Agglutination in spermogramme

To successfully fulfill its mission sperm must be structurally and functionally complete.Another very important is their ability to smooth the movement towards the uterus, but, unfortunately, it is not always possible.For example, it may be a violation as sperm agglutination - a sticking them to each other, as a result of which they can not move into the tube and fertilize the egg.But this does not mean that the man will never be able to have children, the violation can be cured completely.Distinguish true and false (non-specific) agglutination.In the first case, the sperm are glued to each other, and the second - with particles of disrupted cells, mucus lumps, epithelial cells or the body's own antibodies.

There are two main causes of this disease - the development of infections and immunologic factors.The body of a healthy man has a specific (testes) epithelial barrier, which protects the seminiferous tubules.Through blood vessels it prevents interaction with spermatozoa immune system.Since the immune

system is the body guard, he is sometimes mistakenly begins to protect the body from their sperm cells, damaging them.As a result, it begins to perceive sperm immunity as foreign elements.Male body for this reason that begins to produce sperm antibodies, immobilizes sperm, and they are beginning to stick together.Causes damage to the blood-testis barrier may be some male diseases: damage to the testicles as a result of injury, illness, male reproductive organs, and surgical complications of surgical interventions.

cells are pasted in the state can not move forward, so the egg is not fertilized.When a sperm agglutination doctors recommend to conduct bacteriological semen crop.This must be done to assess the potential threat of infection, whether it lead to infertility men can.With semen analysis can detect different degrees of deviation from the norm.It can be detected by a semen analysis, which gives direction to the andrologist.In this case, the male sperm investigated using a microscope.This is the only and fundamental analysis which allows to predict the ability of male fertility.However, semen not giving a clear negative result, even serious differences from the normal performance only show a lower ability to conceive in the usual way.This analysis evaluates the color, volume, viscosity, response, liquefaction speed, the number of sperm, motility and morphology.

To properly carry out semen analysis, it is necessary to abstain from sexual activity for 2-7 days, for the same period to refuse to accept alcoholic drinks, drugs and coffee, as well as during this period should not take water treatments, sunbathing and expose the body to high temperatures.Ejaculate is collected by masturbation condom.The collected material to be transmitted to laboratory within 3 hours from the moment of ejaculation.Do not get sperm to study interrupted by vaginal intercourse, oral sex or sexual intercourse in the latex condom.The fact is that the saliva, vaginal secretions and the components of latex condom can adversely affect the quality of sperm, leading to a distortion of the test result.To get a more accurate result, the material shall be the study several times.The semen analysis must be given the degree of bonding of sperm (agglutination), it is expressed by the number of pluses.Do not despair when receiving a bad result, semen analysis needs to be done again, the results may be different.If the result of this analysis, abnormal sperm agglutination was found, it can be assumed that there is a malfunction of the immune system, chronic inflammation in the male sex organs and the manifestation of the autoimmune inflammatory process.

Only after semen evaluation diagnosed sperm agglutination.But before the sperm to pass MAR-test.It helps to determine the percentage of motile sperm, which sperm antibodies are located in relation to the total number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate portions.With this test you can determine the percentage of sperm fertilization excluded that the results of semen analysis were regarded as absolutely normal.To investigate this case can deliver venous blood or sperm, but is best carried out simultaneously both studies, because they complement each other.Can you pass the ejaculate (by masturbation) in the two analyzes MAR-test and semen analysis.A positive result is considered, if the number of active, motile sperm than 50%.

Once the causes will be set bonding sperm, the doctor will prescribe a suitable treatment method.If the cause of the problem began to inflammatory processes, the most commonly prescribed medication drugs that positively affect the quality of semen and partially eliminate agglutination.If the blood-testis barrier has been broken due to varicose veins pampiniform plexus, varicocele, or other diseases that require surgical intervention, in this case, it applies a surgical method.Along with this appointment possible drug therapy (often prescribe clomiphene or gonadotropin).If no agglutination causes an inflammatory nature, it may be sufficient for fertilization treatment seminal fluid by filtration.If the filtration method is not effective, then the method used for fertilization intrauterine insemination, which consists in the supply of purified sperm through the catheter directly into the uterus.With the ineffectiveness of the above methods should be used in vitro fertilization, or IVF ICSI.

desirable in the treatment of sperm agglutination include in your diet plenty of vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C (red bell peppers, strawberries, kiwi fruit, citrus fruits, cabbage and various currants).Also, every morning is recommended to take 0.2 grams mummy with a glass of fresh juice (sea buckthorn, carrot, blueberry).As a tea drink infusion of herbs, quite suitable knotweed, knotweed bird, Adonis and Adam's root.Still it is possible each day to take tea syrup tablespoon rose 3 times a day.

Remember that in any case, do not despair, you can always find ways to achieve the best results.You just need to patiently and persistently treated.Modern reproductive technologies have helped many couples to conceive a child, do not forget that there are always many opportunities for treatment.

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