A set of exercises for morning exercises

Many people quite difficult to wake up in the morning and join in the working rhythm.Therefore, the first thing they go to the kitchen to cheer up a cup of coffee or strong tea.However, after several hours of operation of these energy drinks is over and people again become sluggish.But there is another very easy way to quickly move away from sleep and recharge your energy and positive, so to speak, for the whole day.This method is known to all since childhood - a morning exercise.

No wonder folk wisdom says: "As you start the morning, and the whole day will pass."It's no secret that people who have the habit to perform in the morning exercise, feel much fitter and healthier.In addition, everyone can just wake up a few minutes early to get a daily prize - a cheerful spirit and a strong body as a result.Charging is "victims", she brings.

After the alarm is first necessary to set yourself up for a successful and productive day, followed by a good stretch, to feel every muscle.This will help to increase th

e blood flow to it, and therefore oxygen.

There are many different sets of exercises for charging a person can develop an optimal set of physical exercises.The most important thing is not to forget about the main rule - charge must be aimed at, to wake up, the heavy load can negatively affect health.This is especially true of untrained people.The fact that the power exercises immediately after sleep exert heavy load on the heart.

morning exercises can be divided into two types: exercises that are done directly on a bed (ideally suited for the lazy), and those that are performed on the floor.

Some exercises for charging on the bed:

this minimum set will soon wake up and get out of bed.

Next, you can go to the second type of exercise.Do they need to open the window.And in the warm season is even better to warm the fresh air.

After charging the men can be wrung out 20-30 times, but too carried away to nothing.This complex is enough to keep your body in good shape.But in the beginning it is not necessary to stop eventually need to increase the number of repetitions, as well as add new exercises.

After charging, you need to drink a glass of still water.Drunk on an empty stomach water will help speed up the metabolism and wake up the stomach.

After charging is very useful to take a contrast shower.Those who did not immediately ready to contrast soul can do the first time the wiping nemochenym in cool water with a towel.

In the early days douches seem unpleasant, but after a few days, the effect will be, as they say, on the face.This procedure helps to raise the immune system, improve blood circulation, skin conditions and even in some cases, lose weight.

To procedure was useful and safe you need to follow some rules:

Charge in the morning - it's a great way to quickly wake up and feel good throughout the day.And in combination with contrast showers can improve their health and prolong youthfulness of the body and spirit.

Charging and showers take only 20-25 minutes, and the benefits are felt throughout the day.