How to strengthen the bones and joints

on strengthening the joints and bones of the man you need to think even at a young age, when no arthritis or osteoporosis, or exercise does not overshadow the quality of life.Therefore, caring for the health of the representatives of the strong half of humanity should be aware that the strengthening of bones and joints of the device - a competent power plus physical activity.

Our body consists of 206 bones and 230 joints.Bone mass begins to form in the womb, and ends the process in 25-30 years.It was in these years, men should go to active measures to strengthen joints and bones.After all, age is reduced bone density, which is manifested osteoporosis - a disease of recent decades, which is characterized by the loss of calcium and increased bone fragility.

joints are part of our bone and apparatus are mobile units, which are covered by the joint capsule.With joint flexion and extension occurs, rotation and translation.Around the joints are ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, to ensure th

eir active operation.

way, according to scientists, the joints of the fingers are bent over the life of 25 million times.

age, even the most healthy men of calcium from the body is washed, and the mobility of the joints and bones at the same time reduced.To avoid this and maintain their health, must be present in the diet of these products:

Along with useful products, there are several harmful to bones and joints.They should be excluded from the menu.So, this fizzy drinks and white bread, crab sticks and processed cheese, which contain many harmful additives, is washed out of the body's calcium and clogging it.

Smoked and pickled foods contain a lot of salt, irritating the joint capsule, causing its inflammation.

tea and coffee, chocolate and fatty pork are composed of a lot of purines, causing pathological changes in the joints.One - gout.

sorrel, radishes and spinach contain a lot of oxalic acid, irritating nerves periarticular.

Proper and balanced diet is the foundation of health support.But without physical activity, even during continuous monitoring of the diet is impossible to avoid age-related changes in the osteo-articular apparatus.It is that part of the body, which is the foundation of the movement.Today, in the age of computer technology and physical inactivity, osteo-muscular system degrades men, because the bones and muscles become stronger during exercise, and in their absence simply atrophy.

Physical exercise contribute to the accumulation in the bones of phosphorus and calcium.And no need to invent special exercises to strengthen bones.You just need to load a regular morning exercises, which starts with an easy warm-up, and in which there are exercises flexing the feet and hands, sit-ups.This could be a morning 20-minute jog, which involves the bones and joints of the hands, feet.

Tennis and biking, playing volleyball and a fitness room, swimming and football - versions of physical activity for men in our time there is a mass.Only need to load it was regular and growing.

And you can start with an elementary: forget about the car and get to work on foot.