Urethritis Prostatitis and its treatment

This disease is characterized by a purely male dysuria, pain in the pelvic area, in the intimate sphere disorders and fertility disorders.Today uretroprostatit treated successfully if it is properly diagnosed and begin treatment on time.We learn about the disease in detail.

Male illness has several causes.Here they are:

worth noting that the symptoms of the acute form uretroprostatita urologists rarely diagnosed because of the fact that men are not timely appeal to doctors.Many people prefer to delay any treatment for medical assistance or gloss over the problems in such an intimate area.But the disease does not pass by itself, and in most cases (especially in men of forty years) makes it difficult and delaying treatment.A

symptoms uretroprostatita notices every man.First, it is a little discomfort when urinating, then he can go to the purulent or muco-purulent discharge.As a rule, men notice their gluing the skin of the foreskin.After a while, these features complemented by pain in the groin, fever

, caused by the general intoxication of the organism.Often the pain is given in the lower back, hip.Urination becomes more frequent, it becomes painful.Sometimes it happens and acute urinary retention.And then there are the stronger sex to doctors.In such cases, urologists have to diagnose chronic uretroprostatit.Foci of inflammation in the prostate - a reservoir of pathogenic bacteria.Because of these recurrences of urethritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis.When uretroprostatit sometimes a man can feel pain in the scrotum, abdomen.The outflow of urine deteriorates and becomes a problem.After using the toilet it seems that the bladder has not emptied completely.Against the backdrop of all these symptoms appear irritability, nervousness, general fatigue, and psychological distress.More often than men experience because of the problems in intimate life - painful sexual intercourse, decreased libido, ejaculation disorders.

Treatment uretroprostatita appointed immediately after his diagnosis.It depends on the severity of the symptoms, the causes of the pathological process.It is necessary to eliminate the imbalance of work and rest, correct nutrition, lifestyle, give up bad habits.It is only against the backdrop of a healthy way of life disease therapy will be effective.

complex medical procedures at uretroprostatit includes:

It's worth noting that many schemes uretroprostatita treatment in hospitals today do not take into account and does not use the latest techniques of disease therapy.Among them galvanization and electrophoresis, acupuncture, light therapy, high-frequency currents, psychological correction.After curing, it is desirable to pass uretroprostatita men and spa treatment to consolidate the results of therapy.

old approach often leads to the fact that treatment is ineffective.And this contributes to most of the stronger sex appeal late for medical help.

can not independently engage uretroprostatita treatment.It is important to follow all medical advice, strictly carry out before the end of all appointments and not to stop at the designated rate of a sense of relief and reduction of disease symptoms manifestations.

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