Up to what age a man can grow muscles

muscles are actively growing in the period in which the body produces large amounts of hormones.This means that self-grow muscles, of natural causes, about 25 years old.

Remember that no bar and no simulator can not force the muscles to grow in size.Their growth is dependent only on the internal host factors rather than from external ones.But using these exercise can affect the internal factors which, in turn, will cause the process of muscle growth.

Muscle mass increases in size men exclusively under the influence of anabolic hormones (the main ones being testosterone and growth hormone).Testosterone - a male sex hormone that is responsible for libido and such secondary sex characteristics as a rough voice and the appearance of hair on the face and body.Furthermore, this hormone has also the property to grow muscle.In other words, the growth of muscle tissue - it is the addition of muscle protein.Once normalized testosterone slows down muscle growth.If the production of the male sex hormone is stable,

the volume of the muscles can be maintained with the help of power loads and regular exercise.However, the production of this hormone begins to diminish sometime after 40 years, respectively, starts to shrink muscle tissue.

Many athletes to stimulate the process of increasing the amount of muscle mass, begin at this stage to enter into the diet of synthetic anabolic hormones that are produced by the modification of plant compounds.However, they are not able to raise the protein, but only two major testosterone copy effect, namely increase nerve conduction (thereby adding force felt sharp) and water accumulate in the muscle (thereby increasing muscle volume).As a result, due to water inflow muscles very quickly increase in size.

But with time comes to drug addiction, all these effects are depleted: the water goes, the strength falls.Remember that your own testosterone raises muscle tissue itself, which means that all athletic gains will stay with you forever.The main problem in muscle building is that of testosterone too little produced in the body.But it is really forced to raise the natural secretion of the male sex hormone.

Increase testosterone production can be drawn up with the help of correct training schedule.So, you must adhere to the following guidelines.

All workouts should consist of basic strength training, and they need to be sure to correctly perform.Do not tire your body monotonous effort.First you need to make an approach to the increased load, and then do the exercise lower intensity.Thereafter, repeat the enhanced load.So it activated more muscle fibers, and testosterone increases.In addition, it is recommended to increase the intensity of your workouts yet.It has been proven that with a larger range of reps intensely produced their own androgen.Do not forget that the body needs to provide a complete rest, otherwise testosterone is not produced in emergency mode.That group of muscles, which is subjected to intense stress, should recover at least 48 hours.Activities can be active, that is, at this time will be loaded with other muscle groups, but it is in any case needed.Restoration also promotes healthy sleep and increasing the flexibility of joints.

Prerequisite enhanced testosterone is proper nutrition.The organism should receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals and fats.If your diet will not appear digestible fats, the production of androgen hormones can negate.The fat to produce testosterone is best obtained from olive and peanut oils, marine fish (salmon, dorado, chum salmon), avocados and nuts (walnuts, almonds, peanuts and pine).

also constantly need to replenish stores of vitamin D, since it directly affects the production of testosterone.Its main sources are vegetable oils, low-fat fish and the sun's rays.The level of the male sex hormone decreases with zinc deficiency in the body.This trace mineral found in seafood (especially seaweed and shrimp), soy, cheese, tomatoes and ginger, beet, pumpkin seeds and wheat germ, oranges, blueberries, raspberries and yeast.This is not the whole list, but in large quantities eat these foods is impossible, so the athletes often increase the zinc content by means of special dietary supplements.

And, of course, build muscle is not possible without such elements as calcium.Therefore, men must be present dairy products in the diet.

It should be noted that the stable formulation of testosterone muscles will grow only if they are affected by unusual load that does not allow them to remain in the comfort zone.The load shall be increased gradually, then the body will have to adapt to it.If, however, it will once again be the same or decreases, muscle growth stops.

During muscle growth will be hurt, and the more effort you exert, the more pronounced the effect of pain.The fact that with an increase in load with an increase in lesion area muscle volume increases, since during their operation is operated a plurality of fibers.Do not let your body relax, because it will lead to a catabolic process - to the disintegration of muscle tissue.

to muscles gradually increased, it is necessary to fulfill the following rules: exercise regularly, constantly work on muscle power load, edit, load case, which contributes to the generation of testosterone, as well as in any case not to load sore muscles.And all this can be done at any age.But if the load is stable, the muscles will be back to square one.

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