy and smoked, all types of alcohol.

When funiculitis caused acute abscess and fever, to the scrotum area of ​​applied an ice pack on regular intervals.dry heat is applied to infiltrate resorption.

Very sharp pain in inflammation of the spermatic cord is removed novocaine blockade, temperature - antipyretic drugs.

When it comes to chronic inflammation therapy, as the aggravation of his being treated with antibiotics, dry heat and fizprotsedurami.Often therapy mainstay medication for the connected and recipes of traditional medicine.

When abscess caused no cure for a month and a half, then remove the seal is sometimes recommended to prevent recurrence of the disease.Most often it occurs during epididymitis.

inflammation of the spermatic cord requires professional assistance.If it is not time to take off, in the short term it can lead to such phenomena as infertility, spontaneous ejaculation, impotence.Therefore, when a sharp pain in the scrotum man should always seek medical help.