The rate of weight for men

One of the indicators of the health and physical condition of the person is his body weight.Strong excess body weight can be seen by the naked eye, they do not need any calculations.But if you decide to get rid of unwanted kilograms, it is first necessary to calculate how many you have.

At the moment, there are many formulas and tables based on them to help you know your ideal weight.However, no guarantee that these formulas are accurate and correct, because in addition to growth, people still differ in body type, bone width and age.A consideration of these parameters generally not included in the methods for determining the weight standards for men.

to more accurately calculate the weight of the norm for men, it is necessary to take into account the structure of its astenik, normostenik and hypersthenics three body types can be distinguished.The first type has a light and thin bones in normostenik observed normal rate of bone mass and width, in hypersthenics - bones heavy and wide.Body style f

or men can be calculated by calculating the index Solovyov.To do this, measure the thinnest part of your wrist measuring tape.If the left is less than 18 cm, then your type astenik within 18-20 cm - normostenik, more than 20 cm - hypersthenics.As a rule, all the formulas to calculate the normal limits are designed to body type (normostenik), so for the other body types will require slight adjustment: asthenics consuming 8-10%, 8-10% hypersthenics added.

weight norm for men can be calculated using formulas that are based on a ratio of weight and height.There are also special tables, but any calculations require mandatory amendments in accordance with the design type.Quite often used these days so-called Broca's formula, which proposed more than a century ago.It is very simple to calculate the normal weight men should be subtracted from the index of growth of 100 units.For example, during the growth of 170 cm weight men must be 70 kg.After some research Broca's formula has been slightly corrected.To finally calculate the ideal weight of men (and that provides maximum life expectancy) should be deducted from the rate of an additional 10%.

However, this method does not take into account the peculiarities of the human body, so today the standard of the weight of the male norm is the body mass index.To properly calculate it, the weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.For example, if a man has a height of 1.7 m, and weight - 70 kg, his BMI would be 70 / (1,7 × 1,7) = 24.The index, which is equal to 28-30, speaks of overweight men, and the index of 18 units - about insufficient.

More determine the specific amount of weight loss can be with the help of weights.So it was invented special scales, with which you can determine the percentage of fat in your body.Women should be about 18-25% fat, and men - 12-18%.Of course, on such a small scale error, but you can understand what we lose when losing weight, fat and muscle mass with water.

For people with low metabolism there is a special weight-loss method.It is particularly suitable for those who have even a small piece of cake can cause weight gain.The first step is to determine the weight that would be during normal metabolism.Make it very simple, you need to add 45 kg to 1 kg per centimeter of growth in excess of 150 cm and another 0.5 kg per year if you are over 25 years but not more than 7 kg.Thereafter, this figure further adds 4.5-7 kg and from 4 to 7 kg, 90 kg weight.

course, all these formulas and methods for their own good, but we must not forget the relationship between muscle and fat mass.If a man regularly visits the gym, first gaining muscle mass, so a slight increase in its weight should not bother.In any case, the most accurate standard is his own reflection in the mirror.To see the bad shape, bad posture, rounded form and lost their ease of movement, formulas, tables, and indexes are not needed.

ideal indicators for each his own, at the same time is undesirable as the lack of weight, and its excess.To reduce the risk of various diseases, should focus not on numbers, but on their own feelings.You must keep yourself in good shape, weight control, exercise, well be your diet, then you will always be accompanied by a good mood, good health and self-confidence.