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Analysis of latent infections in men

Many men tend to be very careless about their own health, and yet timely access to a doctor is able to prevent a number of serious diseases.The human body is a very complex system, the functioning of which depends on how seriously to her.The analyzes help to identify disease at an early stage, which increases the chances of successful treatment.Each person in the body may be present so-called latent infection, which does not manifest itself, but at the same time greatly reduce the immune system and overall vitality.Latent infection - are diseases that are asymptomatic and are sexually transmitted, resulting in severely affected organs.More often than men suffer from these diseases: candidiasis, genital viruses, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, bacterial vaginosis, and others.

stronger sex representatives mainly go to the doctor only in an emergency, that's why they are at risk for diseases caused by latent infection.Fungi, all kinds of viruses and bacteria can for a long time to exist in the human body, which

does not declare them "war".The main difference between latent infections from HIV and hepatitis is that they can not get infected through blood or mucous, but only through unprotected sexual contact.The incubation period for chlamydia, trichomoniasis, mycoplasmosis, genital herpes, bacterial vaginosis, human papillomavirus and cytomegalovirus infection is not more than 50 days.It is worth noting that many of the men, the disease may not manifest for years, and that is the greatest danger.

Sometimes latent infections still occur, but men simply do not pay attention to them.In the first hours after the infection may occur symptoms such as tingling in the groin, genital rash, slight discomfort when urinating and minor release.Typically, the stronger sex to write off these symptoms decreased immunity or fatigue.But at this time of dangerous microorganisms settled in the body, and begin their destructive work.Latent infection in most cases, affect the internal reproductive organs.Getting on the glans penis, infection through the urethra, testicles, prostate and seminal colliculus goes directly to the bladder.The result of the impact of latent infections can become infectious prostatitis in most severe form.In addition to the destruction of the genitourinary system, the infection still provoke the development of arthritis and arthrosis, hit of the eye, causing blindness.

In addition, as a result of latent infection in men is disturbed reproductive function.If the ability to fertilize is preserved, that the infected man can be dangerous for the future mother and baby.Pathogens can easily penetrate the protective membrane of the fetus, causing the development of serious diseases.

reason for the appeal to the urologist should be such signals: any discomfort in the intimate area, itching or burning, discharge or rashes.Only a doctor can identify the infection and prescribe appropriate treatment.For the prevention of diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact, the stronger sex with the onset of sexual activity, it is desirable to be surveyed every six months at the urologist.The survey also need to go to the future fathers and men who have never been tested for latent infections.It also should be advised to ladies who came unprotected sex with a new partner.

There are several types of analyzes on the latent infections.

first - a blood test for latent infection.Using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can detect the presence of blood and the amount of DNA or RNA of the infectious agent.Immunological tests (eg, ELISA) help to detect the presence of blood antibodies to infectious agents.Also carried smear taken from the genital organs and urethra under a microscope.

following analysis on the latent infections - bacteriological seeding biological material (scrapings from the genital and urethral) on nutrient medium, where infectious agents are beginning to proliferate and form colonies.They can be detected under a microscope while still pathogens determine the sensitivity to certain drugs.

qualitative and quantitative analysis considered the identification of DNA and RNA of pathogens by PCR in genital secretions, saliva and other body fluids.You can using the immunofluorescence reaction (RIF) Quickly and accurately identify the pathogen in the biological material.

In identifying hidden genital infections is extremely important is the reliability of the results.To analyzes were the most accurate, it is necessary to observe some rules.Within a month, you can not take medicines such as antibiotics, antiviral and antifungal agents, immunomodulators, and vitamins and minerals to the delivery of analyzes.It should refrain from sexual intercourse two days before delivery of analyzes, and a day before the analysis can not be performed douching, use of contraceptives, local, any local antiseptics and means for intimate hygiene.Latent infection is best revealed in the background of reduced immunity, so it is best to take the tests during cold, after exposure to cold, stress or drinking.

The man tested for latent infections are taken from the urethra, so to reduce the risk of unreliability of the results, it is recommended not to urinate for 1.5-2 hours before the procedure.It's hard enough to decipher the results, as even the detection of a pathogen does not always indicate the presence of infectious-inflammatory process, which needs to be treated.The fact that the agents of genital infections are often microorganisms that are part of the pathogenic microflora of genitals.Therefore, not only must detect the infectious agent, but also its degree of pathogenicity (ability to cause disease), inflammatory processes in the genital organs and species antibodies thereto present in the blood (prescription indicates infection).

Remember, any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.In addition to the condom, the main way to protect against latent infection is the timely delivery of analyzes.So you will be able to identify the disease at an early stage, and early treatment can help the body to avoid serious trouble.