How to choose a dumbbell

Choice dumbbells for men depends on the purpose for which it sets itself.An important role is played by the ratio of "price-quality."How to choose the sports attribute?We learn together.

All weights are divided into 2 types: cast, that is solid and collapsible.

dumbbell weight cast thanks to their solid design can not be changed.They soldered neck with "pancakes".This sports equipment is more suitable for sports halls.Convenient those dumbbells that do not need to spend time on their assembly and disassembly.For home occupied by men is better to choose collapsible dumbbells.After all, so he will be able to start with a minimum weight, eventually increasing the load by adding "pancake".

handle, ie a dumbbell handle should be rubberized.This is convenient because it is out of the hands will not slip, do not natret corn.With regard to the handle diameter, it must not be large.It all depends on the size of men's hands.For the convenience of training at purchase is necessary to take a dumbbell in your hand

s, maybe even add a couple of "pancakes" and feel whether you are comfortable.Comfortable?So your dumbbells.

beginner dumbbell weight depends on the training of the men, the presence of his sports experience and endurance.Large muscle man unlikely to be able to pump kilogram dumbbells.Root them well, but for the progress and growth of muscle mass should increase weights.It will be good if the weight of "pancakes" to make dumbbell 0.5 kg.

And now for the "pancake" themselves.Pay attention to their weight.It would be better if there will be a lot, but a little weight.This will enable to gradually increase the load.It's worth noting that two dumbbells should have at least four "pancake" equal weight, because each of them is a pair of "pancakes".On this guided when buying a dumbbell in the sports store or online store.

There are several types of "pancakes", depending on the material: cast iron, steel, rubber.The best are rubberized, because they are the safest in terms of operation, not noisy in the fall.It plays an important role and their mountings.Fixing by means of thread - the most convenient and reliable option attachment.It refers to direct them to the winding knob.

length dumbbell vultures at least as important when choosing a dumbbell.If the neck is too short, it is unlikely that you will be able to supplement it with the right amount of "pancakes".And too long neck is not convenient to perform certain exercises.

If you are going to buy a dumbbell through the online store and you can not try to take them in hand, you look at the specified length of the neck, take a stick of the same size and try whether you will be comfortable.

dumbbells in sports clubs are always offered in pairs.They are laid out on support of the lung (0.5 kg) to heavy (even up to 80 kg).Typically, these dumbbells are hexagonal ends.This prevents them from rolling on the floor.Some dumbbells in gyms have raised handle for ease of training with them.

Dumbbells - sports a tool that allows you to hand the men working independently of each other.And if one side of his body stronger than the other, it is felt, and when working with a dumbbell.The weak hand (usually the left) gets tired faster, begins to tremble, her muscles ache after exercise more.

Classes with dumbbells help to correct the imbalance in the hands of power.After all, you can pick up weight (additional "pancakes") for each hand separately.This is useful because, for example, when doing barbell is unlikely you will be able to correct the power imbalance hands.

Do not forget about your consumer rights when buying goods.A key to their implementation is always a check for the purchase.Successful to you of purchases and well being!