Symptoms and treatment of prostatitis

When inflammation of the male prostate gland, doctors diagnosed prostatitis.This disease is most common in adults of boys at the age of 50 years.Why is this disease develops in virtually every other man still can not figure out even experienced professionals.But some facts are known, which contribute to the inflammatory process in the prostate.Usually, prostatitis occurs due to infections and bacteria.Trichomonas, chlamydia and ureplazmu - are the most frequent causative agents of inflammation in the prostate gland.When lowered immunity the bacteria become active, thereby developing prostatitis.How to recognize the disease, and the methods to treat the illness?A look on.

most common harbingers of prostatitis are pain in the sacral region and lower abdomen, discomfort during sexual intercourse, urination disorders, frequent desires in a toilet, even with an empty bladder, lack of orgasm, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction.

prostatitis symptoms usually occur in a complex of all of the above is t

he most frequent pain in the genitals.In this painful considerably enhanced during sex.When the disease becomes chronic, there is a drop of erection, nervous disorders, insomnia and irritability.If we neglect the treatment of prostatitis, it can seriously affect the condition of the prostate gland.As a rule, such an indifferent attitude to itself leads to the development of an abscess, which is characterized by a purulent discharge from the urethra.In the case of acute prostatitis increased body temperature, urination much more difficult it becomes unbearably painful, and the erection disappears completely.

chronic form of the disease is characterized by periods of remission.Launched provokes inflammation of the prostate and seminal vesicles leads to impaired testicular work.As a result, developing infertility.

Timely diagnosis and treatment to a doctor for help in most cases help eliminate prostatitis symptoms fairly quickly.However, if the disease has moved into a chronic form, the treatment much more complicated.However, modern medicine treats prostatitis following ways:

Now you know how to recognize prostatitis and what to do to prevent the development of chronic forms of the disease.It remains to wish you good men's health and all the best!