As the man at home to straighten your posture

is impossible to imagine a successful man with a hump on his back.Such people we less cute, and this is happening on an intuitive level.People with beautiful graceful posture more self-confident, healthy, strong and sexy.It is no accident in the armies of all the countries and bring the correct posture flat, because these men evoke a sense of strong fighter.

development of poor posture contributes primarily sedentary.Working at the computer, we sticks out his chin to the monitor, hunched back, and it gradually forms a hunched back.In addition, the back muscles in a sitting position is not adequately load, over time, they will not be able to maintain a flat back.Also, bad posture, and is formed when wearing the bag on one shoulder, incorrect posture during sleep.Very important is the surface on which you are sleeping, it should not be too soft, so that the body does not bend.It should be noted that the position of the body during sleep even affect male potency.

As you can see, there are many factors aff

ecting the posture, so you must always follow the correct position of the back as in walking and sitting.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the posture and do not pay enough attention to her, and yet it has a direct impact on the internal organs.The fact that our internal organs function properly only when they receive the proper blood supply.

Our spine has 26 vertebrae, and if one of them is clamped, person immediately starts to go wrong, to sit, resulting in disturbed blood supply and there are problems with internal organs.Furthermore, due to fact that the person is constantly bends while tensing the muscles, loss of growth occurs.Because the intervertebral discs are compressed and broken their power, while sleeping man can not regain their lost growth.That is why it is very important to monitor the posture in adolescence, as you can still grow by 15 cm.

Do not forget that from the posture depends on your mood.Perhaps everyone noticed that cheerful and smiling people are always walking around with a flat back, but stooped people rarely smile, they are mostly sad and weary.This is explained by the fact that the wrong posture people quickly get tired, to perform a given task he had to put in twice as much effort.

spine is recommended to treat in childhood or adolescence, when bone and cartilage is still quite soft and the muscles have not lost their elasticity.At this time, the gait is not formed, so that all processes we can still control.Therefore, parents need to be especially mindful of the physiological processes that occur to their children.But do not give up, if time was lost, and back problems became apparent.If you leave everything as is, in the future this may lead to more significant complications.Unfortunately, we start to worry about their health only after realizing the reality, and lost time.People aged in this case it is very difficult to straighten your posture, and sometimes even impossible.But in no case can not give up, because nothing is impossible.The most important thing - is to overcome his laziness and impressively.

to get a nice flat back, will have to work hard.Of course, it is best to consult a physician or specialist from a fitness center, but if this is not possible, you must choose your own set of physical exercises, the most appropriate in this case.Do not start classes at very intensively, because the violent actions of the spine results do not give.It is only necessary to do the exercises every day, gradually increasing their volume.Also, do not force yourself to go with straightened his back all day, it can only make the problem worse.After all, just think, this problem was formed more than a year, and for several decades, and its cure in a few weeks it is simply impossible.

To straighten the back, will have to strictly follow the schedule of exercise.In addition, still need to observe the correct diet.It is desirable in this case refer to a dietitian.Many people do not even suspect that the cause of poor posture can become excessive consumption of food, so you need to solve all the complex.

The back can be straightened with a special corset which force holds the spine angle.However, this method is suitable only for advanced stages of back problems.In addition, it is not a panacea, because the muscles responsible for holding back, no longer perform its function and atrophy.It should therefore be reasonable to combine wearing a corset with everyday workouts.Do not forget that you can straighten your posture and at night during sleep.Sleep is the most favorable time, when all the vertebrae are in a relaxed state.We need to find the right mattress, which will contribute to the proper body position, and prevent deformation.Do not forget about the bag, it should not be too soft and large.And about the soft quilts all have to forget for a while.

best start with exercises for the cervical vertebrae, you can perform at your desk.So, you need to sit on a chair, straighten your back as much as possible, pull the chin to the eyes to see the ceiling.This position is approximately 15 seconds, then repeat the exercise 10 times with increasing deflection of the neck and back.

Then lie down on the floor, preferably on a fleecy carpet.We must fully liberate the spine, and then carry out rolling of the trunk from side to side.Perform each exercise for 10 times in both directions.After a short rest, we go to the intense rubbing the back of the carpet.Thus, you are performing a kind of massage without the help of a specialist.It is necessary to relax the spine so that during the exercise you hear the characteristic crunch in the spine.Once will achieve the result, lie on your back for another five minutes.

Once you have emancipated the back, you can start the stretching exercises dorsal vertebrae.To do this, at the same time raise the arms and legs, lying on his back, trying to connect them.After several attempts to be a bit of a rest.After that you need to roll over on his stomach and in the same way at the same time lift the arms and legs.If you just feel tired, it should stop training.The next day, try to execute the same order of exercises.You have to achieve this result, to exercise easily performed.After a while, you can add exercise to develop the back muscles.Do not overload your body.You will notice first results after two weeks of classes.