How to prepare a man to conceive a healthy baby ?

conception planning is not just making a decision to fill up the family and select the desired date of birth of the baby.It is necessary to further increase the probability of conception, to take care of the health of the expectant mother during the pregnancy and to exclude the possibility of improper development of the child and his disease at an early age - it is necessary factors for a competent preparation for pregnancy.Many men believe that you need to prepare to conceive only one woman, but it is not.Nowadays, many are convinced that male infertility - it is a rare occurrence and in most cases unsuccessful attempts of conception "guilty" of women.But, according to statistics, 45% of conception does not occur due to a decrease in male fertility.In addition, the stronger sex feel that the future health of the child and the mother not depend on them.But, in fact, some diseases can be transmitted to a woman during the time of conception and significantly complicate the course of pregnancy.This means th

at the probability of successful conception equally depends on both men and women on.

primarily the stronger sex should check if they have diseases that are sexually transmitted, such as HIV, hepatitis B and C. These diseases can cause miscarriage, pregnancy loss, severe fetal malformation.Tests for the presence of these diseases is required to pass both parents.Of course, positive results have to postpone conception, planning and undergo full treatment.

also preparing for pregnancy for men is in the therapeutic examination (examination prescribed by the doctor tests and chest X-ray).Upon detection of chronic infectious diseases necessarily need to take the full course of treatment.Some medications, such as antibiotics or steroids, impair sperm activity, so it is recommended to plan pregnancy not earlier than 3 months after their admission.In addition, both parents still should be tested for the Rh factor.Different rhesus factors do not affect the probability of conception, however, can cause abortion, so for them it is best to know in advance so that the woman could promptly begin receiving appropriate medication.

The next step is the man you need to improve the quality of sperm.The first 3 months before a planned pregnancy, be sure to completely give up all bad habits - it is mainly the use of alcohol and smoking.Nicotine and alcohol negatively affect the male reproductive system, but a complete rejection of such bad habits significantly increases the chances of conception are absolutely safe healthy child.As modern scholars have established, our body more quickly cleared from the negative effects of nicotine than from the effects of alcohol.Indeed, the elimination of alcohol from the body required more than three months.It is worth noting that approximately the same amount of time it will take to the human body has fully recovered from a serious illness, which, for example, was accompanied by taking any medications.

For successful conception, the baby is also very important is proper nutrition of the future pope and his lifestyle as a whole.Make sure the man would have to abandon abundantly prizharennoy carcinogenic food from a variety of chips and crisps, fast food and colored sodas.Must necessarily be present in the diet of substances such as L-carnitine, zinc and vitamin E. L-carnitine increases the number and motility, stimulates maturation and reduces the number of pathological forms.Zinc is involved in the production of testosterone hormone and follikostimuliruyuschego controlling the synthesis of sperm.The lack of this trace element results in a decrease in sperm count and poor sperm quality.Finally, vitamin E has a positive effect on sperm viability and quality of sperm.Of course, all of these substances are contained in foods.However, even the most well-balanced diet does not provide the needs of the male body before conception in these substances.Therefore it is recommended to take special complex vitamins for men when planning pregnancy.For example, it may be Spematon which positively affect male fertility, healthy sperm concentration increases and increases their mobility.It is best to start taking this drug for 3 months before probable pregnancy.

Also try to avoid even permanent effects on the body chemicals, such as paint or varnish fumes, exposure to heavy metals and salts, ionizing radiation and X-rays.Also extremely important is the "right" temperature control of the male body.Sperm are produced in the testes, they are located directly in the scrotum, the temperature of which approximately one and a half degrees below body temperature men.That is, it is a necessary condition for the proper education of quality and sperm.For this reason, the future father is recommended to avoid too warm underpants or trousers, regular visits to saunas and baths, as well as long-term stay in a warm bath too.Preparation male fertility is also in moderate physical activity, but the main thing in this case is not to overdo it as excessive exercise can negatively affect the male sperm fertilizing capacity.In addition, some traumatic sports (cycling or martial arts) can even cause some damage to the groin area, which of course is very dangerous for the male genital function.

And, perhaps, the most important prerequisite for a successful conception is harmony in your family relationships, the only way you can successfully become future parents.The heat and reliability of your relationship will create a "platform" for further joint success and easy passage through the whole period of pregnancy and childbirth through the process themselves.Remember that the psychological comfort of man and woman is a very important factor for a successful conception.Since frequent stress or nervous tension, as well as work overload negatively affect the process you are interested, it is desirable to keep all the negativity in the past.Instead, try to constantly enjoy life and, of course, sleep at least eight hours per day.

Some changes will have to make in your intimate relationships.It is believed that the optimal interval between multiple sexual acts is a break for 2-3 days.According to doctors, it is this time is necessary for a complete male body "maturation" of his sperm, as well as to improve the quality and the total number of male sperm.

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