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The seal in the chest in men

Various lumpy breasts in males may occur for different reasons and have different structure, size and localization of the place.May appear as single or multiple units, bumps, lumps, it is also possible pathological changes in the structure, which is usually accompanied by the appearance of discharge from the nipple or pain in the chest, formed painful engorgement and fullness.Although tumors in men occur much less frequently than women, yet it is not necessary to leave the issue unaddressed.It is worth noting that even little boys and adolescents may appear on the chest bumps.Many diseases occur almost asymptomatic and can only be detected after the surveys.Cones and other entities, in some cases, are the result of normal physiological processes, but sometimes they can indicate a variety of diseases, in particular cancer and.

According to the structure of men and women is almost the same breast.This means that the seal can occur in several glands, but mostly they occur near the nipple.Seals in adolescen

ce may be indicative of puberty, but in any case it is desirable to see a doctor.If painful education appear in the underarm area, which are accompanied by the appearance of the same formations in the stomach and hand, it is a clear sign of gynecomastia, or as it is called, "a woman's breast."In this case, it is recommended to drink extra hormones.But the biggest shock falls on the self-esteem of men.

Causes of seals in the chest in men is hormonal failures (imbalance of male and female hormones), genetic predisposition, changes in the body due to puberty, obesity and various diseases, such as hepatitis and other liver diseases, diabetes, prostatevarious metabolic disorders, and others.

Quite often, the man himself is pushing your body to ensure that he was having seals in the chest.For example, this occurs as a result of antidepressants, steroids and drugs.The body of each person is different and receiving all kinds of medicines may differently affect men, including the cause compaction.Also, improper and irregular nutrition can affect the breast health.But in some cases, the problem may be a sign of disease, do not pose a danger to life, and in others - is a dangerous symptom.

By harmless diseases include atheroma.In this case, inside the breast tissue is groped a kind of pouch with a liquid tumor.The cyst may disappear on their own, but it is best to remove it surgically.Also, seal in the chest and causes the adenoma.Fibroadenoma is a mixed tumor node or leaf-shaped.For nodular form of the disease characterized by a single node, and a layered structure appears when leaf-shaped.Seals are sometimes emerge from the adipose tissue and blood vessels.As a result, nodules formed inflammation of connective tissue.

One of the most common diseases, which are characterized by the appearance of tumors in the male breast is a breast.Sometimes it is accompanied by painful sensations.Breast may appear as clusters or knots of proliferation across the breast.When nodal form of mastitis appear single or multiple sites that do not cause pain.Diffuse form is characterized by the formation of many cysts.The glandular and fibrous tissue grow, gland swelling and discharge from the nipples appear.

The most dangerous diseases are cancer, sarcoma and lymphoma.Cancer is considered the most dangerous, at the same time it can not be clearly defined.In each case, the disease manifests itself in different ways.Most often, the cancer cells occur in the epithelial and glandular tissue.This seal grope in any part of the male breast.They have no sharp edges and are not painful.After some time, the seal can be spread, but the precise contours, it still would not have.Diffuse form of cancer is characterized by the proliferation of seals or other similar entities, and lymph node metastases appear.As is known, cancer is treated by chemotherapy.Traditional methods of treatment there is not even worth considering.

sarcomas tend to the emergence of large and large entities, which have sharp edges.Seal is developing very fast.The disease is also removed surgically.In the case of lymphoma round seal with sharp edges will be observed.There are three methods of treatment of this disease: chemotherapy, bone marrow transplantation and biological therapy drugs.

must be remembered that the seal can occur in men of any age.To rule out the presence of cancer, it is necessary to conduct timely and qualitative diagnosis.Modern medicine knows the following diagnostic methods.This ultrasound, X-rays, biopsy (using the present method can determine the presence of cysts, fibrous bone mastitis and malignant tumors, a method may be surgically, ultrasound or stereotactic and aspiration) ductography (in this diagnostic procedure injected contrast streams breastsubstance that allows to confirm or deny the presence of in-band formations) and puncture (use a thick needle and biopsionny pistol).

If you notice any new growths or a potential severe chest pain, you should immediately see a specialist.Inspection will help to get a general idea of ​​the nature of tumors, as well, a more accurate diagnosis can be established only after the relevant additional examinations.Depending on the type of formations can be treated conservatively, and complex surgery.For example, fibroadenoma can be removed only by surgery.Deleted immediately seals or surrounding tissue.Malignant tumors are removed by means of radiation and chemical therapy.Mastopatia requires lifestyle changes with vitamin complexes, hormones, iodine-containing drugs, immunostimulant, anti-inflammatory and anti-medicines that prescribed by the doctor after appropriate examination.

is extremely important to start treatment promptly.According to statistics, after surviving cancer is only 30% of the inhabitants of our country, and this figure is 80% in the US.This difference is explained by the enthusiasm of many people in folk medicine and popular bio-additives, which in the case of malignant tumors have absolutely no effect.Man is only wasting time that could have saved his life.