Preparations to increase testosterone

Testosterone is important for the male body.It not only takes part in the reconstruction of cells and tissues, but also helps men maintain a masculine strength and excellent physical condition.

disadvantage of this hormone may impair the sexual function, decreased sperm activity, and in some cases - to infertility.

To avoid this, men need to be serious about your diet, make regular exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle.

If the situation does not go on the amendment, it is possible to apply to medicines, but it is recommended only in extreme cases and under medical supervision.

Testosterone has a very strong anabolic effect on the male body, he takes part in the regeneration and restoration of cells and tissues, accelerate the uptake of nucleic acids by the human body.

If we talk about external forms of testosterone works, they appear the following:

Fortunately, progress is not standing still and is now invented a very large number of drugs that can raise testosterone levels.Many of these drugs are

widely used by athletes.The most popular are steroids and anabolic steroids.Other drugs most commonly used to improve the male power.We are talking about Tribulus Terrestris.

Thus, Tribulus terrestris - a drug developed from the plant of the same name.The peculiarity of this drug is that it acts on the pituitary gland, which in turn increases the production of luteinizing hormone.Just this hormone, and gives a signal to the body to testosterone.

Manufacturers of the drug say that it consists only of natural ingredients.They also urge buyers and that the drug completely devoid of side effects.In fact, all slightly different and not so rosy.Studies have shown that, after long-term use of the drug, can break the connection of the hypothalamus with eggs.Fortunately, if you take breaks between courses of the drug is not abused doses, there are no problems in the functioning of the body should not happen.

This drug is also used by athletes who wish to increase their athletic performance.It is also popular among men who want to increase potency.

There is another similar to this drug called Tribestan.It Tribestan used men to improve erectile function.This medication is used exclusively orally.

world knows, and such preparations, which are made on the basis of an ester of natural testosterone - testosterone enanthate.This preparation is done in many countries, but under different names.This Testosterone Depot (Yugoslavia), Dough enanth (Italy), Testoviron Depot (Spain), and many others.Most of these drugs are used by bodybuilders, athletes, dealing with power load, weightlifters and others.This tool has anabolic and androgenic effect.It helps build muscle.

Unfortunately, it also has side effects that need to know.These include:

Also, there is an infringement of testosterone because it makes the body MMA method.And it is fraught with the fact that the infringed work pituitary.The result is a circuit "hypothalamic-pituitary-yachki".

quick muscle growth after taking testosterone enanthate due to the fact that the drug delays the ode in the body.

following drugs that are popular among athletes, called Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone cypionate.These preparations intended for intramuscular administration.

Testosterone undecanoate - another well-known drug.It is good because it has virtually no side effects when compared with other drugs.

Testosterone undecanoate does not inhibit the production of testosterone, he only has a light (mild) androgenic effect on the body of the athlete.Use of this medication does not give the hormone surge.Bodybuilders almost do not use it because it is not effective in building muscle mass.This means more delight those who want to increase their libido.It is used only oral medication.

But any expert in this sphere advises to first find out the reason for the decline in testosterone occurs and only resort to its replenishment from the outside.However, drugs must be taken in the event that natural food products have not had the desired effect.

addition to medications, there is a sufficiently large number of organic food promotes the production of testosterone.This is a very popular method of raising testosterone because it does not require reception of medicines.

So, what foods you need to eat to avoid any such unpleasant question?It was learned that the seafood are considered very useful:

These foods are not only delicious, but they are also rich in zinc.Zinc is necessary for the body to carry out the synthesis of testosterone molecules.And yet, seafood rich in fatty acids, which also increases testosterone.

Another interesting fact is that increasing the level of testosterone in the body is possible with the help of vegetables.We are talking about tomatoes, eggplants, cabbage and so on. D. Very useful celery considered.

Do not recline and the value of the fruit.Especially such as: pineapple, papaya, peaches, oranges.

proper diet to increase the testosterone level should not be excluded from the diet of porridge.It can be considered the most nutritious:

fact that the cereals, fruit, vegetables and greens are rich in fiber.That it normalizes blood circulation and its flow to the pelvic organs, so that testosterone is produced more rapidly.

to increase testosterone in the blood without the help of medication, need to resort to exercise care.

exercises should be as structured and load level should be strictly rationed.If these demands are not taken into account, the result could be the opposite.

As regards the exercises, which will give the maximum effect, by those include:

Technique standard, the main thing here - a high, but at the same time, the normalized weights.

Regarding breaks - they must not be less than one day.

Another important point is the healthy sleep.To testosterone levels only increased, should be put in order their own sleep and prevent sleep deprivation.

To increase testosterone can use folk remedies.Traditional medicine has left a lot of interesting ways to improve.Most of them are based on herbs and have been used for a very long time.

special place is an extract of this herb as yakorets.This herb contains a substance that stimulates the synthesis of testosterone and muscle growth.

Yakorets an effective treatment for infertility and increases sexual desire.

Equally useful is a grass plant Muira Puama.It enhances sexual desire by affecting the nerve cells of men.

Another useful plant that is able to increase testosterone is Smilax nezabudkotsvetkovy.

All of these herbs are used for the preparation of infusions and drinks.Herbs have virtually no side effects and is very easy to carry the male body.

Unfortunately, they are not available widely, since they all come from, mostly from exotic countries of the East.They are purchased on demand, but cost moderation money.

Usually, if a person acquires them, he receives a special allowance for their use to increase testosterone.