Causes and treatment of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is the most common disorder in the male genital area, in which ejaculation occurs too early.Probably every man at least once in his life faced with this problem and, as a rule, a single failure, no one attached much importance.However, if the premature ejaculation happens regularly, then there is the stronger sex panic, they may even develop severe depression, which only exacerbates the course of the underlying disease process.

Depending on the causes of premature ejaculation are two types of men's problems.Primary before ejaculation is innate.Basically it is connected with incorrect work of some of the nerve centers of the brain that are responsible for the normal functioning of the male reproductive system.This type of disease is very rare, the main reasons for its occurrence can be called abnormal fetal development or birth trauma, and problems are already evident during the first sexual contact.Secondary premature ejaculation is the result of exposure to such pathogens as traum

a, infection, certain medications.In this case, the timely treatment of sexual function is restored.

revealed that the majority of premature ejaculation have a psychogenic nature a result of numerous studies in the field of andrology.The most common psychological cause of this problem is the excitement.When sexual overexcitation very fast growing tension in certain parts of the brain cortex, and this leads to undesired ejaculation.Another cause of this problem can be called a fear of failure during sexual intercourse (if the sex takes place in the turbulent environment, without the ability to relax).In some cases, psychological problems with ejaculation are themselves with age, but sometimes they just compounded, making the life of a man and his partner in continuous agony.In this case, help in solving sexual problems can sexologist.And, of course, an important role is played by a sensitive, patient and loving partner.

Another common cause of rapid ejaculation is the hypersensitivity of the head of the penis, which can be either congenital or acquired.In this case the man is able to independently determine whether or not the problem is related early ejaculation with increased sensitivity of the head.To do this, you must carry out a sexual act with a special lubricant with antiseptic (prolongator) or lidocaine spray.These drugs can be purchased at pharmacies and should be applied to the glans penis a few minutes before sexual intercourse, even if there is a small effect, we can safely say that premature ejaculation is associated with increased sensitivity of the penis head.If as a result of the use of special lubricants during sexual intercourse did not increase, then the reason is something else.

negatively affect the duration of sexual intercourse may vesicles or inflammation of the seminal vesicles.The vesicles can not develop without prostatitis - inflammation of the prostate.In this disease the walls of the seminal vesicles are more sensitive, and even a slight sexual arousal can cause their decline and the beginning of ejaculation.Diagnosis and treatment of problems associated with vesiculitis prostate.

treatment of premature ejaculation is not so difficult, and must necessarily be carried out with the sexual partner.Depending on the cause of the problem is carried out physical therapy, drug or microsurgical correction ejaculation.Primary and secondary real treat premature ejaculation extremely conservative methods.Secondary symptomatic eliminate premature ejaculation in the treatment of the underlying cause of the disease.Quite often, after the treatment of prostatitis or urethritis an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse.In any case, treatment is given only after a thorough examination by a qualified professional in the field of diagnosis and treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

So, first of all it is necessary to cure inflammatory diseases, which caused premature ejaculation.Also, quite often prescribed sexual, psychological and behavioral therapy, which is the formation of the representatives of the stronger sex feelings clear recognition that precede the onset of orgasm and the ability to control the process using various techniques.Sometimes using a condom and anesthetic ointments conducted conservative treatment of hypersensitivity.The ointment should be applied 10-15 minutes before sexual intercourse on the penis in a bridle, but it's not always convenient to physically and psychologically.

Pharmacological treatment is antidepressants, serotonin, and sometimes even use tools to improve the potency.But it is worth noting that for the extension of intercourse often require lifelong use of certain drugs.It is considered effective methods of physiotherapy, reflexology and acupuncture.Surgical treatment of early ejaculation is circumcision with plastic bridles and microsurgical denervation of the head of the penis.It should be noted that surgical treatment, namely, the intersection of the nerves that provide sensitivity penis head, can lead to complete loss of sensitivity of the penis, and to result in deterioration of the quality of erections and weakening of the organism.

In our time, the most effective way of conservative treatment is considered to be an introduction to certain areas of the head of the penis injections of hyaluronic acid.This acid creates a kind of "cushion" between the skin and nerve endings, which reduces the sensitivity of the glans penis.The preparation in this case entered exclusively into the dermis medical specialist equipment injection since in this procedure is the main factor in its success.The procedure is performed in just 15-50 minutes under local anesthesia with modern anesthetics.After surgery, you can have sex in a week.

Even with early ejaculation is very effective vacuum massage of the penis, as a result of the impact of which is enhanced arterial inflow, normal vascular tone and improves venous outflow from the cavernous tissue.

It is important for both partners, regular sexual life, as long-term abstinence may accelerate the onset of ejaculation in men, but at the same time extend the terms of orgasm in women.Therefore it is best to repeat the sexual act, then the man will lengthen its duration and speed up the woman, because she will continue the excitement of the first proximity.With age, this dissonance is not as common as a mutual adaptation.

Remember that it is not necessary to apply immediately all the methods of treatment of premature ejaculation.The physician in each case select the most optimal treatment for each individual patient.In order to provide a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to ensure the rational mode of work and rest, as well as a full sleep and meals.At least for the period of treatment is desirable to avoid promiscuity.Try to avoid long-term stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle.It is advisable to eat foods rich in magnesium and zinc.A regular exercise will help to improve the functioning of all organs and systems of the body and remove stress.

If all the above recommendations, in most cases, the forecast is favorable.

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