Useful than jogging for men and start to run

Healthy Lifestyle lately gaining more and more popularity.Choosing between passive and active pastime, people are increasingly opting for the latter.

Of course, no modern technology can not do any one sphere of human life, this is a very nice and comfortable, but not always good for the body.Imagine a day of a modern man.He wakes up, drinks coffee and goes to work in his car.The majority of boys quiet sedentary work at the computer.Then home for a visit, or in a cafe with friends in a car, and there, too, sitting, standing up in little space.At home waiting for a sofa, TV, computer, and delicious food.

At first glance, it is quite serene picture, and few people notice the dangers that lurk in it, especially for men.When sedentary lifestyle necessarily begins to develop overweight, even if a representative of the stronger sex does not abuse a bold, deep-fried and sweet.And if these dishes are present in the diet of men, the weight gain is inevitable and will only improve.Gradually overweight with sedent

ary lifestyle any such troubles, like shortness of breath, problems with movement.It is not so easy to climb stairs or get a book from the shelf.Also sometimes increased cholesterol in the blood and joints begin to ache.As a result, a man already in 30-40 years feels older, even if at birth had good health.And in this case, hiking once a week or a summer job on a country site will not help.

should also be noted that a sedentary lifestyle can lead to stagnation of blood in the pelvic area.And this, in turn, leads to impotence.The first symptoms of this condition is difficult to detect, they are mainly expressed in the unit "misfire" in bed, on which want to forget.But if you do not solve the problem, it will progress.Men have more often visit the office sexologist, but because of problems in the family and even visit a therapist.

Running is an excellent prevention of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle.When running are utilized almost all the muscles of the human body, that is, there is an easy exercise that allows you to keep all muscles toned.Besides running improves circulation, trains the cardiovascular system, whereby breathing becomes deeper, which increases the lung capacity still increased heart functional capabilities.Due to run it activates the metabolism and stimulates the endocrine system.Also, in decreasing blood cholesterol levels, which is the prevention of hypertension, myocardial infarction, atherosclerosis and stroke.While running, the body is cleaned, since then allocated to harmful toxins and wastes.More normalizes the central nervous system, positively affecting the immune system.Regular jogging outdoors perfectly hardened body.

should be further noted that the run is almost no contraindications, even people with flat feet can regularly go jogging, to choose the right shoes.But this is not all the benefits of running.Among other things, he also normalizes mental state and well struggling with depression.As the scientists, after a good run in the human body produces the hormone of happiness.With regular exercise, you can develop your personal qualities, develop the self-control, willpower and determination.We physically trained people is much higher self-esteem than those who prefer a passive lifestyle.It is only necessary to choose the most suitable place for themselves for a run - in the park under the birds singing, or along the road.

Among other things, it is also the most affordable sport.Subscribe to the swimming pool or fitness worth the money, moreover, there will need to travel every week distributing its time.Hockey, tennis, football or other sports related to passion, there are quite nervous, as men who are already faced with health problems, especially male impotence problems, and so lacking.To run do not need any special training, the availability of a particular space and time, he chooses not much.

Anyone planning to start running, remembers how hard it was to force myself to get up off the couch and get in top form on the street.But with each subsequent time it was easier, on the contrary, attracted the woods, where you made your run, and sports field with the simulator and horizontal bar.After a while without racing has become impossible.It was as if something is missing, if during the week can not allocate time for jogging.And the more such a break, the harder it will be to return to the familiar bouncy rhythm of life.

People who regularly run on fresh air, charged with energy and vigor for at least a week.How to run, everyone decides for himself, it all depends on physical fitness, general health, the availability of free time and other factors.But there are some general guidelines.For example, the first month, it is desirable to run at least twice a week for 1-2 km, at the same time is required to perform general-developing exercises (warm-up).From the second month you can already move on to jogging three times a week for 2-3 km, while not forgetting about the workout.From the third month you need to run at least three times a week for 3.5-4 km, and to the general-developing exercises should add some strength training.This exemplary load for a man who has no restrictions on health grounds.Running speed is individual for each person in the first place, it should be comfortable.In no event it is impossible to choke and wheeze, adjust the speed of running on pulse (it should not exceed 150 beats per minute).

most important - is to begin, and then running becomes a part of life, from which will be impossible to refuse.

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