How to remove the beer belly man

Beer lovers quite often forget about the harmful effects of excessive consumption of it.Almost half of the male population suffer from such a problem as the beer belly and clean it up is not so easy, as the ramp.With this disease may encounter people with any complexion.Beer belly not only looks ugly, but it is also the cause of many diseases, because a large amount of belly fat contributes to the transformation of the male hormone testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.As a result, the fat begins to accumulate not only in the stomach, but the hips.Also low testosterone level results in the accumulation of even more fat.But it should be noted that with decreasing testosterone decreased metabolism, which means that a beer belly is growing even faster.How to remove the man a beer belly?

Beer drinking by both men and women.But excess weight is evenly distributed throughout the body of women and men to be concentrated mainly in the abdomen.And it's not only in the alcoholic beverage, beer belly - it

is also the result of excess weight.There are several causes of this problem.Typically, unhealthy diet and obesity (after beer, as well as after another alcoholic beverage increased appetite), age (age metabolic processes are slowed down, so the fat deposited faster) and decreased testosterone levels (as occurs with age and resultsmetabolic disorders, respectively, to excess weight).Another reason can be called low mobility or complete lack of exercise.Food is the energy that needs to be output, some of it is going to maintain the vital needs of the organism, and part remains unclaimed, because food is plentiful, but little movement.

Of course, beer is desirable abandon.If not entirely, then at least to limit their number.To remove the beer belly and put in normal size stomach, you need to follow a diet.We need to abandon a fatty, starchy foods and sweets, also should not be snacking on junk fudami, eat less chocolate and fatty meats like pork.Soda and packaged juices better replaced by plain water without gas, possibly after a while and you do not want to use them.Try to eat as many greens and fruits.But many, instead of waiting for the normalization of the stomach size, begin to fill it with vegetables and fruits, because a full stomach creates a familiar feeling of satiety.But do not do it, because with regular use of small portions of food distended stomach soon he will return to the normal size.A necessary calories the body will take fat from the abdomen layer.Today on the Internet you can easily find the table calorie products, with which you can make such a diet, so it was a bit smaller than the energy actually incurred.The only way the body can compensate for the lack of calories with fat stomach.

course, you can remove the stomach and radical way - to pump oil with the help of surgery.However, any surgery is severe trauma and stress to the body.

It is advisable to follow a few simple rules of supply.It has a little and often.It is better to eat small meals, but increase the number of meals, is it decreases the likelihood of overeating.It is also recommended to eat at certain times, in this case, a much more optimal body metabolizes food.Try not to have dinner after 19 hours, in extreme cases, you can eat an apple, a glass of tea or yogurt.

Of course, it is best to tell you how to remove the beer belly, can personal trainer at the gym.He comprehensively assess the situation, identify problem areas and will make an individual program.If you do not have an instructor, but you visit the gym, it is best to build a training follows.It should be 2-3 times a week to perform restorative exercises (warm-up) and 30 minutes kardionagruzok.Also, 2-3 times a week should be given enhanced training abdominal muscles and 15 minutes of cardio.Cardio pay so much attention is not accidental, because in addition to other troubles, stomach still restricts breathing, becomes a load for the heart.Therefore, accurate increase aerobic exercise will help you burn fat and improve your health, improve blood circulation and prepare the body for proper weight loss.

When selecting trainers should look not only at what muscles are affected, but also to the load, which is given to other areas of the body.For example, if you have back problems, it is not recommended to minimize the load on the upper body, especially in the first weeks of training.It is best to give preference to tightening the legs in a hanging or lying position.

Good results can be achieved at home.It should be noted that the load on the press quite easily compensated by other muscles groups.For example, when you perform lifts the torso from a prone position in a sitting position, legs, chest and neck muscles, shoulders and arms, even trying to help the media to deal with the problem.It is advisable to carry out all the movements very well, especially at first.It is not necessary to perform all the movements in a row on the same muscle group - can get the pain, and the effect at the same time reduced.Be sure to follow the warm-up and cool down.

All these recommendations will be more effective if a complex diet and exercise to add massage and sauna.These treatments significantly improve blood circulation, help remove toxins and negate the pain in the muscles.Massage is quite possible to make yourself by yourself with the use of warming creams, and a sauna can be replaced by a cold shower - it is also very effective.